Fixed Buying CoV (without having bought ToV) does not enable the Hero's Forge keyring.

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by FrozenWater, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. FrozenWater Augur

    There is a thread about this issue here:

    I'm opening up a bug report to get this some more attention.

    To sum up: I just came back to the game, I am subscribed/gold, I have bought CoV, I have the HF feature bought/enabled (and am currently wearing HF ornaments in case there is any doubt), and the HF key ring still shows 0/0.

    Since the HF key ring was a ToV feature, and ToV is auto-granted when purchasing CoV, shouldn't this key ring be enabled now?

    I'm wondering if a HF key ring flag wasn't added to the purchase of a new expansion when it was released.
  2. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    And if it is not included in the TOV portion of the COV purchase then it should be made to be able to purchase it in the marketplace like the illusion, mount and familiar key rings.

    There are no HF keyrings available and no slots available. You only see the slots if you already have the key ring.

    While this was hugely debated a few years back - does it still hold true for current expansions regarding keyrings?

    via announcement Sept-2016: Please note that once EverQuest: Empires of Kunark becomes available for pre-order, the Mount and Illusion Key Ring will no longer be included with expansion purchases.
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  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I was wondering why I couldn't see the HF Keyring or slots in the market place, I bought CoV too so as of right now unless you purchased the Pre-Order for ToV you are shut out for ever accessing the HF key-ring, unless they add the feature unlock to the Marketplace.
  4. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    HF key ring is a ToV expansion purchase feature (along with any of the claimable items from whatever level of ToV you purchased).

    When you purchase a later expansion (ie CoV), you get to access the expansion zones, do the expansion quests and missions, etc. But you do not get any of the purchase features with past expansions.

    It has been like this since HoT. If you never purchased HoT, you never got the plant lions, the bags, etc in your claims.

    THIS is why they have started to sell the expansion bundles so folks who never purchased those expansions can get the /claim items and features that you just cannot get anywhere else in game.

    There should be a way to buy slots from zero given the previous key rings ... but it looks like it's broken or has never been implemented.

    Not having the key ring is not a bug. The non-ability to make up for it probably is though.
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  5. Soulbanshee Augur

    Its not a feature of ToV, like mount keyring, illusion keyring, familiar keyring, and other premium items were not features of their expansion. They are premium pay-per service items that were bundled with the expansion when it was current. After the expansion is no longer current you must buy the service from the marketplace. Once marketplace went into the game, features unlocked with expansions went away and instead were introduced as premium services you have to pay for, except where it wouldn't make any reasonable marketable/financial purpose.
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  6. Rondor Augur

    I wonder if the item "Gift: Torment of Velious Standard Expansion Ticket" can be claimed on an account that has the Claws of Veeshan expansion already purchased, and if so if that would grant access to the Hero's Forge keyring for those experiencing the issue in this thread.

    Ideally the keyring should be purchaseable in the Marketplace but in the meantime it would be good to know if this TOV-gift may be a workaround.
  7. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    We understand this, what we are saying is they are not in the marketplace.

    We need more folks to click "like" so this is brought to the devs attention
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  8. Ratalthor Developer

    It is a bug that the keyring is not in the marketplace, so we're taking a look at a fix. Thanks all.
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