Fixed can t remove familiar

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Quatreh, Dec 8, 2021.

  1. Quatreh Elder

    Heya, since ToL launch I can t remove familiar from keyring, so I can t add any other because my key ring is full.
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  2. CatsPaws I post to encourage others to post

    Your right, tired to remove one of mine, was able to pick it up out of the keyring but then it just poofs from the mouse when you try to put it in inventory.

    Still shows in keyring.
  3. Aziuno Augur

    Also happening to illusion keyring
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  4. CatsPaws I post to encourage others to post

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  5. Trebla7th Elder

    Specifically, the illusion keyring, I don't have any slots on the other keyrings to test.

    I can add items to the keyring, but when attempting to remove them I hold left-click until the item appears on my cursor, but the item cannot be set down either in bags or top-level inventory slot. Clicking anywhere returns the item to your keyring.

    My apologies if this has already been reported, I couldn't find it anywhere.
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  6. Fenthen aka Rath

    Confirmed, just bought slots on my rogue, put illusions in, cannot take them out. I guess my Mask of Tinkering is now permanently bound!
  7. Soulbanshee Augur

    Yes....yes it is
  8. niente Developer

    Thanks for the report. If you are not able to remove items from any key rings other than Illusion and Familiar, please PM me the character and server name of whoever has the bug.
  9. Malbro Augur

    I can't remove a metamorph wand from my keyring so I can put it in the bank.
  10. Soulbanshee Augur

  11. Rondor Augur

    This bug is already marked "Fixed Internally" as I write this post, so hopefully the fix will go out in the next patch.

    So this message is just for others in the mean team to clarify what happens now while the issue is still present:

    This issue seems to happen only for any specific keyring that is full. On the other hand, for any specific keyring that has at least one slot empty, then I can still remove items from and add items to that keyring. But if it is full then I cannot take any item out of it (nor add anything since it's full).

    For example my Illusions and Familiars key rings are full and I cannot take items out of them. But my Mounts and Hero's Forge and Teleportation key rings are not full (they each have at least one empty slot) and from those I can still remove items.
  12. demi Augur

    I'm having same issue , although my key rings are not full .. and its only happening with the Illusion and familiar key rings .. my mount key ring is fine i can remove mounts but I cannot remove any illusions or familiars .. ive tried doing a file check and logging and restarting game .. only thing i have not done is a complete uninstall ..

    although now that i think about it even though my key rings are not full they are past the base key ring of 10 ive added slots to the key rings for example my illusions have like 30 slots avail so technically they are full past the base 10 key ring slots you get from the beginning but not full from the extra slots ive purchased or used from my /claim to add more slots ..

    so maybe you are correct that if you have more than the initial 10 slots filled then you end up with the bug ..well i just debunked that theory .. one of my toons only has 4 illusions on her key ring and 1 familiar and she cant take them out of her key ring either . maybe once 1 toon is bugged every toon on that account is bugged ?
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  13. demi Augur

    so are you saying if we cant remove our illusions and or familiars to PM you and you can fix it or will it be fixed in next patch ? cause it seems most of my toons have this bug on my main account
  14. Thunderkiks Augur

    Nah. Its just familiars and illusions. Doesnt matter how many slots you have.
  15. klanderso Developer

    This should be fixed after the zone restarts and client patch with today's hotfix.
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