Can you teach me how to Dougie? (105 wizard edition)

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    …not really, man, you gotta get out there and do it. Feel me? But yo, I can show you a couple moves…

    First, a multibind. Two, actually. Constructed on the spell bar is one possibility, but less flexible than constructing on an empty hotbar like so:
    Some folks use Q & E for their multibinds, as a legacy of their FPS play. That's cool. I don't WASD, so using the number keys to be deliberately redundant with the matching spots on the main hotbar works out for me; the multibind is effectively one button "deeper" this way.

    In general, the big idea of a multibind is that it absorbs & obviates the attention needed to weave together disparate cooldowns on abilities that serve the same general purpose, so that the user can focus more on broader aspects of the game rather than "playing the UI" from second to second. A multibind translates the will of the player (ahem, wizard - whose will is "nuking that") into casting the best available spell whenever you hit the button.

    When jammin' on the multibind button, the EQ client will behave correctly in that it always chooses to cast a spell if one is ready before doing non-spell things. In the wizard case, Force of Will/Flame/Ice will slot in between casts of your real nukes, via the social you see in the screenshot.

    The first multibind, for sustained output, goes Claw of the Flameweaver > Ethereal Fuse > Ethereal Skyblaze > Cloudburst Stormstrike. Other things can go in, things can come out, but that's the basic rotation. Jam the button for this multibind any time you're not irl dead behind your keyboard.

    Really real play note: when I say jam, I mean that the caster should barely ever see spell gems light up between casts. Spell volume basically defines good spell casting.

    A good time to explain the reason to use a hotbar for this; to wit, adjusting on the fly, with examples:
    • If you're prone to forgettting to use Twincast Rk.III basically on cooldown (if it's up and you're not already Twincasting, jam it), then you put Twincast in one of those empty slots. Its use won't be quite optimal, but frequency of use trumps being optimal.
    • If you want to make sure mana stays high-ish without paying close attention to it, Bucolic Gambit drops in. This is a light sacrifice in dps and in mana, since you'll be using a bit of fight time and getting a bit less mana compared to Harvest, but there's…quality of life to gain.
    • If you're not moving constantly, and won't have to move suddenly, you'll get more rotation on Claw (a good thing) by having Cloudburst followup to Ethereal Skyblaze; if you need to be moving, however, as in various missions or for event mechanics, Cloudburst needs to come out of the linup. Ethereal Rimeblast in its place usually, can also be Wildmagic or whatever other nonsense.
    • If you're on your third death and scraping for mana, then stripping down to a Claw-Harvest-Wildmagic(-Cloudburst) rotation will keep you busy on a minimum level while you wait for Claw to refresh your Harvest or modrod to come off cooldown to get you back in business.
    • If you're doing a high hp mob that's really going to go on for a bit, Shocking Vortex can jump in behind Claw, too. On fast dying basepop, you want to either lead a fight with that nuke or just ignore it, but for long battles it's good overall damage via its debuff.
    If the multibind were constructed on the spell bar itself, all these moves would take managing & memming spell sets (bad times, that's necro stuff), or worse yet, casting spells by clicking them manually on the spell bar. Clicking spells manually is only for savants, psychos, and bad players.

    The second multibind, the short one without real room for adulteration, is straight bombs. Dichotomic Fire > Ethereal Fuse > Ethereal Skyblaze > Ethereal Rimeblast. Hit this button whenever you proc Gift from your Claw, and jam on it while disced up with the hot burns to take full advantage of the multipliers. As you jam on this multibind, you alternate with the first multibind between spells, to make use of its Forces social. Or you can make the second multibind +1 slot deeper, to put a clone of the Forces social there too.

    Speaking of, that social:
    /hotbutton Forces
    /alt activate 1154 (Force of Will)
    /alt activate 1266 (Force of Flame)
    /alt activate 1267 (Force of Ice)

    optional (very optional) fill for the empty two lines:
    /alt activate 15073 (Banestrike)
    /alt activate 577 (Concussive Intuition)
    /alt activate 547 (Eradicate Magic)
    /pot activate 2 (Frozen Paradox)
    /useitem 23 7 (Necromantic Dragon Bone)
    /useitem 23 8 (Chain of the Kindred Scale)
    /useitem 23 9 (Bottled Essence of Vex)

    One advantage of putting activated little items on a social in the multibind is removing them from the active consideration of wizards challenged by the notion that they should be thinking about casting more spells, not about clicking things. Jamming just one more regular nuke inside the cooldown timer of - whatever, necrobone, 3 minutes - one more actual nuke in 3 minutes is worth 10+ times that item's click.

