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  1. Yther Augur

    Well went to 47% into 45 and still getting KEI. Gonna wait a few hours till rez timer has passed then check again, just in case that's it.
  2. moogs Augur

    Well don't spend too much time on it. The level 45 thing dates back to a patch from 2003. Hasn't changed since. Always good to have multiple sources of data though.
  3. Yther Augur

    Just wondering why I couldn't get it land on my toons or other toons at 45. They were all freshly leveled though I think (at least all of mine where). /shrug

    It gave me something to do in-game for a change. And kept me motivated for a few hours :p

    Yther Ore.
  4. Borek-VS Augur

    There was a trick to getting KEI on a 45. You had the be grouped with the enchanter, who targeted himself for the cast. This was back during Luclin time, though.
  5. moogs Augur

    Yes, this was before they added /tgb on
  6. Alelo New Member

    Ahh the days of KEI addiction, the struggle was real. When they finally fixed that loophole that allowed anyone to get KEI regardless of level, it was as if though you could hear a million voices cry out in pain.
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  7. Dre. Augur

    Req lvl, buff lvl
    0, 0-50
    ~42, 51-59 <-need to confirm exact
    45, 60
    46, 61-65
    61, 66-?
  8. moogs Augur

    61, 66-95 single target buffs
    62, 66-95 group buffs
  9. guado Augur

    When I was growing up (lvl 10-44) it was so widespread, that people and newbies truly thought that this was "working as intended."
    Suffice to say it is an understatement to say you could hear only 1 million voices cry out in pain. ;)
  10. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Can we get a current bump on this :)?
  11. Tatanka Augur

    Isn't that what you just did? ;)
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  12. CatsPaws Just use plain English.


    But the bigger question is why?
  13. brewid New Member

    I would like a table, or a formula, to help me select the highest damage shield I can cast an a lower level character. Or, at the very least, put this information in the data for the spell.
  14. Iven Antonius Bayle

    A rough formula for level 60 and higher buff receivers is:
    (PC level * 1.5) = Buff level

    Example, PC is level 62:
    (62 * 1.5) = lvl 93 and lower buffs do take hold. Uneven numbers do get rounded down.
    Vice versa its:
    (Buff level / 1.5) = PC level

    Example, buff level is 110:
    (110 / 1.5) = 73.33. Rounded up to 74. Buff does stick on a lvl 74 and higher PC.
    PC = Player character

    Only AA Permanent Levitation does take hold on a lvl 1 PC. AA Spirit of Eagle does only take hold on PCs that are above lvl 10 or so. Not sure about the exact level.
  15. Mr. Hankey New Member

    Ok, my guess is it must be a 40 level cap from the base spell if group version is cast. My level 73 shammy was hit with almost all top level MGB's including HoR in the guild lobby. I assume this is 46+ that this applies to, someone chime in if they find any different.

  16. Hegsheoshed Augur

    Right now I have two characters at level 61. Iven's formula is spot on for level 61 and currently both characters I have at 61 can get level 93 buffs max. No need to point out that level 66 and up to 93 buffs land. I have written notes for when buffs start to land at level 42 such as single target Spirit of Eagle. Level 60 'Ancient' buffs are useful for this list since they help round out the information.

    As a side note the druid group damage shield buff Legacy of Spike should be level 40 and not level 49 and Legacy of Thorns should be level 50 not level 59. Group buffs should make things easier at levels where they make sense.
  17. Gigiwoo New Member


    Iven's formula no longer holds perfectly true. I found that out when one day I received level 115 buffs on our level 72 characters on Firiona Vie. WOAH! With the Igneous Damage Shield we plowed through levels 72-80. *snap*

    * Level 46 received level 60 buffs
    * Level 61 received level 90 buffs.
    * Level 65 received level 101 buffs.
    * Level 73 received level 115 buffs.
  18. Riddish Lorekeeper

  19. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I think that it should be simplified as this:

    The level of the buff spell will dictate what level player it can land on.
    The level of the player being buffed must be within XP range of the level of the buff spell being casted.

    e.g. if a spell is level 120 it will not land on a player more than 30 levels below that, so the target of the level 120 buff would need to be a minimum of Level 90 to receive it.