Can we please allow transfers from Rizlona to Aradune now that the rulesets have been merged?

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    There are many reasons people may have wanted to transfer off the server but that's completely irrelevant to this thread. This is about allowing characters to transfer from Rizlona to Aradune now that the rule sets are identical and they are on the same expansion release schedule. These servers match the same guidelines that other servers follow for allowed server transfers.
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  2. Bullsnooze Augur

    Rizlona players have never wanted off that server, until recently.

    The primary motivation for Rizlona players to depart from the server is the lack of alignment between their preferred gameplay styles and the predominant approach on Rizlona. The player community on this server adheres strictly to the original server ruleset, making it distinct from other servers.

    In simple terms, regular players steer clear of Rizlona as if it were a contagious disease.

    Regardless of the ruleset, the Rizlona playerbase is incompatible with that of Aradune.

    The servers need to be kept separate until live.

    (Names have been removed to protect the identify blah blah blah lol) [See this in the official aradune chat on discord!]
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    That's just Ridiculous.
  6. dotard New Member

    I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not but based on your meme pic in your latest post I’m going to guess you are. Regardless, it is false to say there wasn’t interest of players wanting to transfer off rizlona until now. It was just never seen as an option because historically you couldn’t transfer to a server with different rule sets. Now that’s not the case, they are identical.

    You say the populations aren’t compatible but don’t go on to explain why. There are many players on rizlona that do not box armies. They solo or only play a handful of boxes much like Aradune players. With rizlona being down to one non-box raiding guild, there are many that would like to have options. As mentioned Aradune has 9 raiding guilds. You wouldn’t have to worry about box armies transferring over because 1) it would be expensive and 2) they have no incentive. rizlona works for them. They have no reason to pay for transfers. They are their own guild and don’t need to transfer to continue the raiding experience.

    I dont see why you would so strongly oppose letting people pay to transfer and join you on your server other than to just grief and troll. It really sucks when you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your characters but the server health isn’t what it used to be and people are opposing letting you transfer to continue the journey you started when these servers went live.
  7. Ddezul Augur

    They had the option when the servers opened. They chose to go the way of the box friendly server.
  8. jeskola pheerie

    And now Aradune is an identical box-friendly server. Oh wait that's right, there is an OG Aradune player pact to only 2-box. Also I have a bridge to sell.
  9. Bullsnooze Augur

    Is it not absurd to suggest that my response to a meme with another meme equates to trolling?

    I've been part of this board for a considerable time. I don't conceal my profile, and my posting history is quite extensive. Throughout my time here, I've never encountered any Rizlona members expressing interest in transitioning to Aradune until the true box restrictions were lifted on Aradune.

    I certainly explained why, it's just not the answer you were looking for.

    Then form a guild and raid on Rizlona if there are that many players. We have a guild on Aradune that consists of *15* mains that are capable finishing content in-era.

    I disagree with transfers (of any kind to Aradune) because the community on Aradune holds values contrary to those on Rizlona. Despite the lifting of the boxing limit, the fundamental mentality of Aradune remains incompatible with that of Rizlona. Allowing individuals who don't align with the culture of Aradune only introduces unnecessary discord.

    No one is preventing you from continuing your adventure on Rizlona – after all, that's where you began! However, transitioning to Aradune with a focus solely on solo play isn't beneficial for our server's dynamics. Regrettably, that's likely to be the prevailing opinion among the majority here. It's important to remember that you had the option to roll on Aradune initially but opted against it, disregarding the calls for the server's long-term viability. Why should the residents of Aradune, who have worked hard to foster and sustain one of the healthiest servers, accommodate a shift that might disrupt its balance?
  10. dotard New Member

    You keep saying that the communities are different and incompatible as Aradune strictly adheres to the original rules, yet it was you who started a new thread saying Thank You when true-box was lifted from the server. It was also you that said there is a raiding guild on Aradune that beats the content in era with only 15 mains. Even if all 15 of those players boxed only 1 that would give you 30 characters in the raid and I really dont think you can clear all content in era with 30 but maybe i'm wrong. If that guild is reading this, feel free to chime in.

    Dont forget it was an officer of a raiding guild on Aradune that started this thread in the first place, wanting people to transfer over, saying it would be good for the health of the server. I've also seen twitch streams from players on your server streaming raids and it's quite obvious people are boxing more than 2. Saying that Aradune players are still strictly ahereing to the original rules is simply not true. The two servers are much more compatible than you think.
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  11. jeskola pheerie

    No need to gatekeep with fake claims of Aradune OG ideology. It's obvious some Aradune players just want to stick their tongues out like spoiled children. The servers are the same now except for population.
  12. coltongrundy Augur

    I thought having truebox was the entire point of Aradune? If you didn't want truebox you would have played on Rizlona which launched at the same time.
  13. Bullsnooze Augur

    Reviewing my account history, huh?

    As I said, I don't shield myself with a private profile or a fresh account.

    In any case, my appreciation for Darkpaw stems from the fact that several individuals in my household engage in EQ. The True Box code posed challenges due to frequent disconnections.

    My post doesn't imply simultaneous use of multiple accounts by a single individual.

    (Good try though).

    You are completely mistaken (and not just in this regard). More importantly, there's no need for them to weigh in:


    They've been successfully clearing content with around 15 players for several expansions now. Hence, there's really no justification for those who are still on Rizlona.

    One individual doesn't represent the majority of the server, and neither do 2-3 people on a forum.

    In my capacity as an officer within a raiding guild on Aradune, I stand in opposition. I firmly believe that such a change would have a negative impact on the server's well-being, a sentiment echoed by many others throughout the community.

    Why not post from your real account instead of concealing your identity?

    Would you be able to share Twitch channels to support your assertion? Because the streamer(s) I'm familiar with typically have only one account and broadcast their raids. I mentioned that the majority of people still abide by the original ruleset, as we do. Folks that box more than 2 are few and far between and more than 3 is quite rare.

    The populations of the two servers are not compatible—never have been and never will be.
  14. jeskola pheerie

    Yeah you are definitely not trying to gatekeep out of spite and immaturity.

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