Can only DPS at about 40% of normal with new pet aggro changes

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Danille, Jan 29, 2016.

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    Something I had no part in whatsoever!
  2. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    A likely story.

    (We're onto you....our tinfoil hats are actually made of unobtanium and give us special intuitive powers based on pure, pure emotion!)

    Ah yes, there's the tinfoil goodness. #warriorconspiracy #notmytank #petlivesmatter
  3. Matari Augur

    The wall of text is just over kill. Mages are primary DPS caster class. However, we are not group friendly and not really wanted for raids. After the last two nerfs, we finish dead last or close to it in every caster DPS category, mind our pers. our nich was soloing (can't even do that well), and it was taken away. If you don't get it....
  4. Pirlo Augur

    Only read a few pages, will read the rest of the thread later with a cup of joe.

    Just logged in to add my support to Danille, Sancus, and Pie and the rest of the mage community.

    Devs, please address not only this pet aggro issue but also the mage class overall. I hate seeing friends unhappy about the game, stop logging in, etc etc.
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  5. Benzarden Augur

    Brutul last played EQ in 2006 I believe. Great guy though!
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  6. Danille Augur

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  8. Mintalie Augur

    I confess, I giggled. :p
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  9. Danille Augur

  10. Battleaxe Augur

    What a lovely, but objectively incorrect, thought.

    IF some of the Mage posters in this thread truly believed this then why would they haul out "Warriors do not fare well adventuring alone"? If you can solo it does no one else any harm but if I can...endtimes.

    If I can ghost kill, so what? If pets can tank in raids, so what? If 10 classes can tank or gain experience without a tank how does that affect tanks? If 6 classes can do 400K DPS surely a melee class that can do 80K DPS has NOTHING to complain about. If 6 Wizards are Manaburning non-instanced dragons for Epic parts (or Mages moloing powersource droppers) don't object - buy what you need from them - Hill Giants drop up to 50pp each/#saveup.

    I'd giggle but unfortunately when such unfair imbalances find their way into the game and people fight to retain or even expand them it's not funny - it's sad.

    Group with a tank - you'll do better than 40% of normal. And 40% of normal still has you moloing better than a Warrior. Players should always do better grouped than adventuring alone even if they can, reluctantly rather than enthusiastically, adventure alone.

    (BTW, Brutal (sp?) of TSW felt random procs and semi-broken taunt should be sufficient for Warriors to obtain and hold DPS. That was the only issue I know of where he defended caster/hybrid superiority over Warriors. He'd be aghast at the DPS gap and pets tanking when tanks should be tanking.

    TSW was a meeting/discussion area for Warriors considering the Warrior Standown and Brutal moderated that forum. And Iirc was invited to that summit SOE held to address issues - including a pile of Warrior issues.)
  11. Matari Augur

    I think the point here is missed. Mages are primarily DPS caster. We don't particularly parse well - our niche used to be so so at soloing. We are not wanted in groups and raids compared to other DPS casters. We are not fighting to maintain what we have, but rather fighting not to be on the bottom (or close to it) in every caster DPS category there is.
  12. Ratbo Peep Augur

    OK... this is real simple to me.
    The first change to pet aggro a few months ago (while good) resulted in some overkill - pets were tearing aggro from Tanks too easily. Tanks had to "work" too hard to keep aggro if desired from a pet.
    It was annoying to tank against a pet.
    So they tried to fix it. Good!
    But now the pendulum swung a bit too far the other way. Even using hate weapons and pet-taunt ON, it's a bit TOO easy to get aggro off a pet.
    A happy medium would be nice. A assume now that it was first changed, and then adjusted, that an easy mechanism to adjust this is now in place? I hope.
  13. Eanelder Augur

    As a mage, I don't have an expectation to molo relevant content named and I can live with the fact that people say we shouldn't. HOWEVER, if a mage is not intended to solo a named, the limiting factor should not be his aggro.

    Aggro has never really been a concern for me solo; and given that a majority of our aggro control tools, if not all are them, are archetype based I don't see how anyone can think this isn't intended.
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  14. Cicelee Augur

    /off topic

    Have you ever met a poster that has so many more messages, but such a tiny bit of likes to the messages? Not that I believe all of us are hoping for 3-6 likes every time we message, but when you have someone who consistently and continually posts and not one person likes their posts? Doesn't that tend to invalidate everything that they say?

    /on topic

    Because this thread, and others similar in nature, remain open... It gives me belief that something is going to change with pet aggro. Just a matter of when than if IMHO.
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  15. Matari Augur

    Who cares about social networking on MMO forum. Seriously if you want to Facebook go to Facebook. I don't care if someone likes my post, it doesn't invalidate what someone says. If you want to invalidate someone go do the research.
  16. Dre. Augur

    Depends on their endgame.

    Some people just want to rant, feel validated or superior and get high fives from people who share their viewpoint. Others prefer to have an actual conversation with an open mind. It's very transparent, unless you're consistently judging those whose opinion differs from yours as belonging to the former group.

    Whatever the goal of that is, It's easy to look at the history of recent dev comments on this forum and make a judgement about whether anything constructive in EverQuest occurs as a result of such posts, other than angering or entertaining the players who come to the forums.
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  17. Matari Augur

    Most people come to forums to complain or vent. Those who don't care don't come here they just move on. I cannot say I have not had some rage post, but I don't expect these change to be reverted. Pet tanking for melee and the agro nerfs were fixes for something other than group viability. That much can be gathered from lack of communication between the devs and community. We knew the pet nerf and rain nerf were comming, but this was sudden. Granted this is just a conjecture, but it's based prior history.
  18. Furro Elder

    Re: Like

    Not everyone subscribes to the social networking garbage of liking posts. Whether a post is liked or not is also not indicative of a posts content/point being in/valid.

    I personally feel the entire system of indicating whether or not I agree with a post or not by clicking a "like" button is terrible. I'd rather someone put forth some effort and actually reply, and perhaps add to the discussion in the process. At least with a reply, it can spur on further discussion and so forth and provide some value (hopefully).
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  19. Sostenes Augur

    I would also like for the devs to revert the pet changes

  20. Zaknaffein Augur

    I've glanced over this thread as a lot of it is just the usual whine fest or class envy/epeen measuring contests etc.

    One thing that actually didn't sound half bad was giving mages stances akin to warrior stances:

    You want your pet to hold agro and tank named in current expansions like a champ? ok, but your DPS is now .

    You want top tier DPS? ok, but now your pet is nothing more than a familiar at best.

    Mages have had the best of both worlds for a while now being able to be tanks/healer/wizzard in one and are complaining when the devs finally did something to balance them out.

    P.S. most of the usual whiners will not want stances as they enjoyed being Warizzards too much, and I can't blame them. Everyone likes/wants to be OP.
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