    Now, some longer term things:
    Kerafyrm's Prismatic Familiar is the correct choice nearly all the time. If you're grouped with a great bard who is dedicated to keeping their Aria song on you full time, no gaps ever, only then you consider going with Improved Familiar instead. The Lucy data on Kera's Familiar deceives many ascending wizards with its "instant" restriction, but that line refers to nukes versus dots, not to cast time. Kera's Familiar works on all spells a wizard casts (since rains were nerfed).

    Fury of Ro + Fury of Kerafyrm do not share timer. Staggering their activation for full uptime is the right plan unless you know you'll be done fighting inside 8 mins with some idling to follow - then you'd just pile both on. If they're both off cooldown so you get to choose which to fire up, Fury of Ro is the better overall damage boost so should run with your burn.
    I don't recommend Pyromancy here because I find the damage it adds to be unworth the hassle of its outlandish agro.

    There are very few aspects of gearing up that actually boost your damage. One worth pursuing is the stacking up of "Sympathetic" nuke procs. Your primary weapon should be a 2h staff, they come with larger procs. Raid 2h in particular come with a second augment slot to put another Sympathetic nuke proc in. The current best fire proc augs, for use when Fury of Ro is on, are Spirit of the Gorgon and Living Golem Heart. Special shout-out goes here to the Sodkee's Sympathetic Stone for uniquely being able to fit raid range slot items. The current highest type-agnostic damage augs, for use when Fury of Ro is down, are Bone Shards of Frozen Marrow and Ancient Diamond Spellcharm. A special shout-out goes here to The Heart of Narikor, which is a touch less damage than those two, but is potentially a valid choice due to including a small mana return when it fires.

    Another source of spell procs every good wizard should have handy are the Ancient Hedgewizard Brews.

    And then the hotness, Burninating:
    Get all you can of:
    Group Spirit of the Black Wolf
    Frostweave Aura
    Illusions of Grandeur
    Mana Reciprocation Aura
    Dichotomic Reinforcement
    Augmenting Aura (this one is frequently more trouble than its worth, but when it matters…)
    Chromatic Haze

    Fury of Ro
    Silent Casting
    Frenzied Devastation
    Improved Twincast
    Arcane Fury
    Focus of Arcanum
    Fundament: Second Spire of Arcanum
    Glyph of the Cataclysm

    Go to town on that second 'bind button, the bombs. Use Forceful Rejuvenation to get a second go at Ethereal Fuse & Dicho Fire.

    A note on Intensity of the Resolute, for those with that tool available. As it is simply a crit rate booster, it has no utility whatsoever during a wizard's main burn. Fire it up separately after the expiration of Frenzied Devastation, but also after the expiration of any ranger Auspice of the Hunters MGBs.

    The Sorcerer's Blade click is available once each evening, to force crits on the next 3 spells with a nice boost. The peccadillo here is that any spell, including self buffs and other non-nukes, plus procs, will use up the charges, so there's no combining it with anything. Click, boom, done.

    Happy wizarding, y'all. Questions and feedback are welcome.
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    So you both Bucolic Gambit and Harvest on the spell board!

    The issue for me was always running out of Mana for DPS... is why I like mana return augs vs DPS ones only.
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    Guess I know a savant. A wizard buddy of mine wrecks 99% of wizards without a multibind. But let's be real with how simplistic a wizard rot is and the average misfire rate it is entirely plausible let to not multibind and destroy. YMMV tho!
  6. FixShamanPlease Elder

    You are not casting Shocking Vortex every time it's up?
  7. Brohg Augur

    That's addressed in the "adjusting" section. On basepop, I follow up Claw with Vortex at the beginning of battles (if it's available). On high hp (e.g. raid boss) mobs, it's in the sustained multibind.
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    You actually can lose a good amount of damage when both your spell gems and your force line are bound to the same key. It typically doesn't play a role in the group game, but in a situation where 45 50 people are all hitting burns and DPSing the combo tends to freeze up you spell gems for some reason causing your multi bind button to constantly try and cast a spell currently on a cool down. (This doesn't stop you from casting other spells only uesing the Mulitbind.) Also for players that are competitive and trying to beat others by doing more damage per sec you can not beat manually clicking or pressing buttons for the perfect rotation. It never fails that if you try to Mulitbind on a burn event your gonna trail behind wizards that have the correct casting and AA order. I tend to use 3 different buttons one for typical casting, one for force, and one for the heavier spells this tends to work out well 99% of the time.
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    Clicking is one of the worst things you can possibly do for your DPS.

