Campfire in Plane of Shadow

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by CaptAmazing, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. CaptAmazing Augur

    Could this be made to work?
  2. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I noticed that there is next to no one in Plane of Shadow then I tried to campfire there and found out why. Are campfires going to be enabled for Plane of Shadow? This seems to be going backwards mechanics wise to the old days.
  3. Ranpha Augur

    Cannot bind in the zone either, unlike all the other Rain of Fear zones.
  4. Tobynn Augur

    At first I thought the no-campfires thing might have been an oversight, but then it occurred to me that campfires=enabled is likely the default for every zone. Someone intentionally disabled them in Shadow, so its no accident. Just add this zone to the list of zones that doesn't get used much because of by-design annoyance factor.

    Using a fire to whisk in alts for loot is what keeps me chasing Hunter achievements and provides me zone replayability; I am thoroughly bagged out and have zero use for more. Now, I have less reason to spend time in the zone beyond progression once and done.
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  5. Braveheart Augur

    We were making our way to the top of the structure when we got trained. Everyone died, so we just called it a night. Did not see a point in fighting our way back past the see invisible NPC along the way. If we had dropped a fire, we would have continued. Two people in group even said they may let their account expire as they saw no point in grinding in a zone that is, by design, anti-casual player.
  6. Bardy Elder

    I was upset about this too, but it's so easy to get to, I mean click a portal after you get flagged and you are in the zone. I like that it's not overcrowded. I liked windsong in VoA because it was hard to get to and not overcrowded. We are pretty lazy in EQ now lol. If we can't insta port to a spot in some far off zone, people can cancel their account? See invis is a separate issue, never a fan of lots of see invis.
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  7. Ronak Augur

    Campfire needs to be enabled for this zone, or the see-invis need to be removed.
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  8. silku Augur

    I don't mind see invis and I don't mind undead.. but I do mind so many that see both. I can bypass them as a chanter, and most other classes can with some work, but it's really annoying to have so many of them to get through (especially when some of the quests require you to go very deep in the zone for chests).
  9. Ezlano Journeyman

    I really like the turn from what has been the norm in zones, you know, invis and trod along mindlessly. I can navigate fairly far into the zone without using any fade or Companion of Necessity, and what cannot be bypassed is killed; but I guess XP worked for is bad nowadays. It brings back that feeling of danger that I haven't felt since I was running though Kunark zones 12 years ago so I hope not a thing is changed.
  10. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Actually the luclin zone it is attached to is a no camp fire zone. It is more likely the no camp fire was a default from whatever they copied to create the zone and it was not intentional. I suspect it was an oversight. No campfire zones belong to a time when everyone had more time to play, were more gung ho and more accepting of time sinks. If SOE wants the zone to be utilized they need to activate campsites in my opinion.
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  11. Tobynn Augur

    The entire premise of the campfire feature is to allow fellowship members to gather easily. What does XP have to do with anything? If you want danger there's plenty of ways to accomplish that that don't involve negating campfires. Campfires disabled just makes it a enormous hassle for stragglers or replacements to meet up with the rest of the fellowship.

    The only zones where campfires should be disabled is where the intent is to prevent bypassing of flags/keys in order to enter locked/restricted areas. Anything else is just annoyance by design.
  12. Chandrok Augur

    This was an oversight. Campfires will function in the next patch.
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  13. Elricvonclief Augur

    Thanks Chandrok!
  14. Ezlano Journeyman

    What is difficult about using the Shard's Landing portals? Even from a full wipe, the time getting back up to speed is minimal. The only part of the zone that requires work to get to is up where Volx Xi Xakra spawns, and even that only takes five, maybe ten minutes, but it's all about instant gratification now.
  15. Falos Augur

    Convenience doesn't really equal difficulty or skill. It's not hard to walk 2 miles to the store from my house but thanks to the invention of the car I don't have to deal with that artificial delay to reach my destination. EQ evolved, EQ added campfires - No sense int making the newest zone in the game devolve back into 1999.

    As others have said, this is most likely an oversight, when the zone was first created it most likely used the vex thal template which didn't allow for campfires, I would be shocked if they do not change it so that campfires work in the next patch. These zones are already barely used as is. I see maybe 20-30 people in chelsith and plane of shadows at prime time, generally i only see 10-15 people in these zones *COUNTING boxes*

    It is in EVERYONES best interest that plane of shadows be made as inviting and accessible as possible, there is absolutely no downside to having campfires enabled in this zone.

    *edit* i overlooked chandroks post before i submitted this* yep that confirms it it was simply an oversight and will get fixed, glad to hear it!*
  16. Nenton Augur

    It's not even close to 5-10 minutes to get back into that section of Plane of Shadows, even without a wipe.

    What zones are the most used in today's EQ? The ones that aren't terrible to travel through. Why? Because most people who play now don't have 18 hours a day to grind through a zone to a camp. The devs share your opinion (Elidroth defended their stupid decision to put see invis probers on the way to Pillars and called the rest of us pansies) and so continue to make zones people don't play in which is a terrible design philosophy of course. See: Sepulcher during VoA.

    Regardless of campfires, the right side of Plane of Shadows will stay vacant and everyone will continue to gravitate to Chelsith and Shard's Landing.
  17. Falos Augur

    In elidroths defense, he also is the same dev that stated raids should no longer be tuned to the top few guilds of the game making them more accessible to mid tier raiders as well. I'm not a raider so that choice doesn't impact me but it does show he doesn't universally oppose making things more accessible. It does seem that for the most part they tried to correct some of the mistakes they made in VOA (which was sort of like a slightly easier underfoot) Though they did make a few mistakes in tuning some of the tier 2 group missions and a couple tier 3 named mobs, they do seem to at least be making some effort to correct such issues.
  18. Silv Augur

    So... campfires will function next patch. Does that also mean bind affinity will be allowed like every other RoF zone?
  19. Tobynn Augur

    Nothing at all difficult about using the Shard Landing portal -- provided you want to camp the zone-in of Shadows. Last I checked, that portal didn't land you deep into the zone beyond the see-all gauntlet. Since instant gratification offends you so, I can only assume you don't even use the Shards portal, you probably just make the run through Vex Thal each and every time. /nod
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  20. Iila Augur

    Will Bind Affinity also be enabled?

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