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    About <Caer Cadarns>
    Caer Cadarns is an active, family friendly raiding guild that raids during EU prime time (8pm CET/2pm EST). Caer Cadarns' core values have always been the fact that we value family highly both in real life and also in game and we have proven throught the years that it is possible to have a balance between the two. Real life commitments always come first, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun and have success in era killing.

    We are happy to have all levels and classes of players in Caer Cadarns - the more, the merrier! While we accept all classes we are, at this time, in some need of melee DPS.

    Raiding in <Caer Cadarns>
    Caer Cadarns aims to complete current era raid content, but not at any price. While we enjoy and encourage active raiding we fully understand that some people have real life commitments that make compulsory raiding impossible. We also understand that we all play this game for different reasons. Some people would rather group, play alts or tradeskill than go to the raid. That's fine! You do not have to raid to be a member of Caer Cadarns.

    For these reasons NO member will ever be expected to raid when they choose not to. We also don't have huge issues if our members need to afk in the middle of the raid to attend to RL stuff. All we ask is that you let the raid leader know that you will be afk.

    We use a DKP system for raiding purposes as well as Raid Attendance over the past 30 days when DKP does not apply. We strive to keep Caer Cadarns a fair place for all while still progressing forward. At this time, we are working hard to prepare for Luclin by gearing up, doing tradeskills and refreshing our memories on Luclin raid strategies.

    We raid three to four times a week and raids typically start at 8pm CET (2pm EST)

    Interested in joining <Caer Cadarns>?
    You can speak to Lalenya, Courtney, Azumoria, Dotsters or Sollen in game if you need more information, or go ahead and post your application on the forums at http://www.caer-cadarns.eu/

    Please make sure you take the time to read our guild rules which can be found on the forums.

    Thanks for reading,
    The Caer Cadarns management
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    Still recruiting all classes, play time and player profiles!
    Sign up and join the dragon herding!

    News at http://www.caer-cadarns.eu/ to learn :
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    Much looking for DEEPS atm!
  5. Millianna Augur

    Is this the same guild from Vaz? Is Hasu still around?
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    It is the Caer Cadarn from Vazaelle.
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    What min level you asking?
  9. Kiani Augur

    There's no minimum level at the moment.
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    Might be changing tho.
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    Hahaha that frontpage. You shouldn't have set Elin free!
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    He does keep us entertained.
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    <Caer Cadarns> is on Claws of Veeshan faction and we raid 3-4 nights/week, with raids starting at 8pm CET. We truly are the "family friendly, active, Europe based, raiding guild with a strong sense of community that is open for all Phinigel players, regardless of class, level or location." Some voices from Caer Cadarns:

    "Having a community is far more valuable than a collection of people in it for themselves."

    "Everyone seems helpful, Everyone seems friendly, you can laugh and joke. It feels like a home away from home."

    "I am looking forward to CC becoming my new home for EQ"

    "I always knew this is a good guild"

    Caer Cadarns' strength is that all classes and levels are welcome and that we manage to make the best out of the balance between real life and game. Do not hesitate to apply at caer-cadarns.eu! Our officers Courtney, Azumoria, Tern, Dotsters and Phez are always ready to answer any questions you might have.

    Kind regards,
    Guild Leader <Caer Cadarns>
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    Still plenty of room for more players.

    Dont feel as though you cant raid due to real life interupts (children, spouses etc) as we have many members in same situation.
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    Come join Caer Cadarns in the countdown to Luclin!

    Caer Cadarns is looking forward to the release of Shadows of Luclin expansion on the Phiningel server. We are very excited to get new zones, quests, upgrades and raids to enjoy and we're preparing by gaining levels, getting gear upgrades through raiding and questing, advancing in tradeskills and refreshing our knowledge of the Luclin zones and encounters.

    Come enjoy the countdown to - and contents of - Shadows of Luclin with us! Apply at Caer-Cadarns.EU!

    Guild leader <Caer Cadarns>
    Phiningel server
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    Caer Cadarns has member from both European and American time zones. Our raids typically begin at 8pm CET (2pm EST) and last for three hours.

    Joining now will allow you to be full member by the time of our first Luclin raid! Please visit http://www.caer-cadarns.eu/forum/ for more information about Caer Cadarns and our recruitment process.

    Kind regards,
    Guild leader <Caer Cadarns>