Can clerics please regain the title of top healers?

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Kialya, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Kamor Lorekeeper

    Please post this mythical parse. I raid in a few guilds, and in all of them the clerics (even the less skilled ones) are the preferred tank group healers. The grass is not greener over here, clerics have so many tools to heal a group or do heal burns its not even close. Druids... now they have room to complain both in group and raid healing.
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  2. Szilent Augur

    The good druids I know are pretty happy to be "off the hook" on heal parse ranking. Their groups don't die - if they keep their Shield of Orders on & stay under Splashes - and that's good enough.

    Druids expecting to rank high on heal parses are just barking up the wrong tree.
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  3. Alekzandre Augur

    Parsing software is meaningless in many ways. Just use it as a guideline because it does not take into consideration many , many things.

    If The Raid wins, you won. If the Mob dies, you won.
  4. Szilent Augur

    blowing off parses sounds like a good way to go if you want to one day get real mad at being excluded from raids in favor of the new app
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  5. Tappin Augur

    The role of cleric is different that shaman on raids (most cases). A shaman's role typically a group of melee DPS.

    I am not suprised at all to see shaman top combined parses for healing. With the combat log improvments (and parse improvments), you are going to see more threads like this. However, what the OP needs to understand is clerics and shaman typically have non comparable functions on raids. Just because a Shaman can top a combined parse, doesn't mean that a cleric is under powered. it's simply implies the different roles.

    If cleric has anything to complain about, it's group content. I will choose a shaman over cleric on most of TBL progression - I think that is where the problem really is.
  6. Conq Augur

    I've single healed all TBL progression on both my main cleric and box shaman. The shaman felt sketchy being the only healer in Cliffs or Mearatas or Relic groups, but we won. Clericing those is just ezmode. And if I 6 box those, I always drop shaman for bard, so it's cleric healing solo, no 3rd party programs. Clerics excel at group and raids. The only thing cleric's fall behind is molo'ing. But WTF would you play a cleric to molo for anyway? Or for that matter, why EQ at all molo'ing?
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  7. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    Coming from a tank perspective, Clerics are the superior tank healers. They just have better tools to deal with it. They may not top the heal chart on a raid but doesn't mean they're worse than Shamans. That's like saying a paintbrush is worse than a water balloon filled with paint simply because the balloon can get paint everywhere.

    Each of the healers has a role in raids, and that is ideal. One healer should not be the best for every group, because then the other healers become unnecessary.
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  8. Tappin Augur

    What is point of "no 3rd party programs."? It doesn't need to be there. And I never once seen someone spam in general chat "TBL progression group looking for a cleric...," it's always a shaman.

    There are a few missions that are easier for a cleric to heal, but cliffs isn't one of them. Time your AoEs, and shaman can easily heal through it and put up some dps as well.

    As the combat logs improve, so will the parses. You're more likely to see shamans on the top end of parses, but what does that mater? Clerics are the king MT healing, but shaman fill the role of group healer better (hey are not one dimensional).
  9. Szilent Augur

    you have yet to justify or substantiate this
  10. Tappin Augur

    You have not justified how one spell is the reason why a shaman was on top of the parse in this thread.
  11. kiwi New Member

    after your call for gmm nerf , this is your new goal , trying to get shm nerfed?
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  12. Szilent Augur

    /GU Combined: Seneschal Radiant Propensity in 551s, 123.6m AH | Shaman 15534k AH | Shaman 15051k AH | Shaman 14735k AH | Shaman 13733k AH | Szilent (war MT, all Alliance heals) 13393k AH | Cleric 10462k AH | Cleric 5767k AH | Cleric 5666k AH | Paladin 4685k AH | Cleric 4416k AH | Cleric 3542k AH | Druid 2969k AH | Cleric 2418k AH | Paladin 1508k AH | Paladin 1478k AH | Paladin 1338k AH | Druid 957k AH

    without bothering to refine whose is whose, of the 58M(ish) total healed by shamans, 47M was Spiritual Squalls. Leaving the total heals for all four shaman combined that wasn't Spiritual Squall ~11M. So with those non-Squall heals they about matched the bottom cleric who … yep, checked on that, was an alt of someone parsing top10 damage in the same encounter.

