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  1. Dahaman Augur

    There is a typo or bug with the shaman AA Call of the Ancients ranks 1-6 (and counting). It lists the healing as 635 (rk 1) per tick, but it is actually only 135. This 500pt disparity continues thru rank 6 (at least - the highest I've been able to test).

    I've posted this to the bugs forum post and asked there multiple times, but it has been consistently ignored. It's merely a typo in the description I'm guessing and thus not critical to fix. I get that. I'm simply curious if/when it is ever correct.

    I would guess rank 7 continues the error (695 per tick in the description when in reality it will be 195 per tick healing) . Rank 8 has a bigger than 10pt increase (695 -> 885). Does this mean that the healing goes to 335 or 885?

    Any other clarification would also be appreciated.

  2. Qbert Augur

    Are you certain you don't have a DoT on you? I can't check the low level versions on my shaman, but max level it matches the description (3000/tick). The spell data seems to match on the low level description as well.

    [4795/4795] Aura of Restoration I
    Target: Caster PB Players
    AE Range: 60'
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 0s, Recast: 10s
    Duration: 12s+ (2 ticks) Song, Dispelable: Yes
    6: Increase Current HP by 615 per tick
    Restores #6 health every 6 seconds for up to %z.
  3. Dahaman Augur

    I'm sure. I check my regen before I click it on. I click it on and (when the buff lands) the character regen increased by 135 at rank 1 instead of the 635 listed in the description. And, it certainly doesn't heal for 635/tick at Rank 1 (which would be absurdly too good).

    Thanks for checking the max level!

    That means, somewhere between rank 6 and max rank, the "typo error" is gone. That's a good start.
  4. Qbert Augur

    Is it accurately casting the right effect? In other words, the left tab of the aa description (the right tab is the next rank that you don't have) will say it casts "Aura of Restoration I," or whatever it says . . . what effect is in your song window as compared to that?
  5. Dahaman Augur

    Aura of Restoration I per the chat window messages that I recall. I didn't check the name in the song window and would have to wait until back in the game later to do that.

    It's been the same message from rank 1 thru rank 6 I think, but I can't state that with 100% certainty. I've just been checking the stat window to check the adjustments tho instead of following the buff name.
  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The description does say it goes up by like 10 hp per.

    OP is right though the description says it's a lot more than it is.

    Worse for shm, however, is the awareness pots are broke past V.
  7. Machen Augur

    Are you basing this off the inventory stat page, or actually calculating how many hp you are regaining from watching it tick up? The stat page is often incorrect.
  8. Dahaman Augur

    I'm basing it off the inventory stat page.

    Rank 1: 135 regen on the inventory stat page vs. 635 regen off the AA description
    Rank 2: 145 regen on the inventory stat page vs. 645 regen off the AA description
    Rank 3: 155 regen on the inventory stat page vs. 655 regen off the AA description
    If the error is on the inventory stat page, it is very precise and consistent in the error.
  9. Machen Augur

    That's your error. Regeneration on the stat page is completely wrong.
  10. Dahaman Augur

    I tracked character regeneration on the stat page for 60 levels on Coirnav for my troll shaman. It was correct each and every time a change occurred. I captured last year's regen spell changes when they changed them to increase with levels. It was a fun metric to follow.

    Regardless if you believe in the inventory stat page or not, my level 66 shaman has a 630 pt HOT. The rank 6 Call of the Ancients AA is no where near 685 pt per tick regen as it states in the AA. HoodenShuklak confirmed it too (see above).

    It's really easy to see the difference between a +185pt regen and a +630pt HOT spell.
  11. Old Man Elder

    Crap, my server is up to the Awareness V pots. How are they broken after Awareness V?
  12. HoodenShuklak Augur

    They make the wrong potion and the wrong quantity. So like heat will make poison, something like that. The mats were difficult to come by and not worth pursuing further.
  13. Machen Augur

    Which is why I asked if you were basing your thoughts off the inventory stat page. Not sure why you said yes.
  14. Dahaman Augur

    The stat page is a "quantitative" measurement and thus 100% objective. It's fact based data, measurable, and better to rely on when presenting an error.

    The other data was "qualitative" and arguably subjective. It's much harder to prove the subjective. So, I simply wasn't relying on it.

    Overnight Data Update:
    - Aura of Restoration I is confirmed to be what Call of the Ancients (rank 6) casts.
    - Rank 6 is confirmed to give 185 regen per stat page.
    - Rank 6 is confirmed to give 185 regen per watching display page for hitpoints regained in a tick.
    - Rank 6 AA ability description says it heals for 685 per tick.

