Can we at least delay FTE until it’s fully tested and vetted?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Wtfagain, May 19, 2023.

  1. Wtfagain Elder

    Clearly there’s someone behind the scenes pushing for this massive change. Can you reel them in enough to at least not make server launch a nightmare? Would it really be that big of a deal to leave FTE turned off till it’s ready? Or did you code yourselves into a corner?
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  2. kenmei Augur

    I think they give a free copy of thelma and louise if you sign up for early names.
  3. Chopsuey Augur

    That is what Oakwynd is for. Don't forget to buy all the bags.
  4. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Going by the UI push to live with a number of bugs included, I think your out of luck.
  5. PotatoPowa Elder

    I am loving the crying over being unable to grief people off their camp and then laugh about it. Grinning from ear to ear. Keep it up.
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  6. Doze Augur

    You clearly haven't been paying attention. FTE will empower the griefers to tagsteal and hold mobs hostage - and there won't be a damn thing that you can do about it.
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  7. PotatoPowa Elder

    Let's wait and see, shall we.
  8. Doze Augur

    I don't need to - what is currently on test is already working worse than how I and others warned that it would be.
    But by all means you go ahead and wait to experience it first hand yourself ... it is your time to waste after all.
  9. NImxat Elder

    The current version of FTE still allows training others. It is also broken in that mobs can be FTE locked without any other player having touched them. FTE is NOT working as intended. That is why it should not be implemented until fixed.
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  10. AethDW Elder

    You can already see it on test. It’s not even addressing “kill stealing”. Standing on top of spawns and smashing insta clickies will rule the day.
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  11. Numiko Augur

    Lesson is, no matter what the rules are, someone will figure out how to grief others, and really.. playing EQ in any form or rule set is a "waste of time" ..
  12. kenmei Augur

    we went from training ppl and having the chance to derail the train if you were the train victim, to..
    the train is now invulnerable if you didnt pull it. in the words of the monk doing the training...'fixed'.
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  13. PotatoPowa Elder

    Actually maybe you have a point there... that could be an issue...
  14. Doze Augur

    Less so if you are having fun though, but definitely more so if you are not - especially if it is due to no fault of your own.
  15. Lawyer Augur

    I think these bugs are fantastic, and I am thankful they will prevent me from becoming addicted to EQ again this year. I'm saving not only 3 subs a month, but also all of that time. FTE is fantastic.
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  16. Obliteration Elder

    holy whine.

    go to dif camp
    go to dif zone
    stop being bad
    be less bad than the other people around you

    Choose any 1 of the above to solve literally every problem in this game
  17. c313 Augur

    This is my biggest concern. Almost every TLP I encounter someone training my Hamlord group. Sometimes the train dominates us, sometimes we're able to kill off everything and secure our position in the camp. With this change, there is no way to counter a train.
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  18. xxar Elder

    It will now be easier to ban/suspend people for intentional training.
  19. Doze Augur

    Yeah, except that is not how some people work - and you can rest assured that a lot of the people that enjoys being toxic and griefing will be there and make max use of these* new FTE mechanics* that has been added to their toolbox ...
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  20. Forevernecro Elder

    If you have ever watched a documentary on prisons, you know the guards just work there but the inmates live there. That is why the inmates always find ways to exploit and break the rules and get away with it... The inmates of Norrath will easily find a way to exploit this massively.
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