Can’t log back in Mangler

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ** Dragonslayer **, Mar 16, 2019.

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  1. ** Dragonslayer ** Journeyman

    Relax guys they have only had 20 years at this they are working hard on fixing the bugs and login servers it doesn't happen in 6hrs
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  2. dd15cm New Member

    or 20 years
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  3. Detesto New Member

    *Mangler even* Finally get to the character select screen, all is going well. Try entering world and the server does not respond. Try to log back in and a character is already in the world....says it's logging the character out...times out....can't get back in. Have to restart and the process continues again.
  4. Cholorasis New Member

    1. Tried to create shaman named Bird in Halas. Char creator seemed to create him then timed out entering Halas. When I was able to get back was told I had to have the char removed since he was in the game and I was logging in on top. I never got that char back.
    2. I made another shaman named Birdie. It took several hours to create the char and to get back to the game. I got him to level 3, zoned from Halas to Everfrost several times. About an hour ago I tried to zone into Halas. I was disconnected. When I finally got back in I got the same -someone in the zone - message. After several tries (about 30 mins each time) I got the char login screen, selected the shaman, and waited. I was disconnected and the server select message about having a char in the game came up - again - I have tried 5 times and end up timed out trying to get the char in the game.
    3. I have rebooted the computer several times. For me the game is unplayable.
  5. Glow Augur

    It's not the login servers, it's the server server, almost no one is online, we can't get into actual zones.

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  6. LastManStanding New Member

    Been trying all day and no dice. Just hangs at the server select screen until i get a time out.. then I need to exit just to try again.
  7. Dewid New Member

    I've finally made my character. Haven't been able to log in with him yet, but at least he is made. So hey, progress. Maybe this is what they mean by "progression" server.
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  8. Jezzie Augur

    Working on it!
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  9. LastManStanding New Member

    I managed to make it in like ONCE... to the character creation screen.. but after clicking on create character.. nothing happens. But that was like.. probably 5 hours ago. Been nothing but black screen time outs before and since then.
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  10. LastManStanding New Member

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  11. Infinitive New Member

    Fix the thing so everyone can play, instead of letting a select few play and gain advantage.
  12. Coder Joe Journeyman

    I get to character select then get disconnected after a long pause when entering world. Been doing this for at least a couple hours.

    Is anyone able to get past character select at the moment?
  13. Ruhi Lorekeeper

    sums up 97.3423423432% of our experience.
  14. Infinitive New Member

    No it's screwed, they broke it worse
  15. Daragoth Lorekeeper

    Nope...some of our preplanned static group already quit for the night too.
  16. Glow Augur

    No I will mention if I do
  17. Thygrym Elder

    It's working as intended.. someone reported 11 people were in the Commonlands... server must be full then.
  18. Ghost Of Fippy Augur

    Not for the last hour or so. Made a bunch of alt characters though. Just cannot play them.:(
  19. mh272 New Member

    I can't even create a character!
  20. Maligannt Journeyman

    Were 10 people in butcherblock as of 15 minutes ago, when the last person of my group was able to get in.
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