    There is a 500 point discrepancy error with the lower ranks (1 thru 6 and counting) of Call of the Ancients. I continue to believe that it is a simply typo on the AA description.
  15. Old Man Elder

    Interesting. On Ragefire TLP, that's how original alchemy was "broken" (f'd up recipes making wrong potions), and you could, with much experimentation, use the laughably broken system as long as you knew which broken recipe did what, and you could even make pots that shouldn't exist which seemed fair since there were a couple pots you couldn't make at all, lol.

    Then they "fixed" 99% of it with uh I forget which expac, a handful of expacs after Time, and changed it to the "functional" Live alchemy system. That's when the Awareness V pots showed up, and they are good, although the mats are far too uncommon.

    So are you saying I should expect alchemy to revert to being broken sometimes in the next few expacs (we're in TSS now)? The biggest blow for me with the Live alchemy change was that I couldn't make the Awareness IV pots with vendor bought stuff anymore, I had to get uncommon mats and those would drop like 1 or two per hour, effectively pointless to farm if you're crafting for an entire guild.

    If I had known that Awareness IV would become an uncommon/rare mat potion, I would have stockpiled a zillion of them across countless guild mules. Same goes for a few other pots, like group shrink (now requires uncommon mats from many expacs ago which no one is farming) and greater concentration (gone forever, can't craft it at all).

    So my specific questions are, when should I expect alchemy to be broken again, and what pots (or mats?) should I stockpile on mules beforehand?

  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The awareness iv are still vendor bought. I'm on selo so you might be fine if you're well passed here. But the level 70 awareness recipe required dropped items, made 1 instead of 5 units, and like you saw its just the wrong item. I made a bug report but that's something in skeptical actually results in meaningful change.
  17. Old Man Elder

    Selo, eh? Then I better type this twice as fast!

    Everything I wrote is true. Take a few hours to try every recipe in the book and see what they produce. Like you said, the recipes produce different pots than they should, but they produce them consistently. Add the useful ones to your Favorite recipe lists.

    The most important pots to produce are Regeneration Awareness III (that adds +1 tick to every HoT you cast, regardless of what the description says) and Efficiency Awareness III (that adds +1 tick to every DoT you cast, regardless of what the description says). Those are major upgrades that are equal to or better than most raid focuses, and they stack with EVERYTHING. Those bonuses work for spells up to 19 levels higher than the spell level of the potion. Because EQ is broken like that.

    You'll figure out how to make all but one of the Awareness pots iirc. (I should have written up Broken TLP Alchemy when I had it fresh in my mind).

    You will not make Awareness V pots. Those come later after the "fix". The "fix" sucks. Most potions after the fix will have different names and mats. Greater Concentration potions will never be replaced. Save a zillion of them, both for your guildies and for profit on the bazaar.

    Your Awareness IV pots are tradeable to the Tribute guy for over 110 times more Tribute than they cost you in plat. Save a zillion of them, too. They won't be craftable with vendor mats.

    Group shrink pots are the other popular pot that starts to require uncommon mats after the fix. Gd fix bs. Save a half zillion of these for fun and profit post-fix.

    You need to be hoarding Robust Shadow Essence and more importantly Exceptional Shade Essence. You will need thousands and thousands of them.

    There's your roadmap. Use it wisely.
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  18. HoodenShuklak Augur


    Like 98% of players, however, we'll probably all just quit before that time period comes.
  19. Dahaman Augur

    - Rank 7 boosts regen by +195 (the AA description says 695)
    - Rank 8 boosts regen by +385 (the AA description says 885)

    They were very consistent with the error at least.

    This has been acknowledged as an AA description bug by the Devs and has been mentioned that it will be fixed in an overhaul of the AA itself. The AA is to become a direct heal instead of a HOT (regen) buff so that it stacks with other healers' healing wards.

    The fix was mentioned to take place (sometime in an update in the near future) over a month ago. Any word on this update?

    (the bug report was "locked" so I could not reply back to that thread)
  20. Zipe Augur

    The transition to "tonics" or as you say "fix" sucks but meh, we just move to next eras and it'll eventually get better.
    Must admit that Powder of Ro is kinda rare when you are on PoR or lvl 70 range, but we on Phinnigel survived...
    I have been using Tonic of Benefit Affinity for every expansion now, since PoR. We are currently on Tonic of Benefit Affinity XI and that's the last rank, because on the next level increase expansion, TDS, the Focus potions (or Tonics) get revamped again.
    Must say that AFTER PoR the reagents to make the potions have been ultra common and haven't had any issue for restocking.
    TDS revamp is kinda cool, since they merged the mana cost potions (ie.Distilled Mana Tonic) and the proc potions ... and we get mana potions that are actual mana clickies now (ie. Arx Mentis Medicine). What I didn't find is the continuation of the Regeneration Awareness line :(

    Anyhow, and back to Original Topic... I am sad this this patch notes don't have any change regarding Priest Wards...Didn't one of the devs mention there is a revamp incoming?!

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