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  1. Zookeeper87 New Member

    Can we finally add broken golem to spawn in instance please??

    The broken golem was put into the game as the intended fix to the original wizard epic bottleneck: Killing Cazic Thule and getting his skin. Since CT was farmed by the top guilds on each server it was hard for any other wizards to get their epic. SOE wanted to relieve the bottleneck by having the broken golem instead. How ironic it is, that if it went back to the original version requiring a kill of CT, it would actually relieve the bottleneck since he spawns in instances of fear while the broken golem - the very mob intended to relieve the bottleneck pressure of the CT kill - does not spawn in instances because of an oversight that refuses to be corrected."
  2. Fizon Elder

    I don't understand why people complain about BG the wizard epic is a joke compared to others. He's one pain in the butt spawn. Without it wizard epic would be the easiest.

    His spawn is around 30 - 36 hours it's not bad
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    It's only rough because though have to employ old school methods like constantly checking zones and being able to mobilize. I guess it's strange if this is too much for tourist style servers.

    But I will say it's enough of a waste of time that you can easily skip it and really not lose out on much player power.

    Even if they gave a dz a small chance to spawn the mob on zone up that would give casuals a real chance and wizards aren't that common either.
  4. SunDrake Elder

    Let me guess.. Mangler server?
  5. Hadesborne Augur

    Checking? no no no. Camping. Goto Fear and see atleast 2 wizzies there at all times.
  6. Bard2019 Journeyman

    Watched a guy turn in his item(s) to Broken Golem after what he later said was days of trying to catch him, only to then watch a toxic Mangler guild show up moments later, train the people he had with him to help, then continue to train them with anything and everything in the zone, until the 30 minute timer ran out on the turn-in lock, then the toxic guild attacked the enraged golem themselves, stealing the very kill that this whole * loot locked mob thing was supposed to have prevented. Myself and a few of them petitioned and obviously, since this is daybreak we're talking about, nothing was done. This mob definitely needs to be addressed.
  7. Meredyth Elder

    I recommend that you pull and kill mobs to keep the zone clear while you wait, it makes it a lot harder for people to train you. The respawns there are pretty long. You might need a guild to help with Draco or CT from time to time.
  8. Febb Augur

    The same thing happened when I found Broken Golem up. We just returned the favor to said guild that trained us so they couldn't get it. We mobilized faster and rezzed up and killed enraged with more dps as they only had 3 in the zone while we had two groups on enraged. Some fun times were had and we helped them pull mobs every now and then in fear if we saw them there.
  9. Tierdal Augur

    enjoy classic OR play selos
  10. Trox2010 Augur

    Care to point us to an Official Classic server please so that we can enjoy it....
  11. Thygrym Journeyman

    Wizard epic is best in slot item until Sleepers tomb drop or beyond. It may not be great compared to other epics but it beats all the other junk you can carry in your primary slot for a few expansions.

    It should made to spawn in instances so guilds can get their wizards epics without all the hassles of trains.
  12. Trevalon Augur

    Broken Golem should spawn 1 hour after zone up (this way you cant just pop 10 picks and get em immediately, you have to wait at least an hour in zone - this has the bonus of both would pop in AOC's but only after 1 hour) along with Shissar.

    Vessel and that other chick should be on a 4 hour timer max

    The SK guy shouldn't despawn at all

    There is no reason those 3 quests are so much dang harder than all the others. The saddest part they are the hardest ones and they are also 3 of the weakest ones too!
  13. Fizon Elder

    Man I remember seeing people with epics as a kid going "wow that dudes bad ***" now they are easily come by and you people still complain. It's disgusting go play those other MMOs for your fix of instant gratification.
  14. Quasii New Member

    I don't think it's about instant gratification. Its more about accessibility to content. Phinigel proved that, with the addition of AOC. We aren't 14 years old anymore, thinking someone else is badass because they have an epic. You just have more time or get lucky. Epics have become more or less part of progression, why hold certain classes back because of antiquated design decisions.
  15. yerm Augur

    They moved the guts back to trak for bards, so I imagine they could just move the golem back to being CT skin.
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  16. Tierdal Augur

    right, instead of being a mature child you became an immature greedy instant gratification adult
  17. Accipiter Augur

    Sounds Vicious.
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  18. Son_of_a_Bixie New Member

    People that say stuff like this are, to me, like cats. You've survived, evolved and persisted but I just don't know what your purpose is in the grand scheme of things. Why has nature allowed you to continue to pollute our environment without making any meaningful contribution?

    Where is the "instant gratification" in asking for certain quest mobs to be made available in the same manner as other quest mobs? I mean...what am I missing? To extend your logic, anyone taking advantage of quest mobs being available via instance is an "immature greedy instant gratification adult" right? These folks need to buck up and wait out in main pick and get it legit....right??

    So rogues get a cakewalk quest with easily available mobs and they're upstanding, "mature' EQ citizens but wiz/sk/ench get loaded up with capriciously unavailable mobs and they're somehow immature and greedy? Really?

    I've asked a lot of questions...none of them difficult. Its OK to ask for equity. Its OK to ask for fixes to uneven, irregular game design. Whats being asked for isn't a free pass or a free epic, its asking for the same route of acquisition available to the other classes...same/ get it?

    If you do not understand or agree then your time would be better spent not making snowflake accusation posts but rather creating posts advocating for the removal of ALL epic mobs from instances...that's YOUR logic, not mine. We don't want Norrath being proliferated with people that didn't EARN their epics. Again I ask...right?
  19. yerm Augur

    Many of the epics made easy to obtain no longer come across with any semblance of feeling epic. Whip out a wiz epic and its oh cool you have your epic, that's awesome. Whip out a cleric epic and it's oh cool you aren't a lazy slacker can you believe there are clerics who still haven't done theirs?

    I would love equity too... but it's not exactly kosher to call for a bunch of nerfs to most of the epics to make them harder yo obtain without raid farming. So I just try to defend the ones I can. The sk epic is kind of messy now because they curved the soul leech bottleneck and it's stuck at turn ins, and the enc is also a bit silly because tlps have thousands of people playing the max level fotm class so it causes a backlog. The wiz epic... this is perhaps the last surving "epic" quest left, nicely set up with the hurdle being 3 kills and the golem adding a competitive bottleneck that generally needs friends (a guild) to win. I don't want it nerfed. Wiz was my first raid/hardcore class I played and my epic was a big point of pride, and not something my more recent clerics have come close to with that epic when I do it.
  20. Iyacc Augur

    Great point. If you want to fix the enchanter epic, just do away with enchanter charm god like abilities and only people who really want to BE an enchanter will play one.

    Two birds / one stone.

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