Can we get a new beastlord slow?

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Fian, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Fian Augur

    Historically, beastlords have been the third best slower in the game, behind shamans and enchanters. I know that enchanters have gotten a new slow every 5 levels, and I have to assume shamans have as well, however the highest level slow for beastlords is level 87. While the slow % doesn't change between levels, the built-in cripple effect in slows has increased in levels for enc/shaman. As a bst, I would also love to have a stronger don't resist mod on the spell since we can't tash/malo before casting slow.
  2. Stubar Augur

    Just out of curiosity, when do you use slow? If you use it for soloing it's better to pull with the cripple line. Slowing a MoB only hurts your DPS. You'd be amazed how much DPS is produced from riposte. Crippling the MoB allows them to hit the same speed while making them hit for less.
  3. Jilla1067 New Member

    We already get this:

    Sha's Reprisal III
    Beastlord (AA)
    Slot 2: Decrease Melee Haste by 70%
    Slot 3: Increase Disease Counter by 34

    This AA line starts at level 100 and maxes at 105, I believe. There is also the spell Deadlock Jaws (pet proc buff) at 90, which is the same slow as the AA line.

    Would I complain if they were improved? No, but I would rather have something that adds DPS or improves mana recovery.
  4. Skalde Journeyman

    Keep in mind not everyone is raid geared :p , and some people let their pet tank and they can spike alot and die easily to unslowed mobs, i've noticed running a slow belt has made a world of a difference on my monk tanking EoK in group gear and don't die as much when earthforce is down.
  5. Lifeshriek Elder

    It might be nice to get a disease based slow especially if it would be effected by Focus of Animus AA (which I'm not sure if it would be or not) or maybe remove the hit limit on deadlock jaws etc.
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  6. Stubar Augur

    The raid gear argument is a myth, it helps and thats all. Not being argumentative, it's just that I was called out on that once before and I ended up gearing Stu in group gear (some of it terrible tbh) and did fine.

    Saying that, having a new slow wouldn't be a bad thing. I was just offering an alternative to getting a new slow....cuz everyone knows as well as I do that a new beastlord slow will be low on the "to do" list for the devs.
  7. Reval Augur

    Maybe reduce the cast time on the slow, that'd be pretty nice. An instant cast slow might be worth memming vs using the aa.
  8. Zunar Augur

    Please no new slow spell.
    Our spell gems are already overcrowded and have to swap in fero already to make use of most of our spells.
    An upgrade to the slow AA would be fine imo. Maybe a cripple AA too. This is found on belt procs already as well as slow anyways.
  9. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    Also while we're at it can we get some weapon specialty AA like for our 1hb h2h 1hp and 2hb...oh can we also get 300+ double attack and 500+tripple attack skills? ...oh wait I'm asking to much seeing as how it took them what? 10 years to fix group beastial alignment?

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