Buffed Velious NPCs on Progression servers

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  1. Prathun Developer

    The following Velious NPCs will be buffed on Progression. As with other buffed bosses on Progression servers, this means these NPCs will spawn in the base version of a zone only and not in any load balanced "pick zone" versions of the zone, they will spawn more frequently, they will have increased stats (AC, HP, damage, combat values), they will disregard pets in combat, have immunity to charm, and mitigate incoming damage via the Mitigation of the Mighty buff. Velious NPCs have received a smaller increase to melee damage and health than Kunark/Vanilla NPCs as we expect them to need less of a buff to be appropriately challenging, but we will err on the side of too hard rather than too easy. Most of these bosses should be testable on the Test server in their buffed state.

    So, what qualifies an NPC as a boss? It should meet most or all of the following criteria:
    1. Long respawn and no placeholder or spawn is triggered by killing other bosses
    2. Higher than normal stats
    3. Level close to or higher than PC max level
    4. Always drops one or more unique items of value or is clearly associated with a boss
    Please let us know if we've missed any important bosses or if you have any feedback!

    Iceclad Ocean

    The Wakening Land

    Cobalt Scar

    Icewell Keep
    Dain Frostreaver IV (both versions)

    Great Divide
    Narandi the Wretched
    Sentry Badain (Triggers the Ring War, so that it can only start in the base zone)

    Kael Drakkel
    The Avatar of War
    Derakor the Vindicator
    The Idol of Rallos Zek
    King Tormax
    The Statue of Rallos Zek

    Dragon Necropolis

    Plane of Growth
    Prince Thirneg

    Lord Yelinak (all four versions)

    Temple of Veeshan
    Aaryonar (and two guards)
    Dozekar the Cursed
    Lord Feshlak (and two guards)
    Lord Koi`Doken (and guard)
    Lord Kreizenn (and two guards)
    Lendiniara the Keeper
    Lady Mirenilla (and two guards)
    Lady Nevederia
    Lord Vyemm (and two guards)
    Dagarn the Destroyer
    Eashen of the Sky (and four guards)
    Ikatiar the Venom
    Casalem, Essedera, Grozzmel, Krigara, Lepethida, Midayor, Tavekalem, Ymmeln, and Zemm (the Halls of Testing named drakes)

    Velketor's Labyrinth
    Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar
    Velketor the Sorceror (and two guards)

    Western Wastes

    Sleeper's Tomb (Pre-awakened Sleeper)
    The Progenitor
    Master of the Guard
    The Final Arbiter
    Nanzata the Warder
    Tukaarak the Warder
    Hraashna the Warder
    Ventani the Warder

    Sleeper's Tomb (Post-awakened Sleeper)
    The Progenitor
    Master of the Guard
    The Final Arbiter
    Zeixshi-Kar the Ancient
    Tjudawos the Ancient
    Vyskudra the Ancient
    Kildrukaun the Ancient
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  2. Vaclav Augur

    Kelorek'Dar being buffed but not Lodizal seems odd to me - I'd consider them "low tier" cousins. Otherwise seems pretty complete.

    (I presume the Ring War guy spawns a Narandi the Wretched w/ MotM, right?)
  3. Prathun Developer

    Yeah, there was some discussion about whether Stormfeather, Lodizal, and/or Garou from Iceclad should be buffed, especially Lodizal. We settled on those being unbuffed rares instead of buffed bosses, but perhaps we should take another look.

    Not currently, but it probably should. Thank you for pointing this out!
  4. Popanasty Journeyman

    oH, this will be interesting...
  5. DaedorAlive Elder

    Awesome. Now Lockjawians get to hurry up and wait to actually kill them!

    That is unless, the dev team wants to do any early SoV vote on LJ. The dev team has not addressed if there will be one other than saying "not at this time" back when a thread was created late Jan/early Feb (around our 3 month mark).

    So I ask, yet again, Prathun will there be an early unlock vote for LockJaw?
  6. Dethecus Elder

    You forgot to add Kerafyrm
  7. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Prathun, please wait until Velious is launched on LJ before deciding if these encounters need to be made easier. I'd hate to have the scrub guilds of ragefire dictate the proper difficulty for these mobs.
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  8. Ducreux Augur

    Preemptive thanks to LJ/RF for beta testing these changes for Phinigel, we will return the favor when it's time for Luclin (should they buff that).
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  9. Bewts Augur

    If CT is getting a revamp to 2.0 with Velious launch, shouldn't some of the bosses therein also be addressed? Or will we not see CT 2.0 until Luclin? *EDIT* CT the zone, not CT in Fear *EDIT*

    Also excluded are the named in Doze's wing.

    Are we going to be able to small raid the halls of testing with the exception of Doze (who was traditionally a small raid target)?
  10. yukan Augur

    The most notable named I can see missing the buff from that list is Eashen of the Sky. He absolutely needs to be buffed with other mobs. His drops are on par with other NToV named and should get the buff accordingly.
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  11. Darth Augur

    I concur with Protocol, if you're going to "nerf" or "re-tune" these mobs to an easier difficulty I'd like to actually try them completely buffed as is first.

    The easiest way for that to happen to let us early vote or just unlock Velious for Lockjaw when you do Ragefire.
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  12. yukan Augur

    Actually, Gozzrem and Telkorenor should have it too. They are also not listed.
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  13. Darth Augur

    CT is already buffed on Test as the Velious version.
  14. Darth Augur

    Just buff everything.
  15. Pikallo Augur

    Easiest way would have been to stay on Ragefire to begin with ;)
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  16. Machen New Member

    Thumbs up, looking forward to Velious a lot more now knowing it is not going to be impossibly difficult. AoW or some of the NToV mobs with the same buff that Kunark mobs received would be a nightmare.
  17. Bewts Augur

    Meant the zone. Ring event an acidic mass and the triggered a horror construct.

    It's unclear if CT the zone will be 2.0 or if the "triggered" raid mobs will get motm. Much of their loot, if not all of it is no-drop meaning farmable for krono sales.
  18. Sheaffer Augur

    There is has been a trend in the last four years of raid bosses not being tuned for the top guild, I'm not sure why you guys think that should change now
  19. Darth Augur

    This content isn't content from the last four years. It's content that WAS tuned for the top guilds in the past.
  20. Hasty Blades Journeyman

    Make it hard. What else do we have to do but keep dying and killing. :)