Can anyone explain the various bags you get from packs

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Perjoss, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. Perjoss New Member

    I'm only using 1 account at the moment, I've redeemed yellow and orange bags on my main character, now if I understand it correctly I cannot also redeem these bags on an alt on the same account and same server?

    And for the blue and purple bags, if I understand correctly those can be redeemed up to 999 times on the same account, and maybe across multiple servers?

    Any help would be cool as I never get a straight answer when I've4 asked these types of question.
  2. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    There are many bags in the game that are yellow or orange or blue. It makes it hard to know which you are talking about.

    They should have a name and that would help figuring out what you have.
  3. Perjoss New Member

    right now there's only 4 bags for sale from packs, yellow, orange, blue and purple. I guess the ones im talking about are called "Roguish Rucksack" and "Shenanigan Satchel", the blue and purple are from the HoT CE bundle and are simply called 20 slot bag and 16 slot bag
  4. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    They usually have fairly good explanation on the info page and there are some basic rules to remember:

    If you can claim something 999 times then that will show in your claim window.
    If an item is Lore then you can only have one.
    If an item is Heirloom then you can trade it between your characters on the same account.

    So they have this disclaimer:

    * Except where explicitly noted, these packs are only available once per account. In-game items that are claimed on a server cannot be transferred to another server.

    So the Roguish Rucksack - One 40-slot 100% weight reduction bag claimable on any server! (Lore)
    would be one per account. Since it has the * and also being lore means you can only have 1.

    Same for
    Shenanigan Satchel - One 40-slot 100% weight reduction bag claimable on any server! (Lore)
    again no * and its lore

    Unfortunately there are many reports that differ on the HOT CE bags, so I would ask in your chat if your on a TLP cause sometimes being on the TLP can restrict stuff even more.

    I wasn't being snarky about the color. Blue backpacks and many other colors are all over in the baz..but that is on live servers where players make them

    Hope this helps for future stuff

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