BST duo with Zerker

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Filter, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Filter Augur

    Hi All,

    I main a 110 beserker and I've tried a lot of different types of classes as a duo partner. ATM I use a war but have ranger/chanter/nec/monk on the war account. The war is great and I'm mostly ok with it but I want more. I sound like a commercial, sorry.
    What I'm looking for is a toon to help do current progression content. The war is good but takes a lot to get it up to speed with gear.
    What I want to know is using a BST for tanking with pet, using slow, buffs and even some mediocre pulling worth the time investment? I know that my nec pet holds agro great and takes a beating better than my war on auto attack/hotkey with agro discs. I know how to cycle my war's discs and abilities to improve mitigation and I do. What I'm asking is it better if I were to have the best group pet focus for the bst, gear from baz for bst, and be more fun than the war box toon? I'm a little disinterested in my war also but I prefer not to spend all the time getting it up to speed if the return on time isn't there.
  2. Daedly Augur

    After making a real tank, the difference in my ability to do progression or just anything in general increased dramatically. I wish i would have done it years ago. I would stick it out with the warrior if i were you.

    That being said, I wouldnt expect to get to far with trying to duo RoS progression. It will be a rough go. Might be easier after new expac, but then it would no longer be current...
  3. smash Augur

    Zerker / bst is good combination, just not to play together.

    Both got very much spamming, carefull with your wrist.
  4. Bigfan Augur

    It's doable, but Warrior + Zerker is a great combo too.

    If you think bst is easy, it's not.

    Beastlord is a Always Be Casting (ABC) class, and zerker has so many spam abilities it's redonkulous.

    But, yes it's highly doable, and fairly fun if done right, Beastlord and Zerk sustainable in optimal situation is fairly similar. ADPS Beast / Zerker give each other is very good.

    But if you think a pet can keep aggro off a zerker and beastlord, i'm sorry to say, no.
  5. Tucoh Augur

    On paper ber/bst is a great combination. They both primarily use melee and have group buffs (beastlord's dicho, synergy, bestial alignment, shared merciless ferocity, enduring frenzy, vibrancy/focus + the berserker's battle cry, cry carnage, dichotomic bloodsplash) that help each other. Meanwhile the warder provides a suitable tank and with two healer mercs you can do a lot of content.

    However, there are a few reasons you may want to reconsider:
    1. The gearing grind is not all that bad thanks to the crafted gear in RoS. If you're broke you could get a head start on the game by buying a Krono with $$$ (and if you don't like the idea of pay 2 win, you could later buy another krono with plat to actually use, so it balances out). I don't know the current prices but I can imagine one krono worth of conflagrant gear will get you pretty far. Augs help, but aren't required.

    2. Leveling and getting enough AAs in your warder to make it a worthy tank will take quite a while, much longer than gearing up your warrior.

    3. Unless you're using Inner Space Boxer or similar, it'll be challenging to properly play a beastlord and a berserker due to the actions per minute of both classes. With a warrior you can pretty much get aggro, hit a few cooldowns and switch to your berserker until the current mob is dead. Meanwhile, a warrior in dual wield mode does good damage with his auto attack and is tanky enough in many situations to not need his shield.

    4. Even with a geared/AA'd beastlord that you're playing properly, you'll still be heavily outclassed by a geared/AA'd warrior both in terms of mitigation and holding aggro on multiple targets.
  6. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    my bst pet keeps agro off my zerker just fine...yah he spikes agro alot but not enough for him to just get face rolled.
  7. Filter Augur

    I will admit that I'm not the best boxer because I use no other software to help simplify. Switching back and forth between instances of EQ is cumbersome on a laptop so I don't do anything too labor intensive when I play.
    Plat is no issue, since I don't buy much from the baz or sellers so I have millions in the bank and was planning on outfitting the BST with the conflag gear from ROS.
    Based on what everyone has stated, I think I'll just stick with the war for now unless I need a project to work on between questing and need a break from the monotony.
    I do appreciate all of your posts and considered all points. Warrior it is!
  8. Laronk Augur

    If you're not using anything to help you box you're going to get way more out of bst - war than out of bst ber unless you often group with others