Broken Golem/Wraith of Shissar

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by jiggER, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. Zanarnar Augur

    (looks at his signature) No dude, I just play beastlords. My point remains, if you find sitting around doing nothing challenging... you should see your doctor and get some ADHD meds. Sitting around is just a boring time sink.. its not a challenge.
  2. Mezabell New Member

    If DBG would fix these and a half dozen other epic issues / key bottlenecks with the TLP servers it would be the same as curing world hunger with regards to MMO's. Its sad actually, since the game has SO much to offer at those levels and expansions that no one gets to see because all they do is camp the same mobs and fight with each other.
  3. A player New Member

    Is it wrong to bump and old thread when the issues remain? If i'm wrong i dont want to be right. Seriously though, this is one of those issues that players straight give up on because the Wraith of the Shissar and Broken Golem are never up.
  4. Hythos Journeyman

    My enchanter (primary character on Mangler) is on his last piece... Isn't hard to guess which one.
  5. LDEffectsMe Elder

    Bumping this old thread with the hopes that maybe Aradune and Rizlona will finally be the TLP servers that add the Wraith of a Shissar and Broken Golem to the DZ's. And I'm also hoping that change will effect every Progression server at that point. It would be nice to not struggle with these class epics still on the existing TLPs, well after Planes of Power... Simply due to the respawn timers.
  6. Valanie Journeyman

    Can we get back to the important issue: Why did he post in white?
  7. LDEffectsMe Elder

    Haha. Because a GM told him to apparently. :D

    But really though. Moving the Broken Golem and Wraith of a Shissar into a DZ should be relatively simple and doable before Kunark launches on Aradune and Rizlona. And it would make a lot of players happy. Come on EQ team.
  8. CartoTLP New Member

    As a person who always mains an enchanter on TLPs, epics are supposed to be epic. They are not supposed to be for everyone. I get that so many classes have "easy" epics so everyone wants theirs to be easy, but allowing everything to be obtained in DZs takes away the "fun" experience of checking Fear, grabbing a group of friends/guildmembers at a minute's notice, and racing for a kill before someone else sees the mob has spawned. WIl enchanters next ask for the Verina Tomb spawn time to be reduced because three months of pre-Kunark is not enough? For Vessel Drozlin to be made easier?

    As to wizards and the broken golem, I also have boxed a wizard on the last few TLPs and it's even more unreasonable to request that a change to your epic. The wizard epic is so unbelievably easy overall and yet people complain about literally the one item that takes any effort.
  9. oldkracow Augur

    Super tough to setup a level 1 box and just email a notification when she spawns.
    Where does that skill come in?
  10. BlingBling Journeyman

    What is the spawn time on these bottlenecks? If it's even a 3, 5, or 7 day spawn that really does limit how many players can even attain the epic. And the ones that did not have it yet would be relegated to constantly checking on that mob instead of doing the other 10k things you can do in EQ. But I guess if you are doing an "epic" quest it should last months! haha

    If it's a 7 day spawn, that means 4-5 drops a month. So even by the end of kunark you are looking at most 30 Enchanters that could possibly have their epic on the server (Assuming you can even attain the pieces in classic). When other classes can basically buy theirs day 1 of kunark (Rogue). I'm not advocating in making it super easy, but from the sounds of it you can barely get 100 epics a year on the entire server for some classes... that's a little extreme. There will be hundreds of lvl 50+ Enchanters come Kunark later this year. They all don't deserve their epic, but I don't think it should be completely limited by some historical spawn rate that isn't applicable now because they have 10x the playerbase on a TLP...
  11. Azurefrost Journeyman

    Having these multiple day respawn bottlenecks on TLPs these days are kind of ridiculous since the amount of time in each expansion is at least 1/3 of what it originally was when it was released. Usually you had at least 9 months to a year with the expansion to get it done. If you had that amount of time on TLP you'd already be in PoP era...
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