can we get a "real" progression server, please

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  1. ethyre Augur

    I've played on a number of TLP's and am currently on Mangler.

    It's, frankly, a trainwreck of a server.

    In order to make it feel like the old days, there is a single client restriction. However, if you have a laptop or multiple PC's (or a virtual windows pc) you can run multiple instances. The entire server is over-run with bot armies and every "real" group I get in seems to have at least one bot, in or out of the group.

    That's fine. I used to 3/& box back in classic. I'm not against it - I just think it's stupid to claim it's a single-client server. No one abides that. In order to actually multi-box, I have to buy another PC or a virtual client install (I know how I just don't want the hassle).

    Also, Mangler is entirely a PTW server. The marketplace is nothing but pay to win. I can use RL cash to buy clarity, SOW, stats, regen, DS and experience boosts. So for real money, my toon has the highest of everything.

    I can also buy kronos, sell them and buy the best gear.

    This is not anything like the classic EQ experience.

    Can we get a classic server (timed possibly like Mangler) where there is *NO* marketplace?

    I know that is where the microtransaction cash cow is but seriously some of us might want it.
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  3. yerm Augur

    The chances of a krono free server are near zero. I would love one that required at least one single cc payment and not 100% krono only, to neuter throwaway cheater accounts, but I don't expect to get it. Daybreak runs on krono sales.

    You might be able to get them to restrict some of the marketplace stuff, but I wouldn't bank on it. They nuked mounts on selo for being too p2w so it's not like they don't care. Perhaps you could lobby for a limited quantity on some? Realistically, since they limit it to 25% ones and you can only keep one pot rolling at a time, the xp pots at least becomes a sort of second tier sub like many games have with premium accounts getting a small boost. On the other hand, if the non xp pots were limited (eg you can only buy 5 per week for daybucks) I think that would reduce some of the p2w feel while also making many people who currently don't touch them feel ok with it, since it's a manageable $4.50 per week with my example. Personally I think daybreak is missing out by having these so spammable - I just don't see them used much at all, and think if they instead gave out just a tiny amount free followed by a controlled availability, customers would feel both more encouraged and less milked in buying some.

    But if what you really want is a zero krono or daybuck server you are probably out of luck. Best to try pitching a compromise.
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  4. Imukai Augur

    Reads like you just have no self control. Don't use the marketplace or krono as currency if they so offend your sensibilities. Avoid grouping with those horrible people that have a 2nd PC sitting next to them. Play your way.

    You will never relive the "classic EQ experience" without a time machine. Even the UI and QOL changes make it far and away from any "classic" experience you cry about, no matter how the servers are structured or whatever magic means you want to enforce "one" character.
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  5. ethyre Augur

    That's always a common (and fatally flawed) counter-argument.

    *I* personally don't like the p2w items. If I don't use them, I can't keep up with other players, groups or guildies and I get left behind and get no high end anything. So I *have* to use them to keep up.

    Just because I driving 80 MPH "offends my sensibilities" on the highway, doesn't mean I can drive 50.
    On the highway if I don't speed, I get run over.

    On EQ if I don't pay-to-win, I get left behind.
  6. ethyre Augur

    Why, exactly? You don't have to play on such a server - you are welcome to pay to win on your server.
  7. Gremin Augur

    These servers are never going to be classic, why? Because over last 20 years too many changes have taken place. What I see as QoL another sees as P2W for example. That nostalgia you are seeking isn't about what the other guy is doing, it's about who you choose to be around and do things with.
  8. Corilleous Lorekeeper

    Classic had the same RMT as you are talking about now. Classic had multi-boxers. Classic didn't have kronos, but you could buy plat from many sites. Classic had PL services for characters. Classic had ALL the things you stated as being on the TLP but not in classic. You are wrong. There has always been a RMT market since the beginning of the game. EC tunnel had RMT when people were selling high end items and someone didn't have the plat but was willing to pay for the service. If you didn't see it back then, then you sir are a little naive.
  9. Ruhi Elder

    i hardly see how not buying store pots or illusion items would leave someone behind. They are literally quality of life stuff. You could seek out or group with any class that has a preferred buff you like. That's really all the store offers.

    being salty about kroners is about the same as being salty about no lifers that play XX more hrs a week than you.

    It's a game, most people aren't dropping 30 kroners on dragon loot - most people raid and get their dragon loot with their guild.
  10. Corilleous Lorekeeper

  11. ethyre Augur

    I've been in Norrath at the beginning.

    I was there with 989 Studios, Verant, SOE and DBG.

    I had four accounts and played over 30 hours a week for five solid years (of twelve I played). I was pretty hardcore.

    I remember when they opened the first marketplace, the uproar over a slippery slope toward P2W. The counter-argument was always "this is just quality of life stuff". It's not. Everything we warned about came true. It's entirely P2W now and nothing at all like EQ was.

    It's totally toxic P2W now. Fine. Leave it that way and let those folks duke it out.

