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    Been playing since the beginning, took a break for few months and back again!!
    Trying to remember some little things.

    You cannot sell and buy at the same time now can you?
    ie. set the trader to /trader and whatever the buyer command is at the same time offline.

    If not, it would be a good idea, I want to sell and buy with my 1 trader :p

    What is the command to Buy is it /Barter?

  2. Vumad Augur

    Barter and trader are different areas. 1 account can not do both.

    Paid accounts are required for bazaar commands (can use /baz to find a /trader tho).

    Yes, /trader and /barter
  3. Balthozzar Elder

    Welcome Back! I have played from nearly the beginning (Oct. 21 1999 is my first character's birthdate, Olav from The Nameless - now Emarr)

    As far as I know, there has never been a way to be a buyer and trader at the same time. (/buyer is the command for the buyer function. /barter is for searching to see if someone is buying the particular loot you are selling and to sell to them, if so. You can do that from anywhere in the world, just like you can search the bazaar for things to buy and have to go your parcels (or directly to you if you have one of those ticket things) from anywhere.

    I, for one, have argued on here before that it would be beneficial to be able to either be a buyer or seller at the same time and/or to be able to have a character be in trader/buyer mode while you are on another toon. But, I do understand the coding limitations that might make this difficult, from a developer resources point of view. Unlike in many, if not most, other MMO's, the broker system in EQ was designed for Shadows of Luclin (expansion #3), so that your actual character would become like a NPC vendor, and the loot for sale had to be in your inventory in Trader Satchels. What we want might require completely revamping the broker system so that it isn't tied directly to your character being logged into the game world like it is now.

    As much as we'd all like to see this happen, it might just not be in the developers' plans.
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