Can anyone gimme a summary of the RoS lore? :)

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  1. slayerofbats Augur

    I just got Ring of Scale and I really love it. I played the original Kunark back in the olden days so it is nice to see those zones again but in a different state. I tried searching for the lore but couldn't find what I was hoping for. I am curious to know just the basics, is Ring of Scale before or after the original Kunark? How come the landscape has changed so much in some parts? And what is going on in general with the region?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Horyuken Augur

    I googled "everquest ring of scale lore", and this is the first option. Some other good ones as well.

    I like to role play so I read all the quest text as I play through and thats where I get most the lore from. If you're interested in the lore I would play through all the missions and follow the dialogues. The raids also offer some background.
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  3. slayerofbats Augur

    That link doesn't seem to mention how it relates to Kunark.
  4. IblisTheMage Augur

    I will bet a can of soda than Beimeth is able to :)
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  5. Dreadmore Augur

    Ring of Scale is after the original kunark.

    There's a lot there that has some relation to Ruins of Kunark, from the figures to the zones to the lore, so you must be looking for something specific. Anything in particular you want to know?
  6. CrazyLarth Augur

  7. slayerofbats Augur

    That was mostly it. I wondered if Kunark was before or after RoS. I'd like to see what happened with Venril Sathir.
  8. Dreadmore Augur

    Ah, okay. Have you done the Howling Stones partisan quests? There is some lore about VS in there, but I have trouble following it because it is resolved (or at least continued) in raids, and I'm not a raider.
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  9. Mary Poppins Augur

    Really? I thought you were hardcore...
  10. Dreadmore Augur

    I'll need a source or citation for that :p
  11. Mary Poppins Augur

    I personally saw you one-shot a god earlier this week.
  12. Dreadmore Augur

    The gods have lost all their power! Nowadays, the strongest among all creatures in Norrath are lanky lizard people, iksar ghosts, and cactuses.
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  13. Mary Poppins Augur

    Wow. Times have changed.
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  14. Nniki Augur

    Here's some text from raids:

    Raid Request

    Scout Deni M`Trix holds a finger up to his lips and whispers, 'Shh! For the love of Innoruuk... be quiet! I've been tracking the [movements of the sarnak:What are the sarnak doing down here?] for months. Don't spoil all my hard work by stomping around like a [Feir`Dal that isn't yet housebroken:What do you mean by a 'Feir`dal that isn't housebroken?'].'
    Scout Deni M`Trix says, 'Feir`Dal live outside and commune with nature and roll around in the mud, so it's hard to find one that's housebroken. Also, the joke isn't funny if I have to explain it. Also, be quiet!'
    Scout Deni M`Trix says, 'The sarnak are raiding Drusella Sathir's tomb. They believe there's an artifact buried with Drusella that will give them an edge in their fight against the Combine. That's why [we need to stop them:I agree. We need to stop them.].'
    Scout Deni M`Trix is furious. 'Shhh! I'm glad to hear that you're on board, but do you have to be so damned loud about it? Your mission is to follow the sarnak into Sathir's Tomb, prevent them from locating or recovering any artifacts, play the sarnaks against the denizens of the tomb if you can, kill everyone and everything if you have to. Are you [still interested in this mission:Yes, I'm interested in this mission.]?'
    Scout Deni M`Trix nods, 'Alright. I'll show you the way inside when you're [ready:I'm ready. Send me in.].'

    Event 1 - Crypt Robbers

    Athises says, 'Gods help us! We need to figure out who stole the artifact, and why, and what it was before Drusella devours us all. [On my honor, it wasn't me:How do I know it wasn't you?]!'
    Athises says, 'Well... to be completely honest, you don't know that it wasn't me, but that's what we need to figure out!'
    Drusella Sathir hisses, 'Bathezid's lackeys! HERE?! Athises, Bhaleus, Caleus, Deutocia... One of you has pilfered an artifact from my tomb that is very precious to me. It will be returned, intact, or all of you will die.'

    Drusella Sathir shouts, 'Hah! I'll take what belongs to me, Athises, and your life as well!'
    Athises shouts, 'No, please, I'm sorry! Noooooo!'

    (Learn clues and identify thief)

    Event 2 - Drusella's Vault

    Drusella Sathir shouts, 'Our vault is under attack by ____, ____, and ____.'

    Drusella Sathir shouts, 'My vault's defenses will annihilate you all in 24 more minutes.'

    Drusella Sathir shouts, 'Stronger adventurers than you have attempted to tackle my vault... and failed.'
    Drusella Sathir shouts, 'You will find nothing here... but death.'
    Drusella Sathir shouts, 'My devourers are... hungry.'
    Drusella Sathir shouts, 'Grind them to dust.'

    (Kill Drusella's defenses)

    Event 3 - The Sathir Line

    Venril Sathir eyes you impassively, and addresses his wife. 'Drusella, my dear. It appears we are out of time. If we are to [conjure up the spirit of our son:You are trying to bring back your son, Rile?], it must be now.'
    Venril Sathir says, 'I wasn't talking to you, mortal. Gods, there's nothing more grating than the bleating of an arrogant, impudent, impertinent "[adventurer:This adventurer will stop you, as we always have.]."'
    Venril Sathir laughs dryly. 'Your inflated sense of worth would be funny if it wasn't so sad... or if you weren't so mistaken. The Di`Zok have been a thorn in my side for centuries and never has this been more true than now. Had the sarnaks not broken into my family's tomb, stolen our artifacts for their own [selfish purposes:What do you mean by selfish purposes?], and forced my hand, then you wouldn't even be here, and I wouldn't be forced to suffer your arrogance. Your role in this is insignificant. You are insignificant.'
    Venril Sathir says, 'The Di`Zok generals of Gorowyn had the ability to cheat death. "Had" being the part of that phrase of primary importance, as the fools didn't understand how best to harness the magic of my ancestral artifact that they'd stolen. And their failures against the Combine and against adventuring imbeciles like yourself only brought more of them to the Sathir Tomb, in a desperate attempt to pilfer more artifacts to aid them in their battles. Their desperation makes them dangerous. So tell me, ____. Are you [stupid or desperate:I'm neither stupid nor desperate, as you'll soon discover.] too?'
    Venril Sathir comes into focus, 'I must disagree. If you hope to challenge the Sathir family here in our own tomb, you must be deficient in mental acuity.'

    The doors to the final tomb chamber seal shut.

    Drusella Sathir shouts, 'Rile will be restored to his full strength in 19 more minutes.'
    Venril Sathir shouts, 'Drusella, my dearest, I require your assistance!'
    Drusella Sathir shouts, 'I have returned...'
    Drusella Sathir shouts, 'At last! The ritual is complete. My son has returned!'
    Drusella Sathir shouts, 'How dare you attack my son! It has been too long to be reunited with him to lose him again so soon.'
    Venril Sathir shouts, 'Let's see how you fare against the entire Sathir family!'

    (Kill Rile and Venril)
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  15. IblisTheMage Augur


    The evil vampire Tsaph Katta has lured the adventurers to help him destroy the opposition forces of the freedom-loving Sarnak, whom he wish to dominate and include in his Combine empire, his thirst for world domination eternally unquenchable. :)
  16. DaciksBB Elder

    "For the love of Innoruuk"...

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