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  1. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I'll update this thread with bug fixes.

    Currently, I am prioritizing completing the Tradeskill questline. Once that is complete, I will make a pass through the bugs then begin the more active tuning-bug fixing cycle. I will clear this comment and put in bug fixes when I am done! :)
  2. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Fixed: (Or at least attempted to fix!)

    Raid items have now type 8 slots instead of type 7

    Add click, passive, and focus on item 151733 all range //intwis

    Fixed the spell description of the wisdom based belts
    Added Expanding Mind to the tradeskill belts

    Corrected the reference to "large hilt mold" in Weapon and Shields of Combination to "long hilt mold."

    Corrected the reference to gnomish heat source in Brewing Odds. It is now "distilled essence of fire"

    Change the name "Lifefsoothing Potion" to "Lifesoothing Potion"

    Removed the tradeskill flag from The Kunark Meat Pie and Kunark Smoothie and other food and drink that should not have the flag, as well as the potions and poisons.

    Reduced the saves on raid 2 handed weapons to a value that will not overflow.

    Put the brewing book on the brewing merchant and the baking book on the baking merchant; we don't need drunk bakers!

    fixed the Duo Conflagrant Necklace and Duo Conflagrant Ring to return the appropriate molds on failure instead of the earring mold.

    Fixed the recipes to create the tradeskill based "focused" type 5 augments and corrected the text in the book. Removed the erroneous mod3's from the RoS type 5 augments (were only on the tradeskill items)

    Changed the anger spell on 151720 - tank mask //agidex (raid item) to echo of anger V

    Fixed the recipes to upgrade Arch Lich's, Arcanist's, Arch Convoker's, Coercer's, Feral Lord's, and Fury's Conflagrant visible armor to the equivalent Phlogiston visible armor.

    Increased the damage value of knight 1 hand weapons. 2 hand weapons are at correct values.

    Added poison damage to the non-tradeskill rog daggers and increased the backstab by 1. Corrected the backstab on the tradeskill rog daggers.

    Made a speculative fix for tradeskill weapons and shields not showing actor tags. (looks like spec fix failed... so still a bug!)

    Added the sharpening stone as a return on success for conflagrant weapon tradeskill combines. It will NOT return on failure.

    Removed the disease/corruption focus from ranger bows.
  3. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Fixed some typos in #Crestra's dialogs where baking != backing.
    Fixed some dialog conflicts in #Crestra's dialogs. (Probably still more needed)
    Moved Crestra west out of the guard's path.
    Fixed the blocking bug on task 3 of the tradeskill quests where "beast" called the wrong dialog.
    Fixed another blocking bug...

    (Absor) Removed 5 un-planned rares in Sathir's Tomb including The Crypt Devourer and The Golem Master.

    Added Ferocity and Cleave to Shaman and Cleric legs and arms as appropriate.

    Made the tier 2 heroic augments lore.

    Made the Tradeskill augments lore, and changed the recipes to create a stackable "wrapped" version. At this time I'm not doing this for the other lore items, but I may if time permits.

    Added backstab to all On hand damage augments.
    restricted the one handed and two handed augments to their appropriate weapon types

    Changed the Required level to 106 and recommended level to 110 for tier 2 group, raid, and all tradeskilled items.

    Actor tags for tradeskilled weapons and shields in game. Shield needs to swap. May do more swapping as well.
  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Fixed some more text conflicts and grammar in Crestra's Dialogs.

    Added loot to mission chests
    Added a chance to get spells from rare NPC's
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    war primary secondary 1hs (raid wep) has backstab dmg on it instead of the normal elemental dmg we typically get, (CNR - Could Not Reproduce)

    Changed raid weapon aug slots from 4 to 8, and 7 to 8, except the remaining 4 on bows (but the 7 is 8)

    Fixed a reference to using the tackle box for combines that require 10 slots.

    Swapped shield actors for Conflagrant (Tradeskilled - group) shields to be more appropriate.

    Added Augment slots to Cresta's Earrings (Stat change is still planned for top earring)

    Adjusted Alleviating and sympathetic Alleviating on caster weapons.

    Fixed Ferocity on Scale Touched Warmonger Leggings, Phlogiston legs, and all but cleric and shaman conflagrant legs. (Cleric and Shaman were already correct)

    "Hornscale blade is outparsing all new weapons." - Well. This is a quandary. The proc on this weapon (and likely the ultra-rare copy) is higher than it should be. It has the 2 hand proc on it. This is causing me to lean towards adjusting the two EoK weapons (and the two copy weapons if they are also wrong) with the incorrect proc. (Grittooth, Lizard Slayer shares this error)

    (Beta Only) moved the T1 raid items to the T1 raid "window shopping" vendors in crafthalls.
    (Beta Only) Added all sub-components that are not conflagrant items or unfired stuff to the tradeskill vendor in crafthalls. There is now only one vendor
    (Beta Only) Added a fly making bench and research table to crafthalls (this may take a patch to appear)
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Altered point values on group point vendor items to be equivalent to EoK for consistency.

    Added Points to RoS mission
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    The last delivery step of Weight of the Sky from Crestra now mentions Crestra.

    Incomplete Crestra 's Earring is now Incomplete Crestra's Earring

    Slightly increased the Difficulty of the Ambush mobs in VP for Crestra's quest.
  8. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Fixed the reset mechanic on Measure of the Dead.

    Renamed the misnamed recipes for Phlogiston Charms. They were named Idol, but resulted in a charm, making it difficult to find in a search.
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