Can You Still Die From Falling?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Pwnography, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Tatankawolfdancer Elder

    This reminds me of something funny. When I started EQ (in 2000), I had a really slow PC, so when I was running with lev on, I lost altitude pretty quickly. Got a new PC, and all of a sudden, it felt like I was flying, because I fell so slowly. So, first time coming out of the ice cave in DL, I was running east, but using mouse look to check everything out as I went. Well, by the time I got to KC, I noticed that I was coming down on top of it, and it's just a fake facade! So, now I'm stuck inside the KC facade in DL, and had to gate out :)


    Which also reminds me, the mountain behind the giant fort in FM is pretty high, as well. Could try dropping from there as well.
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  2. Bigstomp Augur

    Weight and client side lag will affect it alot. Back when coins had weight and you could get on a mount to still be unencumbered, just walking down stairs could 300k you
  3. Naugrin Augur

    Lag is absolutely the best way to die seems that time spent in the air pumps up the doom lol.
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  4. Gialana Augur

    Running straight off the cliff in Loping Plains with a rogue, I would always die on one computer but never on a different computer. I think I "bugged" it at the time.

    Also, I didn't know it was possible to die from jumping off the top of the tree in Evantil. I think there is a quest that requires you to jump, so I thought there was a special mechanism to prevent much falling damage. I have died several times jumping from the top of the spiral in Argath on the slower computer, especially when I fall through the arms into the forge.

    For another suggestion, you can try jumping into The Hole without levitation (or maybe levitation doesn't work in that zone?). Use the zone line from Paineel that looks like a big hole, not the the zone line in the locked underwater tunnel.
  5. beryon Augur

    When UF went live, they changed it so you can jump into the Hole & take no damage.

    How did you hit the forge from the top of Argath?
  6. Gialana Augur

    Well that's sad that you can't die from jumping in the hole, anymore.

    As for ending up in the forge, I'm not sure if it was quantum fluctuations that allowed me to fall through the ground at the "arms" level. It may have been a bug where my corpse was created at arms level and then corpse continued to fall. But I've definitely had my corpse end up in the forge from the fall.
  7. SaderakhBertox Augur

    I'm affraid Pwnz isn't going to be able to get a 'legit' falling death. He's going to have to cheat. He needs to cast an illusion on himself, remove all of his armor, click off the illusion, weigh himself down with a guild hall and take a flying leap. This will allow him to take a screenshot of his armored corpse. His grandkids won't know the difference when they are looking back at his Everquest adventures.
  8. Mintalie Augur

    The ramp is Argath is a gamble--small chance you'll die, but randomly it happens. Evantil is a guaranteed death as far as I can tell--I was camping the fist for my bot (who was on autofollow) and it's embarrassing to admit how many times she fell off. She died without fail. Thank god I never have to climb to the top of that blasted tree ever again!

    Also, it's guaranteed death if you fall in the Void raid as well.
  9. Pwnography Augur

    Challenge accepted. I just have to expand my focus into old-world zones with incredibly high and low Z axis points that I can lev between. If I don't find a way to do it tonight, ill let you know. I think having Selo's to augment my run speed from Sky #8 might allow me to reach a farther drop point with no modification needed.

    Thanks for the ideas, everyone. Ill try most of em out tonight and report back to satisfy some of the curiousity. Ill see if i can create a regression analysis/formula for fall damage dependent on fall distance and any other relevant variables while im at it. :p

    Its the small things in EQ that always give me the most satisfaction.
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  10. Dre. Augur

    I suggest marking your jumps with some sort of hotkey. E.g. /shout Goodbye cruel world! And then noting the delay between hotkey and falling damage to log hangtime.
  11. Pwnography Augur

    Interesting idea. How sophisticated are the falling mechanics in the game? Is there any acceleration, or does one always fall at the same rate regardless of ten feet versus ten thousand? Is there a terminal velocity? My inclination is to say falling is a static speed, but a /loc command with appropriate one second pauses from jump should let me know if there is any increases. I could run a good sample of cliff dives to be sure. Is one point on /loc one foot? Could they have just thrown in a standard gravity formula and been done wigh it? Any other burning questions you all want answered before I test and report back on the intricacies of falling in Everquest? o_O
  12. Aghinem Augur

    Yeah - that happened to me once; forgot i was carrying around the palatial guild hall while mounted; when I dismounted - i died going down steps.
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  13. Edrick Augur

    The Journey Home is a scripted death - you aren't dying to old mechanics fall damage. As for Evantil, it isn't a guaranteed death. As a paladin, I take about 500 damage each time like all other falls.

    Maybe I can commission the Veilbreaker to take me as high as it can get above the Commonlands...
  14. Mintalie Augur

    Guess my bot is extraordinarily unlucky!
  15. Hithiquen New Member

    yes it seems totally f-ed up, i fall from large distances all the time and every once in awhile i get hit for 200k and die, the rest of the times i get hit for something like 700-2000, maybe it's the lag like some people mentioned
  16. Maedhros High King

    You could have at least waited a few more days till it hit the 4 year mark
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  17. Feznik Elder

    I would add a number #4 - Use a mount.

    Using a mount + overweight and falling from even the small staircase next to the Dogle Pitt bank in Plane of Knowledge, you will take more dmg than if you were just overweight.
  18. Critts Augur

    The staircase in TBM life and decay will kill you if you lag slightly.
  19. mewkus Elder

    I would think the best place to test this would be Paineel. Just run out into the big chasm/opening right after zoning in. Drop any lev you have and see if you survive.
  20. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    A necromancer can sacrifice you, and you will fall to your death.

    /someone had to say it

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