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  1. Meko Skeet New Member

    if you start the dz you get 50% of regular lock out and everything is fine, but anyone that you add to the dz after the dz has been started with dzadd will give anyone you add the full 7 day lockout
  2. Fragile Journeyman

    Has this been fixed yet!?
  3. Toodles Elder

    Any other people affected by this?

    What other details could you share:
    Were they added simply after the dz creation?
    Were they added after 1 boss had been killed?
  4. Ravil Journeyman

    The bug occurs when a raid has already gained a lockout by killing a boss, or the zonewide trash loot lockout. When you add a new player, the DZ adds the lockouts that were already accomplished at the full 7 day timer instead of 3day, any new lockouts that occur while they are in the raid will only be 3days from then on.

    Basically, you cannot add anyone to any instances or they will get a 7day lockout for whatever you have cleared before they joined.
  5. Squints Journeyman

    We also had issues with this Saturday night. Any word?
  6. AgentofChange Augur

    If this happened to you, you are out of luck. They will not fix it. I'd suggest being cautious of it if you are the dz leader.
  7. Astley Augur

    Current solution... Don't /dzadd anyone after the instance has been spawned, or they need to be willing to take a full lockout on the instance.
  8. Roshen Brand Manager

    The team is aware of this specific issue with the reduced lockouts, and we're looking into this now.

    No current ETA regarding when this will be fixed.
  9. Bobalob New Member

    Thank you for looking into it. Can you suspend the bonus temporarily while it's getting fixed? We would like to take advantage of it, but leaving a third of your raid behind the following raid is exclusionary and really not fun.
  10. Astley Augur

    Well possible temporary solutions:

    1) If you're waiting on like, 20 people to show up on time for your raids, then hold off on spawning the DZ a bit till they show up.

    2) People who show up late just have to know that they'll get an extended lockout if they are added after it is spawned. Temporary penalty for being late.
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  11. Ryak Augur

    Thanks for posting this. Even a simple acknowledgement with no specific information is a lot better than the silence in response to other recent issues
  12. Trackanon Elder

    Why can't we get responses like this for other issues? A simple post in the GoD/OoW threads will make players much happier.
  13. Sidefx New Member

    What is the point of even doing this promotion if it screws people over who show up late? Did you bother testing this feature at all? How many members of your team, if any, are testing the amazing code you guys write?