    That "healing" of Spiritual Squall is a reflection of the raid's strategy for beating an event mechanic, not shamans out healing mob damage versus clerics. May as well rip away those numbers and hand them to the monk raid leader (in some guilds it's a bard or enchanter!), since it's his strat making those numbers. We did a 30 minute achievement version of that same battle without the same crunched-up raid force eating AEs and, shocker, shm not top4!
  13. Pano Augur

    Not nerf, squall and alliance are broken spells.
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  14. chocster Journeyman

    1. Could you clarify your argument,
    How is Squall and alliance broken and more specifically, how is Shaman squall and Shaman alliance the only one that is broken

    2. I totally agree with Szilent on mechanics and strategies comment. If bosses are put right next to each other as opposed to spread out, Necros, Shaman, Mages, Zerkers DPS is going to go up due to AEs, ease of maintaning DoTs on two mobs...Its just easier

    3. If Bosses are put next to each other, Shamans are going to go nuts with Squall and splash the whole raid during the whole fight

    4. There is alot of hate against Shamans and I'm about sick of the straight up whining.
    *Argument technique #1: X class beats me on parse, there fore X class should be nerfed!
    *Argument technique #2: X class is not doing enough DPS compared to another X
    classes,Please review my class's spells or abilities and possibly increase our spell line or
    our abilities.

    5. In my opinion, the reason you see Shaman kicking some rear end these days is...Shaman
    typically do not main change, they have been playing a Shaman for so long, they have
    HIGHLY developed skills that have been honed for years. Think of a good Shaman as a
    swiss army knife. If a raid event has more than enough clerics on, He/She is going to
    implement a long life of experience and maximize splash healing, keep the group; alive,
    and maximize DPS.

    6. Life cycle of expansions:
    1. Early stage: Shaman ain't doing much except rebuffing/debuffing/and healing
    2. Mid stage: Shaman have learned when they can DPS and when they need to heal
    3. End stage: Everyone is geared, everyone knows mechanics, DPS from Shaman goes
    way up because everyone has learned the events. The guilds have perfected or
    improved their strategy, positions bosses better, and it makes it easier (hence more
    DPS parses)

    7. Ill pick a fight: Too many people play their characters the same way, the same mash or use of spells, in other words, the same old style. If you don't evolve with the game's changes and gripe about how X class is beating you, you lose validity.

    *To quote a wise SK (Malekitth) "Good players find a way!"
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  15. Pano Augur

    Cleric alliance is broken too. It minimizes the role of a cleric in raid because the healing coming from priest alliance is a bit too good. A lot of people will disagree with me on this because they enjoy not having to switch target all the time and splash.

    As for squall, any events where everyone is piled up or close to each other doesn't require clerics. We have nights with 3 clerics where I don't even bother healing the tank and just straight up melee/nuke because I know squall generates enough healing to cover for not having any clerics. Hell, I can be the only cleric in a tank group and not really have to heal anyone. That's why I say squall is broken, it's a bit too good. It's not even about parses at this point but more of the fact that it, combined with alliance, turned healing into easy mode. It really dumbed down healing, which makes it even more boring than it already was.

    We also have great shamans in Realm of Insanity (except when Jon is sober), which helps.
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  16. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    So because you have tanks in the best gear possible doing farm content with an unspecified number of Shamans/other healers, that's enough reason to think something is overpowered? I think your perspective is skewed.
  17. Pano Augur

    Pretty sure a tank in group gear could survive in our environment. Perhaps it is you who has a skewed perspective because you don't see people who maximizes the ability of their class and can show how good some abilities/spells are.
  18. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    it's not just that you have great shamans in ROI, you also have bomb tanks, and other classes. in general ROI is the exception though and not the rule.

    Yes, if everyone else is playing at peak, i'm sure you could sit back and easymode healing. unfortunately, in the Not-ROI game, people don't play at peak performance.... and sometimes, slackers who sometimes don't remember they have buttons other than CS get into raid guilds. in those cases,while splash is most certainly a HUGE contributor, clerics are still a necessity for the main tanks.
  19. chocster Journeyman

    so..., you have tanks that almost require No Healing, in a current raid encounter,
    Annnnd, your post is that...Clerics need more healing power? and basically Shamans are able to heal too much...
    Sounds to me like your basis is that your warriors are too strong and your heals aren't needed.
    Your actually building a case that they need to nerf warriors.
    I think your view is skewed, and the basis is really that...Its boring playing a Cleric when the Tanks are so strong and Im mad because they Shaman AE heals are out parsing me
  20. Pano Augur

    Clerics have more than enough healing power. I just want them to scale back alliance and squall a little without making them useless spells.

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