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  1. moogs Augur

    I'm all thrown off because I haven't been playing much and I don't have the most recent expansion because I'd rather wait to have two halves of an expansion for my $40.

    I seem to remember that level 95 group buffs would stick on a level 62 character, and level 95 single target buffs would stick on a level 61. If that's incorrect, please let me know.

    What are the minimum levels a character must be to receive level 100 and 105 single target and group buffs?
  2. silku Augur

    I never can remember exactly so I start with a guess and move down till I get it. I wish there was an in game tooltip of sorts that would say Max level or something on it.
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  3. moogs Augur

    So far my 62 monk has received MGBs of up to level 93 spells, so I think 95 is the cap. The newest cleric buff Surety hasn't stuck on him and I haven't seen anyone casting Credence.
  4. Yther Augur

    At 65 you can receive any buff. 61 can get upto 95 buffs (maybe 96 on a few single target ones). I'm not sure on the group versions at differing levels 61-64. The other lower level break points are 45/46 .. I just call it 46 to get upto level 70 buffs, but 45s can get some lower single target ones as an in between. Generally upto level 50 for every level.

    Specific spells may be slightly different (I don't know if it's because of the old level for the spells or what). Especially on the in between levels.

    Again, just a rough outline, as specific spells may work slightly differently.

    EDIT: I try to keep some spell sets for generic levels: 1+ and 46+ ... Haven't gotten around to doing 61+ yet, but probably a few more level extensions and I will.

    Yther Ore.
  5. Sebbina Augur

    At level 65, you can be buffed with level 100 buffs, am not certain on level 105 buffs required level. Level 46 characters can get up to level 65 buffs, and lower levels can get up to level 49 buffs. And the AA Spirit of Eagle will take on levels 1 as will the AA Permanent Levitation.
  6. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    I didn't realize that they had added a new level req. for the higher level buffs to land on someone.

    Here are major level req. to have buffs land on you depending on the expansion prior to the new restrictions:

    Under level 45, most pre-Luclin spells will land, there may be a few exceptions, generally the exceptions would be level 50+ spells. Temperance will also land at any level.
    Level 45+ All Luclin buffs will land on you.
    Level 46+ All Single target PoP buffs will land on you.
    Level 47+ All Group PoP buffs will land on you.
    Level 61+ All OoW thru VoA buffs(I thought RoF buffs too but maybe not or was changed after release?) will land on you.
    Level 65+ All current spells should land on you going by what Yther and Sebbina have said. But I wouldn't be all that surprised if the Dev's institute, if they have not already, a level gap of 35 or 40 from the max level for the newest buffs to land on a character.
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  7. moogs Augur

    Quick update. I left my level 69 cleric parked in the guild lobby this afternoon and he received Surety. So we can confirm you don't have to be level 70 to receive level 105 buffs. Should be level 65...
  8. moogs Augur

    Got a necromancer to 66. It receives level 100 buffs (Credence), but not higher. What the heck...

    I think what's going on is that it's a 35 level difference. So since Surety is a level 102 buff, a level 67 character would be able to receive it. But the same level 67 character would not receive Hand of Surety, the group version (105).
  9. Zliz Journeyman

    I have researched this thoroughly; here are the rules. On top of this, there is a maximum 30 level range - or possible increased lately to 35? This was researched 1 year ago, and.a level 66 could not receive level 100 buffs for example.

    It has nothing to do with the era/expansion of the spell.

    Spell level - Target minimum level
    1-50 1
    51 40
    52-53 41
    54-55 42
    56-57 43
    58-59 44
    60-61 45
    62-63 46
    64-65 47
  10. Zliz Journeyman

    Argh, the table I made in the terribel WYSIWIG editor did not work. Alternative formatting:

    1-50 : 1
    51 : 40
    52-53 : 41
    54-55 : 42
    56-57 : 43
    58-59 : 44
    60-61 : 45
    62-63 : 46
    64-65 : 47
    66+ : 61
  11. moogs Augur

    Good chart, but outdated. My level 100 character received a lot of buffs that my level 66 did not. They were standing right next to one another in the Guild Lobby.
  12. Yther Augur

    45 Can't get Koadic's Endless Intellect which is a level 60 group spell. EDIT: And is the reason I screwed up the levels in an earlier, 'cause I was thinking it was a 65 group spell and you could get the version above it at 46. Which you can, but it's only 63 for Tranquility, and I think the 65 Voice of Quellious lands if not on 46, then 47 or so.

    Yther Ore.
  13. moogs Augur

    You receive KEI at 45. Same with cleric Aegolism.
  14. Yther Augur

    Must be something new. KEI never used to land at 45. I've heard many people claim it, and have tried getting it casted and casting on 45s, but it never landed. I haven't tried a 45 in a while though (year or more).

    Yes, you've always been able to get Aego at 45 and Virtue at 46.
  15. moogs Augur

    Definitely 45. I distinctly remember my traumatic experience when the Luclin buffs were nerfed. Moogs was level 36 and I spent 2 weeks grinding xp for 15 hours a day in the Dreadlands and Karnor's Castle so I could get to level 45 and finally experience KEI again. Glad I didn't have a job then.

    Logix: if you're out there, I still love you.
  16. guado Augur

    I saw a level 30something with all current level buffs, so there is some way to circumvent the "Your spell is too powerful for your target" junk. When I asked how he got it, he said "I was afk overnight and now I have these buffs"
  17. Yther Augur

    GMs can cast max level buffs on level 1 toons. It's awesome when it happens!

    Deleveling my Bst to double check the 45.
  18. moogs Augur

    I hope you're collecting Essence Emeralds while you do that.
  19. Yther Augur

    No, but guess I could of loaded a Necro on the other account. I wasn't thinking since there's not a necro on the Bst account. :p Almost there 3+ deaths already and down to mid 47 level.

    EDIT: I wonder if extra exp time is making less death exp loss? Seems like I'm not losing as much as usual. EDIT 2: Seems alright, 10% that time, maybe just a fluke that one death.
  20. moogs Augur

    I like to use that veteran AA or cleric 100% rez for this sort of thing.

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