Broken TBL Challenger Achievements

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Jalelorf, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Jalelorf Elder

    Anyone else having issues with some or a lot of these achievements?

    Stratos - We clearly had two of the pyre armors inhabited as the name on those clearly had the word "Inhabited" displaying. The achievement is to let both get inhabited. We also killed the lieutenants to stop the ritual yet we got an emote saying they completed it thus inhabiting the pyre armors. No achievements for either.

    Doomfire Missions:
    We killed the invaders in 10 minutes yet no time trial for killing them in 15 minutes.
    We killed 10 imps in both missions yet no achievements.
    We killed the two snails and did not let slugs spawn yet no achievement.

    These are just a few examples since I am not in the game right now.
  2. Ryino Master

    If that is for the firelings one then i'm not sure you are supposed to kill them. When we got it we had 10 up when we killed the big guy.
  3. Tucoh Augur

    When doing Wending Ways last I didn't botch the port or run off the edge ever but my team must've gotten ported to the entrance like 15x times. I'm not sure if a port = failure or if you have to watch your character fall, but if it's the former I don't think it's possible.

    for reference:
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  4. Jalelorf Elder

    The description in the achievement is worded as you need to have 10 imps spawned before the demon dies. It's not worded that the imps must all be alive. If they must all be alive when the demon is killed the wording needs to be changed so its interrupted as such.
  5. Cstoner187 Elder

  6. Ismel Augur

    nice! how did you get all safe from the fire? really good burn? been trying to figure out how to avoid it but no luck.

    And yes for Firelings you do need 10 alive at once.
  7. Smokezz Augur

    I've gotten Safe From the Fire with 2x Zerker 1x Rogue twice now for myself and others. Pretty sure it's just a max range thing. I put the Zerkers/Rogue max range to hit them and pull the snails and burn. I balance them each time since I usually add others to the task after it's at the chest point for ach/loot since I don't need them. So it's not just burn before they can cast something.

    There are quite a few that just don't work though, as pointed out here.
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  8. Nniki Augur

    Don't Stand in the Fire is the achievement where you don't stand in the fire trails (Lava Trail) of the snails, which are behind them. All you have to do is fight from the sides or the front to avoid that. The snails cast a frontal too, Lava Spittle, so sides are the safest spot for the DPS to stand. Also, the fire trails remain for some time after the snail dies, so watch for it and don't run right through it after they die.

    Achievement failure:
    You step into the fiery snail's trail, breaking your chance to complete 'Don't Stand in the Fire.'
    ___ has taken ___ damage from Lava Trail by A trail of flaming slime.

    All Safe from the Fire is the achievement from the Prince Ralaifin mission where you have to avoid getting struck by a billow.
  9. Smokezz Augur

    Ah my bad. All Safe from the Fire I haven't gotten yet. I'm not sure it works, I haven't seen anyone get it in our guild.
  10. Tucoh Augur

    I saw someone get it in guild last night. When I asked how they told me to not stand in the billow :D

    I don't know how that fight works because I've only facerolled it while wondering where my mana went off to.
  11. Nniki Augur

    Ralaifin Theologist (up front, closest to the entrance) is the one with mana drain. Can save that one for last.

    Ralaifin Theologist shouts, 'It is time for you to feel Prince Ralaifin's Wrath, _____.'
    Ralaifin Theologist begins to cast a spell. <Prince Ralaifin's Wrath>
  12. Riou Augur

    There's a zone in NPC something Force, it's an invisible model, but you can target it, this thing casts billow on anyone in line of sight every like 1.5 minutes with the Prayer emote iirc, if you fight on the other side of the hills, below each Ralaifins Z axis, and try not to move to each new mob within like 10s of that emote going off, you shouldn't get hit with Billow
  13. Bjpotratz New Member

    Is there a trick to getting Three At Once? I've killed them all within 1 minute (I think the 3rd to die was around 40 seconds after the first) and we didn't get the achievement. Other people have killed them over 1 minute apart and did get it. Just wondering if there's something I'm missing or if I should just try again.
  14. Tucoh Augur

    I haven't tried this one yet but I'm really interested to hear about it since it seems like the hardest achievement to get.
  15. Riou Augur

    There is a cheese way to do this that is broken...

    I'd wonder if you have to open the chest within that minute too?
  16. Wuddane Elder

    It does seem that if your character gets punted to the entrance for some reason it fails the achieve (such as entering the wrong boss room). This achievement isn't very hard to do however. If you are boxing it is very simple, if you have a group...they better listen to instructions well and follow them. I got the don't trip achievement this morning, with four people in group that have never even tried this trial yet.

    When stepping on a pad, always face into the center of the arena. While flying, do not pan or hit any movement keys (as you see Sirene pan then bounce off the platform in that gif). Get an order for stepping on the pads, once the first person takes the pad give them a moment to move, then call for the next person to take the pad. When trying this previously, especially at the part seen in the gif above where it lands you on an edge, if the prior person hasn't moved there is a good chance you are bouncing off. Lastly, *cringe* don't use selo's. Hope this helps
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  17. Tucoh Augur

    Thanks for the advice. I just gave it a couple tries and failed almost immediately (I think?). Both times I failed when I was heading to the water boss. When I hopped to the fire I was ported to the start of the trial. I don't know why this happened and I'm not 100% sure this failed the achievement because I didn't see it to the end, but I also don't see anything I could've done differently.
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  18. Triconix Augur

    Getting the achievement is purely luck. I've had personally seen my character bug through the floor, my screen glitches out, I see myself falling into the lava and get ported to the entrance. This has happened to literally everyone in my fellowship/group at least once. I've even had an instance where my characters were medding side by side and suddenly my sham disappeared and saw that he got randomly ported to the entrance while my war was sitting perfectly fine.
  19. Tucoh Augur

    I'm kinda curious to how this can be cheesed, it's getting close to my list of things to do and don't want to run into the same problem that Bjpotratz ran into.
  20. Riou Augur

    Trial of 3 is one of the Trials that keeps running after victory and like halfway resets sometime later, which also resets the achievements (not the fail to do it in first try one I think though), if you let it do this then open chest you get the achievements

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