Buffs and Level Ranges

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Nargoul, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. Nargoul Journeyman

    Can we simplify the buff level requirements? It seems needlessly complicated to continue the level band requirements for certain level buffs. It won't hurt to be able to toss some level 115 buffs on a level 1, when merc tanks exist and damage caps.

    Example: Level 46 can receive Level buffs 49 and below, there's some band where they can't level 60 buffs, etc.

    Also, just add buff bots to the Lobby or PoK.
  2. Soulbanshee Augur

    It hurts when a NPC self destructs on a lv 1 character because of DS, or any of the melee skill boosts, none of those have damage caps, buffs don't scale like that. Any number of buffs would make a lot of content trivial to lv 1.
  3. Nargoul Journeyman

    Mercenary tanks exists, Temperance exists, Harnessing of Spirit exists, Level 46 damage shields can applied, twink/defiant gear exists, 66% haste can applied, etc etc. There's a whole bunch of things that make content trivial for a level 1 at level 1.

    I just want life to be easier on us folks that are generous.
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  4. Sarona New Member

    I remember KEI at level 1. Those were the days.
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  5. Derka Power Ranger

    So you want a 7k DS on a level one? If you don't have an AE attack you'd only ever be able to kill one mob at a time. And forget fighting reds if you out level your weapon skills then also fizzle spells all the time.
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  6. Nargoul Journeyman

    I don’t really understand your concern, mercenary tanks already exist that carry players to level 65, before they quit the game. Buffs with no level limits is just so less complicated and benefits everyone. Also, if you didn’t know skillups are accelerated it’s very easy to catch up skills.

    I’ll be honest I don’t get the pearl clutching about the low level experience. Those people are stuck playing on their own through content designed for groups. Most people burn out in the 70’s anyways.
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  7. Derka Power Ranger

    My concern and as Soulbanshee also said was about not getting exp because the mobs die on the DS before you damage it, resulting in 0 exp. You keep talking about mercs, yes mercs can PL people to 60-70 as it is now which you can then pick up the 30 level difference buffs to really start helping out.
    Mercs don't have an AE damage unless it's a DPS caster, if you pull 15 mobs to PL yourself and they all instantly die on the first hit before you damage them, you get nothing.

    I'm not pearl clutching I'd rather see more important issues worked on instead. It's really not that big of an inconvenience to have a sub 46 spell set and then a 46-64 spell set. The rest you can do the math on.
  8. Nargoul Journeyman

    Just click off the damage shield then? I don’t get why that would be the hangup. Well, don’t worry it won’t be addressed since this post didn’t receive enough likes. Side note, believe it or not it’s possible for a team to work on a wide variety of issues both big and small.

    If, they’re taking requests I’d rather they add buff bots and remove the level requirements on buffs rather than ever adding another tradeskill recipe.
  9. Flatchy Court Jester

    Just curious, what buffs should be available do you guys thijnk? I have always ran with a chanter and shaman and cleric so those were what I consider "Must haves" . Everyone elses buffs just seem like copies of those buffs somewhat. (Well I usually got mage with me too so his DS is always on too).

    Also by now I figured everyone had their own set of buffbots so lay off the lag pile !
  10. nitrocutter Journeyman

    What you think "benefits everyone" actually takes away all difficulty still left in the game. Why not go play WoW if you want super easy mode.
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  11. Nargoul Journeyman

    Personally, I prefer easy mode Everquest to WoW. Even playing WoW on a casual level is so much more complicated and hardcore than anything Everquest offers.
  12. nitrocutter Journeyman

    Well you don't want another tradeskill recipe so we obviously have very different ways to play the same game. I'm excited when they had new tradeskill items and I'm very happy they don't remove the spell level restriction OR have buff bots. Doing that is like giving everyone a trophy when they don't deserve it. People should have to work for their levels, not given it just cause.
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  13. Nargoul Journeyman

    Oh man, wait until you find out about heroic characters.
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  14. nitrocutter Journeyman

    Never done a heroic character. No need. I like playing the game the way it was intended. You know, learning my class as I progress.
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  15. Nargoul Journeyman

    So, how does removing the level requirement on buffs impair your ability to learn your class?
  16. Nargoul Journeyman

    Absolutely, just compare WoW normal dungeons to EQ missions and it’s not even close. The same applies for just their normal raids. There’s more mechanics and EQ players absolutely cannot handle any mechanic more than a straight melee damage mob.

    I know people here like to scoff on WoW, but it’s group and raid content are really top notch and done extremely well. Also, you have to be realistic there just has never been much difficulty in EQ, where people routinely alt+tab control multiple characters and finish the content. EQ is a laid back old people game, even if modern EQ plays a little faster.
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  17. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I like WoW. Not scoffing at all. The simple fact is WoW appeals and plays to a very wide demographic and therefore caters to simpler mechanics and character power nuance. The recent level squish is further representation of this notion.

    I'll give you that EQ's player base is aging. But to say there has never been much difficulty in EQ is quite literally an ignorant, asinine statement.
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  18. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    This is a non issue. I run (mostly) daily MGB sessions on my server buffing all levels. The stuff that hits level 1's is currently more then enough.

    Players buffing players should be more then enough and helps create a sense of community.

    Why do MORE work to simplify something that already works well?
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  19. Nargoul Journeyman

    What? I raided up to ToV and group in CoV. WoW is more difficult than EQ1.

    It’s all my opinion, and I’d probably have a different opinion if I played a different class. Did I say EQ has never been difficult? No, I said EQ is less difficult and more casual than WoW. I just find EQ to feel more casual, being raid ready and maintaining raid status is so much easier in EQ than WoW.
  20. CazRaX Elder

    To be fair, if you don't do at least one damage you won't get xp from a DS kill.