Brokenclaw only for the Gloomxxx legs and chest pieces?

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  1. Agrippa Augur

    Good day! Most certainly irrelevant for almost anyone else, but I've been working on obtaining full sets of the various Gloomxxx armor sets. Not the crude defiant clones that come from the tutorial questing, but the weaker generic dropped pieces. Zam shows that legs and chest pieces exist for every armor type, but I've only seen Brokenclaw mentioned for, possibly, dropping these pieces. I've seen multiples of every other piece, but never any legs or chest pieces. Can anyone confirm if Brokenclaw is only mob that might drop these ones?
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    From what I could find the leg items are Brokenclaw only.

    The chest item might be broken. It was originally a reward (not a drop) for the group mission "Freedom's Stand" but when they brought out F2P they changed the reward to some swords instead for that mission. They supposedly put the chest item on Brokenclaw as a drop then but I did not find anything to support that other than a vague patch note.
  3. Agrippa Augur

    Thank you for the reply, CatsPaws. To be more specific, I'm referring to the Gloomiron Breastplate, Gloomchain Chestguard, Gloomleather Tunic, and/or Gloomsilk Robe (and the legs from these same armor sets). Not the Gloomingdeep Kobold Breastplate or similar items that come from the questing there and are basically clones of crude defiant armor. Zam notes the Gloomiron Breastplate and Gloomiron Greaves can drop from Brokenclaw, but I've yet to see *any* of the Gloomxxx chest or leg armor pieces drop from anything there. I'd try to focus on Brokenclaw when I return later today.
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    Right and those are the ones I am referring to- In Allah if you look at the list of drops for Brokenclaw it does list the Gloomiron armor. But when you click the Gloomiron Breastplate then that page shows:

    Past reward for the Tutorial quest Freedom's Stand (Group).

    Then if you look up that quest it shows:

    In the F2P revamp, the reward for this is no longer the chest item. The reward is: and lists some weapons

    Good luck!
  5. Annastasya Augur

    I've done the tutorial A LOT, and there are definitely full sets of the weaker armors for each type. Some of the chests and legs seem to be fairly rare, and you would likely have to spend a ton of time trying to get full sets of this.

    It might be impossible, because once you reach level 15, if you log out of the game (or there's a patch or server reset) you will not be allowed back into the tutorial. And some of the named monsters you'll have to kill to get these drops will remain green (and therefore give you experience) passed level 15. i don't recall what level you start losing experience when you die, so you might be able to death loop yourself into staying in the tutorial.

    Doesn't seem worth it. The Gloomxxx drops are inferior to the defiant or the defiant equivalent quest rewards. They are not particularly cool or interesting looking on your character either. /shrug Good Luck
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  7. Dre. Altoholic used to be a good source of this before their database service became paid subscription only.
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  8. Shanarias Augur

    I don't think that stuff can be displayed, either.
  9. Annastasya Augur

    Did some research on Magelo for ya. Brokenclaw does not appear to drop Gloomxxx Legs nor Chest pieces. He does drop a large variety of the Gloom armors and Defiant, as do most of the named monsters. The pile of regurgitated bones behind Hulcror also can drop almost any Gloom armor except legs and bp. i have two theories.

    Theory 1 - When they last updated the tutorial to basically outfit you in full Defiant-equivalent quest armor, including BP and Legs if you finish up all the quests available in Glooming deep, they may have removed the legs and bp. Dont know why.

    Theory 2 - i could not confirm the full drop list of the two major guarded chests- One behind Overlord Gnikan's throne and one that is either static or spawns when you kill Slavemaster Ruga and his guards. These both might have legs and bp on their drop list. Again, Gnikan and Ruga themselves have a huge droplist including many of the Gloom armors and Crude Defiant armor. The chests as well. Considering the size of the drop lists on these chests and named monsters, it is certainly possible that any specific piece is quite rare.

    The legs and bp for all the sets of Gloom armor are still in the data base, and i have collected them myself, but it may have been quite some time ago. There have been a number of updates to Gloomingdeep in the last 15 years or so, like when they added the npcs to explain Mercenaries and Augments etc.
  10. Agrippa Augur

    Thank you all for the replies and extra digging here. My bard persona reached 15th level this morning here and is still working towards the missing leg and chest pieces for every armor type.

    I left the mines and logged out, but was able to gate back into the tutorial at 15th level. Being bound there and gating back inside seems to be the only option available now.

    I completely missed Slavemaster Ruga's chest, but I had been checking the one behind Overlord Grikan's throne, as well as the pile of bones behind the pit fiend. It will be slower going, but I'll attempt to add in Slavemaster Ruga's chest, too, in my rotation there.

    I'm well on my way to earning the table topping achievement for opening/breaking static objects, such as all of the barrels, piles of bones, and vermin nests that are reasonably plentiful within the tutorial.

    All of these armor pieces show in a /buy search, so I'm sure that they were obtainable at some point. My sanity is already questionable, but I'd really be pushing the limits here if I were to attempt this with more than the one persona. As I have time, though, I'll continue working towards this with the bard persona until he is completely unable to return (outside of deleveling). Thank you all again.

    Edit: The armor sets here are one of the few that have the 0,0,0 item tint available for each of them. So long as I never use dye, the iron set gives the same metallic shine that the paladin armor of Ro armor set uses. I'm beginning to see that the armor of Ro would likely have been a simpler project for me to work towards here, but these item tints just aren't something that is available with a customized dye job. (Can get pretty close to it, but not exact.)
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    Well, after level 15 if you don't bind someplace else then when you die it will lock up while it tries to port you back to Gloomingdeep and then it will release and dump you in POK.
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  12. Agrippa Augur

    After running all of my new personas through the tutorial, and offering 2m for each of the leg and chest pieces, I'm reasonably convinced that this is just more broken content here. The legs and chest pieces appear to be no longer obtainable.