    If you multibind correctly there's no reason you should be losing damage, but if you must cast manually you should still bind spells to keys rather than clicking.
  10. Ravengloome Augur

    Actually what Critts (/wave if Critts from bristle) was saying does happen

    IF you bind all your forces, and all your regular spells to 1 single key. It does happen to bug a reasonable amount or somehow misfire (in a given night)

    I've had it happen to me so many times i ended up switching how i bind the spells together.

    I've never had that issue with any other class with their multibinds (It seems like its just Fuse and the Forces, though i've had it bug on Claw or Ethereals but its more rare). I only have anecdotal evidence and no testing to show to back that up, it was just something i noticed.

    Though I totally agree that actually clicking is dumb, but i am sure there are mouse savants out there (i am most certainly not one of them)
  11. Sancus Augur

    Yes, in my extremely limited experience in Wizarding, I had my forces in one hotkey bound to a separate key from the rest of my spells. I do the same with Force of Elements on my Mage, though it likely has a much smaller impact. I'd consider that multibinding correctly, and not sufficient reason to renounce multibinding all together. Re-reading critts' post though, I'm unsure if he is against all multibinding (which is how I originally interpreted it), or is suggesting to use multiple multibinds as opposed to a single one.

    The biggest issue I've personally encountered multibinding on my wizard is with syllable of refreshment; I've found the multibind can get stuck casting claw in that scenario.

    Binding all your spells to different keys and casting those manually does avoid those headaches, but I do not envy the Wizard that spends their entire raid night manually going through spell rotations over and over.

    In general I'd always choose a multibind over any sort of clicking, especially when giving advice to aspiring DPS players. I agree that there are likely some out there extremely proficient in the art of clicking quickly, but they're rather rare
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    I agree uesing the mouse is not the best way. Sorry if what I wrote gave that impression. I almost always use a key when casting unless it's an uncommon spell like a rune, Twincast, or something. As far as losing damage yes I have seen it happen week in and out on raids. It only plays a part on burns mostly as they tend to be much more laggy and the best cast rotation doesn't follow the normal bind and gets somewhat messed up when you throw Manaburn in. Now on a burn fight I'm use to very fast fights so maybe my idea of a burn and yours may be different. I'm talking a fight that last about 60 secs or less. This was really apparent before they Nurfed Manaburn when our burn fights where as short as 35 secs. As far as longer fights like Wither and Decay you can't beat the Mulitbind it's the best way to go hands down, tho I would still not try to bind force and spell gems together or mash two keys at one time.
  13. Critts Augur

    Not I. Critts from Xegony.
  14. Critts Augur

    Oh and btw very good post. Lots of good info here.
  15. Brohg Augur

    Details plx :)
  16. Critts Augur

    depends on how long the burn. I typical hit fuse, skyblaze, Dic, skyblaze, forceful, fuse, skyblaze, Dic, skyblaze with forces of course. From that point it depends on if you can finish up all the rest of your Twincast tics if you can do fuse skyblaze rime. If you will not be able to then do claw, fuse, Sky, cloudburst. Since we have a mama burn order that changes when we throw it in the mix can't be planed for. Not saying this is the best you can do as you can get a greater spike by not casting skyblaze in the initial set but it ends much sooner.
  17. Vdidar Augur

    So for wizard adps when one is to start their burn what is one looking for. What stacks and what do want as the burn progresses. I don't know a thing about wizards mind you.
  18. Apoc Augur

    [Arcane destruction frenzied devastation improved twin cast second spire, focus of arcanum, silent casting, fury of ro (or fury of kerafyrm) , arcane fury glyph of cataclysm] if you have the extra aa ... I usually click ad and fd improved twincast together then I hit second spire glyph arcane fury once the mob is in camp.

    If you get auspice and group black wolf and iog enchanter you can hold off on ad and fd until later. Just depends on if you are grouping or raiding
  19. Vdidar Augur

    in a raid setting
    Edit: Group named rarely live long enough anyways
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    Thank you for writing this, endorse it for anyone trying to learn how to play a wizard.