    My request is for those folks who want to play "real" Everquest, and it's a valid request.
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  12. Icaen Elder

    This will never happen, but I agree with the OP that it's extremely discouraging to play EverQuest in a post-Krono world. You get left out of PUGs and guild groups because they want to sell flags, loot rights, etc. for krono and how can you argue with that...... it is the easiest way to get in-game currency.

    It really rubs me the wrong way though and makes me want to not even log in. I don't buy multiple PCs to play one 20-year old elf simulator (seriously wth?) and all of it feels overwhelmingly P2W.
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  13. Ruhi Elder

    This is real everquest - it's a TLP of what current live eq offers.
    It's been stated: RMT was around back then. You're literally crying because you're comparing yourself to extreme players who have excessive income, who drop money on a game (instead of time) to get the things they want when you cannot or choose not to do so yourself.

    If you're in a guild group and they are trying to sell LR to something you desire - find a new guild roflmao.

    I will say one thing i've noticed from phinny to mangler - pugs all like to need these days - but those expectations are set - if you're truly after an item, makes some friends, build a group with the rules you prefer in place - simple things

    basically, your expectations of eq are flawed - sounds like you need adjust your expectations to reality or find a new game to play.
  14. urbanbo70 Elder

    Project 99 is launching a fresh server in October and it is free to play with no bots, boxing, krono, or marketplace. It is also the closest you will ever get to the classic environment.
  15. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    In the next few years, your going to see an fv rules server, a non true box server, and maybe, just maybe a pvp friendly server. There will never be a krono or marketplace free server.
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  16. code-zero Augur

    Rather than constantly ask for no Krono or no Marketplace why don't people ask for something that might be done that would likely slow abusive players down quite a bit like a 2 - Step Authentication Server which isn't just True Box but won't permit bypassing the patcher and does require entering an authenitivation code before logging on?
  17. andross77 Elder

    OP, you are basically asking DBG to make a tlp server where they don't make money off it. In other words, you are asking a for profit company to put energy and resources and finances towards something that will make them no profit.

    Good luck with your insane request. Maybe you should go on the Coca-Cola forums and ask if they will try and push legislature through Congress that puts extra taxes and warning labels on all sugar products because they are extremely unhealthy. Then you can go on the NFL forums and ask the Commissioner to run a million dollar ad-campaign explaining the science behind concussions and the oddly high percentage of NFL players that have committed suicide and have CTE in their brain.

    I have more genius suggestions if you need any....

    PS - i agree with you on the part of hating krono, mangler is a trainwreck, box armies ruin everquest and neckbeards that play 24/7 with said box armies ruin the economy and the game. Just your server suggestion is mind-boggling illogical :)
  18. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Someone else mentioned it but Green99 will probably be the closest thing to old eq in a long time. Not to say it well be enjoyable if you like to go fast, but old eq was slow after all.
  19. LDEffectsMe Augur

    Let me start off by saying, I do not disagree with you. However, the reality of what you're asking for will never come to pass. The majority of the player base who have been jumping from progression server to progression server already expect to be paying real life money to get the things their characters will need.

    Let's just say they launched a brand new progression server with no Daybreak Cash shop, no krono sales, and it was just EQ and the loot you could find within the game. It wouldn't take long at all before all of those shady third party websites started cropping up, charging a lot more real life money for in game plat than the real life dollar to krono value currently is. That opens the door for account theft from these third party sellers, people being ripped off, etc.. And these are things that were happening before Daybreak basically just started selling plat legitimately via the krono.

    As I said before, it's a nice dream to have, but it will never be a reality. Before Daybreak implemented these systems, the pay to win was happening by much shadier methods and it would again. When players are willing to spend money, people find ways to take it. At least with Daybreak in charge, it's more "legit" and it can be policed if needed.

    Besides that, I used to wonder about the overall health of EverQuest and how much longer the game would be around. Then I realized quickly by playing on Mangler (and by how much I personally started spending...) that there are literally YEARS worth of krono floating around on that one server. I would wager now that EQ is probably more profitable now (with it's much smaller player base) than it was in it's prime.... And that's all thanks to krono. So as much as we (generally speaking) might not particularly like the krono market and the effect it has in the economy, in a lot of ways I think it alone ensures that EverQuest keeps on going for years to come. Of course I have no data to support this, it's just a feeling... But when people spend $85 in krono per month (basing it off the recommended sale amount) that's basically nearly 6 subs to the game in value, and chances are most of those krono are just sitting in someone's inventory to be used as currency. In a lot of ways, it's like when you buy a gift card and never redeem it. lol... Pure profit for the company.
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  20. Guzzle Augur

    Your initial post says you have played "a number of" TLP servers, yet you call Mangler a train wreck... and P2W because of store-bought pots? It sounds like this is your first TLP in lile 4 or 5 years.

    I've never bought anything except exp potions that weren't even needed and I've been just fine.

    Sure, 90 cent 4 hour buffs are convenient but nowhere near game breaking, and they've been toned down from what they were in the past.

    They arent needed, nor do they give a significant competitive advantage material enough to be considered Pay 2 Win.
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