Can we make with a new progression server already?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by wade_watts, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. wade_watts Elder

    Like.. For real? I need to grind some classic and kunark with a bunch of other nubs. Fighting for mobs and content, meeting new folks... Come on now!

    Also - If you could get the new classic TLP server every 4-6 month rotation going, that would be great.

    Thanks in advance. I'll take my answer off air.
  2. Xondor Journeyman

    Only if it is FV loot rules.
  3. Hateseeker Augur

    Announce Selo 2.0 with open trade loot and double loot drops per raid encounter, to start in 8-12 months
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  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    And instead of /pizza give us /chickfila.
  5. nostalgia Journeyman

    every 6 months a new tlp all item nodrop to stop the botting armies including no 1000 ink etc,you need something you need to farm it yourself.
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  6. Madcat1983 Journeyman

    no I am tired of re rolling on a new TLP every year its BORING do something different instead
  7. wade_watts Elder

    I agree. Waiting a year between a new TLP is boring! Lets get a move on!

    What do we want? (everybody chanting) A NEW TLP....

    When do we want it? (everybody chanting) NOW (and every 4-6 months thereafter).

  8. Meridian Augur

    umm.. how about 'no'?
  9. pinco Journeyman

    more money for daybreak if you dont want a new tlp no one his telling you to play it.
  10. Pappasalt Augur

    Now announcing Daybreak Everquest Battle Pass!!!!

    Are you one of those people that only really enjoy Classic to Planes of Power? But do you find yourself bored of the same grind over and over again as we destroy your beloved server with new ones? Fret no more!

    Starting this Spring we are bringing the battle pass to Norrath! A new classic server with (standard ruleset/we hate boxers) will begin this May. It will have it's normal 3 month expansion release and every year it will implode and reset. During this time of grinding through the same content over and over again we will have meaningless tasks that will reward you with cosmetic items only released during that battle pass.

    New outfits, pets, mounts, and more in these battle passes, more information to come.

    P.S. - It will definitely cost more per month.
  11. yerm Augur

    Daybreak releases new servers because people drop what they are doing and go play on them. Botters kronolord on these servers because people will hurl real money at them for their services. Like it or not, the eq tlp crowd enjoys starting over and paying real money and so the tlp environment has adapted to it with both daybreak and botters following the profit steam.
  12. wade_watts Elder

    Here are the clear and present facts.
    • Daybreak has the new TLP's that literally everyone here craves, and Daybreak wants money.
    • We have money that Daybreak craves, and we want those sweet new TLP's.
    It seems like a match made in heaven?
    I've talked to everyone here and in-game. Feedback is overwhelmingly unified - moar TLP. The only folks that didn't want it were the few folks posting in this thread against it.
  13. Xhartor Augur

    We just a new TLP acouple months ago...

    Since you want to endlessly play in classic and kunark, I am going to assume your krono generation is drying up.
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  14. Randomgamer Journeyman

    I have noticed over time reading the forums that there is always a backlash to starting a new TLP in classic, or just starting a new TLP. People post how no one wants another classic TLP. The facts are against these people though. Every new classic TLP launch gets a huge player base which tells me that people do want classic TLP. Another thing is that players start dropping the older the TLP gets. Maybe Daybreak should think about starting a new classic TLP and running it till Luclin, PoP or even OoW and then transfer everyone off to another server that started at the same time, but continues on. The 1st server will then reset. Kinda like what P99 will do with their green server I think I read. This way the 2nd server will get an influx of players on a regular basis. Sure a lot will just start over on the new reset but some will stay to continue on. After that they will have a classic TLP on a regular basis and they can work on these special TLPs that People say everyone wants.

  15. oldkracow Augur

    /in-n-out :D
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  16. Silver-Crow Augur

    Didn't we just have a new TLP on November 5th....
  17. Accipiter Augur

    There's a new one opening just a couple of blocks from my office. :)
  18. oldkracow Augur

    Aye they are opening some in Colorado, about time no longer do I have to fly on fake business trips to get a burger. :rolleyes:
  19. MMOer Augur

    Id love another pol lock that will merge with the other poplock. This one opening with Kunark so we can enjoy that era from the start.

    Or any TLP that starts with Kunark.
  20. modsiw Augur

    More worthless garbage unless they fix PoFire levitation.

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