Buff Restrictions?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-Royen, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Royen Guest

    Recently having hit level 61, I've had my rogue sitting in lobby and I've noticed that a good portion of buffs simply are not sticking to him or his merc.

    The mbg's are hitting them both because I see the spell particles land on them but the buffs just don't show up. I have plenty of room left in my buff window for buffs (15 buff slots + 2 additional from AA's) and there is nothing in my blocked buff window.
    Now I'm not missing all mbg's as I have received a set of shaman buffs and brells. However, I've noticed that the buffs that seem to be landing are all from the HoT expansion.

    So my question is: "Are the new expansion buffs restricted by anything such as character level, not owning the expansion, and/or account tier?"
  2. ARCHIVED-Izcurly Guest

    It's not expansion or account status, it's purely the level of the buff being cast vs the level of the person receiving the buff. If your rogue were to level up a bit more, you'd have no problem receiving the higher level buffs.
  3. ARCHIVED-Royen Guest

    How much more? Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I've searched all over and the only information I've turned up says that level 61 is the minimum requirement for receiving all buffs.
  4. ARCHIVED-angrif77 Guest

    61 was the required level for max buffs when 90 was max level, but I beleive it's 65 now for lvl 95 buffs.
  5. ARCHIVED-doktartp Guest

    61 for single target.
    62 for MGBs.
    same that it has been since 70....
  6. ARCHIVED-Royen Guest

    doktartp wrote:
    Well, it's spot-on for receiving the level 95 mgb's. For mgb's from earlier expansions, it's currently level 61.

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