Camps and Camp etiquette question.

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  1. Whulfgar Augur

    Yep I know that the game designer's do in fact not recognize camps. So this question is 100% for the player base what is considered good etiquette in the whole "Camps" scenario ?

    From the way I've always played "Camps" were the # of mobs you could down before the cycle started back up again. But I've recently ran into player's who do not share that same line of thought.

    I'm curious what are the player based etiquette rules everyone typically plays by in regard to camps ?
  2. Whulfgar Augur

    What is a camp ?

    How big can 1 camp be ?

    Do all mobs in camp have to be dead .. before you let 15 other mobs "be alive" yet still call that camp ?

    what say you?
  3. Zamiam Augur

    I'm a pacifist usually , so if I'm at a "camp" and someone intrudes on it i'll ask nicely for them to leave if they dont leave and or they dont respond then if I can go elsewhere I will . If I can't or I dont feel like leaving that spot i'll prolly camp for abit and come back later or another day ..

    If I go to a camp and someone is there i'll try to talk to them and see how long they will be there and if they could kindly send me a tell when they leave.. sometimes they are nice to respond and even send a tell when they are done .. and sometimes you dont get any answer..

    Usually with all the expansions this game has and how many alts I have I can usually find something to do if someone has the camp I want or someone comes and takes it from me I try not to get to upset .. its a game and I know i'll be here longer than they will "in the long run" I have been here 20+ years .. thats my thinking on it ..

    Sure it would be nice if people respected camps like they used to , but that was a whole different game long ago ..
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  4. Coagagin Guild house cat

    Yep. Try to engage, see how long they plan to be there, especially in the later evenings, ask for a tell when they leave all that and reciprocate in kind when asked. Had better success with well known guilds answering back, not always, smaller vanity guilds often tell me to attempt something sexually impossible and move on.

    As for what is a good camp size? Generally, if you can keep the pattern down with some small break in between but nonsense when a small group claims half the zone as there own. Those people are just asking for that half and the other half to be trained in on them. Not that I would do such a thing but having seen it happen enough times, never surprises me.

    - Coag
  5. svann Augur

    You cant expect to claim the whole zone or a significant part of it. Etiquette dictates you may "claim" one set of names phs, thats it. You can try to keep 2 names camps dead but if you are have unengaged mobs up in the 2nd camp then they are open to taking. Just my opinion. And to claim any camp you must answer the camp check.
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  6. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Is this for TLP or Live?

    TLP is another world and DPS race is the gold standard.

    Live players (as camp incumbents and newcomers) are mostly mature and usually work it out in tells or /ooc. If I am not first, I tend to honor the camp based on the named PHs the person is after or the general area. (If a PH for the same named is out of the way, people tend to cede that PH). If the camp is for XP, the incumbent who can keep the mobs down has priority (but again, people can work out parameters). I haven't seen it often in TBL and ToV (with the exception of spiders in Velks and 2nd floor ToFS), but hogging a zone seems to go against good etiquette (play nice policy).

    The most controversial situation on Live is when you pop a named but someone (tracker) tags it and claims that they didn't see you. It's rare but it happens. This is where one has to take a deep breath.
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  7. Whulfgar Augur

    Which brings up one more question. How long an afk .. is acceptable in order to have some one finally call a named camp / camp .. after the camp check has been issued?
  8. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    It depends on an individual's preference. I usually base it on how long a poop break should take (8-12 mins). If no response given for their poop break, then it's fair to engage.

    If you are running to the store, then you should really consider leaving the camp.

    In terms of timed camps (Luclin named), I tend to honor the incumbent but I am not against people who are willing to wait it out, do a quick check, and DPS race. This because perma-camping is too common.
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  9. Buster_Shruggs Augur

    The only issue I see here is the above statement. If I /ooc , /shout or even /tell a camp check and receive no answer, then I run to the camp I was inquiring about only to find a group there, in no way does it invalidate that they have the camp. I rarely catch /ooc or /shout due to playing on multiple pcs, but I have /tell go to a separate window that pops right in the middle of my screen on my group leader or healer, but for one reason or another sometimes people do not respond.

    I agree with Zamiam's pov on this sometimes touchy subject. I would rather find something else to do than hash it out with another player/players. DPS is king on Live and TLPs, but Id rather sit and enjoy what I'm doing instead of trying to burn down every mob.
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  10. Zamiam Augur

    well it depends for me if im at a zone line and call a camp check and no one responds and I end up having to run to the camp and see that someone is there and they couldnt answer a simple camp check i'll wait about 5 -10 min , during which i'll be sending them tells asking ?'s and if they dont respond within that time frame i'll send them another tell stating " well why you are afk i'll help you keep your camp split " :p and if they come back and want to argue over their camp i'll say np and leave, but usually what happens is they see someone else is there (Me) and see all the tells ive been spamming them with my /log on (which I made very clear that it was with the tells) so they either leave or camp out .. and sometimes they send me a tell asking to have their camp back and that they went afk for yadayada reason .. if they are nice about it i'll leave and go elsewhere .. if they are rude about it . I might put up a small argument .. but in the end its not really worth it ..
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  11. Windance Augur

    I've been playing since 2000 when there were "camps" and "wait lists" so I'm fairly traditional in that respect.

    Ask in /ooc if XYZ is camped then send a tell to anyone who looks like they might be camping what it is. If they are I ask about the drops or whatever it is I need and usually people who are actually playing respond and are fairly nice about helping out.

    Once you start talking about the AFK groups just grinding away in GD or EW who don't respond to tells or anything ... I usually leave them alone but have been known to snag a named for hunter but that's the exception and not the rule.

    As others said, most of the time there is enough stuff to do that its not an issue. Especially in ToV where everything was nice and open.

    TBL/stratos not so much. That was pretty much a cluster F*ck for the first month or so.
  12. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Nothing is worse than someone trying to ruin your play. But it's even worse to pay for the privilege. All I can do is try to treat others like I want to be treated. Try to use my resources (like track) to see what's been most recently killed, if there's a group near a spawned named ... what's the buff situation on found players. I try not to get blinders when I see a named pop (server/zone ups are rare exceptions to this rule ... ~20 min after server up, anything unengaged fair game). Folks are too afraid to communicate these days. If I'm killing in an area, and someone asked about a named for hunter...I'm happy to let them join group for credit. Or if they say they are questing, I'll pretty much always defer until their questing is done. Most importantly, I try to be flexible in my play ... if someone is where I wanted to be ... I'll find another spot and comeback another time.

    I find it amusing that there is an attitude that simply /ooc cc deserves a response and failure to respond means you are treated as not being there. AND the person who couldn't be bothered to type more than /ooc cc gets angry if someone is "at his spot".

    I'm happy to respond to people asking about a specific camp/area/named or even a more generic "would like to play in zone, could I get an idea of where folks are so I don't bother you" statement. But my response to a camp check is not required.

    My favorite is the /ooc cc from /anon folks (and yes, I do look at /who before responding). You are /anon (for whatever reason), I respect that. Just respect my choice to treat you as not even there as well.
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  13. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    To qualify my statement about 8-12 minute wait after camp check. You should send a tell directly to all characters and be present (without Shroud of Stealth) in front of the players for 8-12 minute. Some people do not have separate windows and can miss /ooc due to battle spam.

    Unfortunately, some people do come back from AFK due to audio triggers so I usually give them the benefit of the doubt the first or second time.