Bug, or feature?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Bigfan, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Bigfan Augur

    Most RoS creatures bypass Divine Aura, making it near impossible to pull, sabretooth snare being one.

    Is this intentional?
  2. narksar Augur

    Typical DayBreak/SOE logic:

    If its a bug that's disadvantageous to the players; its a feature.
    If its a bug that's advantageous to the players, its an exploit.
  3. Bigfan Augur

    Yeah, it's not just the snare, cockatrice stun/rhino push dd/cactus dot all ignore Divine Aura type spells.
  4. narksar Augur

    I haven't frequently used such spells as divine aura, but I don't think they necessarily protect from snare. Its protection from damage. You'd probably have to have an anti-snare AA to help resist it, assuming its resistible. When correlating your claims of other mobs being able to bypass your divide aura spells in the same manner, it makes me think that pulling, or traditional pulling may not be intended regarding your targets.
  5. Moege Augur

    It protected from anything that is detrimental to a player, well until RoS.
  6. Tevik Augur

    It's also the effects in the 12-man raid. And I'd be willing to bet everything else in the expansion too.