Can we make sure that MotM = Agent of Change? (eg Drusella Sathir)

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  1. Silvara Elder

    vaclav, as someone on the outside i'm saying this to try and get thru to you though it probably won't. has your guild asked you to stop posting here for awhile? cause if they haven't they should. this was shaping up to be a good thread till you and whyteknight hijacked it. would love to see it get back on the topic that matters to more than 2 or 3 damaged egos.
  2. InDumpsterAllStars New Member

    Go figure Jain's looking for a hand out.
  3. InDumpsterAllStars New Member

    Typical TLP thread Jain looking for hand outs Whyteknight and Vaclav.
  4. Korillo Augur

    You guys are being a little harsh. It was a pretty fair point brought up at the beginning of this thread. There should be some consistency. If a mob has MOTM, it should have an instanced version you can request from an Agent of Change. If it doesn't have MOTM, it should spawn in other picks than just the base.

    Right now Drusella has MOTM, so there should be an instanced option for her (much like classic had a Phinegal instance). There is still a howling stones key you need to obtain before being able to enter HS, and all the instances are 6.5 days. It seems perfectly reasonable to me to put her on the same level as Phinegal.

    Either that, or remove the MOTM and allow Drusella to spawn in multiple picks.
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  5. Mindtickler Journeyman

    Is it required to have a key for seb AoC? Never tested, although you dont need a sky stone to use AoC agent.
  6. Korillo Augur

    I cannot say for sure. I got my seb key before ever trying to do the instance. I'd say it's likely, since you need your VP key to do the VP instance (this has been tested). The sky stone is more required to complete casting the sky port, not to enter the zone itself so I'd say it wouldn't act the same way a key would if I had to guess.
  7. JustACleric New Member

    Yes, it is.
  8. GhostbustersII Elder

    Were you ever in a guild doing classic thru PoP that wasn't simply a bunch of people with a common goal to kick some serious butt even if you aren't friends with every single people in the guild? If so what guild? I knew of a very select few that were run like this but they were never competing for world firsts. One that I distinctly remember back in classic was <Talisman>.

    Your experience describes sounds an awful lot more like recent live play than back in the day or TLP play.

    There is a big difference between the 2. With live servers or any server past GoD with instanced/no open world content the focus of a top guilds recruitment trends tend to be a lot different from pre GoD. This difference changes the dynamics of guilds a lot.

    Lets look at this a different way.
    1. Do you think there are people in your own guilds that don't like how much you post on the forums and don't agree with everything you post here?
    2. Do you think they may have some sort of animosity towards you because of it?
    3. Is there anyone in your guild that you aren't friends with?
    4. Is there anyone in your guild that you don't know or don't necessarily consider a friend per say?
    5. Is there is even a single person in your guild that you don't like or that doesn't like you or is there anyone in your guild with any sort of similar feelings with eachother?

    You don't have to answer these questions or respond even but if you answer yes to one of these questions than, you are essentially in a partnership with some of these folks and you guys kill bosses and have common interests in the game.

    This is why I agree that top guilds are run sort of like a business (but not really).
  9. Rojas75 Journeyman

    Yeah I've put alot of hours in there and only seen her three times. Killed twice and trained 5 times on the other encounter. Would be nice to get a few picks of this. Plus the entire zone can be killed with 4 groups. So this pick counter should be reduced to like 35ish
  10. Roshen Brand Manager

    I've had a short chat with dev on this topic. It's more likely that we'll see an Agent of Change added for this, than MotM removed so Drusella spawns in every pick of Howling Stones.

    There is currently no ETA though, for when this will be changed.
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  11. Vaclav Augur

    Wow, that's awesome news. Kudos to the team for deciding to do something on it. (whichever method)
  12. GrugSA Augur

    So some Wednesday next month. Thx ;)
  13. -wycca Augur

    Just FYI, there's already an Agent of Change in Overthere, so they can just use him.

    Thanks for bringing it up Roshen, tons of people will be very happy about this.
  14. PathToEternity

    Thank you Roshen. Hate to brown nose, but really appreciate you facilitating communication between the TLP playerbase and the devs.
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  15. Rhiyannon Augur

    either or works, as long as something was done, glad to hear something being fixed...
  16. Bignheavy Lorekeeper

    Strong decision. It won't get perma-camped for kronos.
  17. Vaclav Augur

    And just to renudge now since it wasn't answered but was implied- are other MOTM like Lodizal and KelorekDar being considered too?

    I can see either way being done for them, mostly just curious - not presenting on opinion.
  18. Rizey Elder

    Will something be done with angry goblin then as well? With instanced HS the pile of alts in FM will grow larger by the day.
  19. VatasticDr00d Lorekeeper


    want him to do just do the whole quest for you?
  20. Finley Augur

    They're literally asking for the NPCs to be made available so they can do the quest.