Broken Golem should spawn in DZ and pickzones

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by McJumps, Jul 24, 2020.

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  1. McJumps Augur

    Just like Zordak Ragefire spawns in the Nagafen's Lair DZ and pickzones, so should a broken golem. There is no reason for a quest turn in NPC to have MOTM, since you are not able to attack this mob. Remove MOTM from a broken golem and allow him to spawn with a new pickzone.

    At this late date, epic weapons are no longer the rare commodity they were 20 years ago. They are a dime a dozen and any bottlenecks should be removed from them. Many other classes will have no issue getting the epic because of DZs and pickzones, so why should a select few be more difficult? This also includes the unnecessary bottlenecks for Enchanter epic as well. Not to mention SK epic turn in mob in Tox. A simple solution would be to not force these mobs to despawn upon the turn in of items related to the epic quests.

    At the very least the timers of these NPCs should be greatly reduced on a server with only 3 months in the Kunark era. Anything to make the experience of a person trying to do these quests less toxic in an era where toxicity is the name of the game. Timers were reduced for VP key ground spawns to the betterment of everyone playing, I think the same treatment should be applied to epic quests as well.

    With up to a 72 hour spawn cycle, as it currently stands, there may be as few as 28 Wizard epics completed in era. To contrast this, Every single rogue or shaman or druid who wishes to complete the epic in era will have no problem doing so, thanks to DZs and pickzones.

    There is precedent for changes to epic quests on TLP servers. The undead bard was such a debacle on Phinigel that they removed it and allowed the guts drop from Trakanon, in open world and in DZ. Anything that can be done to make doing an epic quest more enjoyable instead of a major headache should be done, especially considering the tools and the precedent exists for doing so.
  2. Dythan Augur

    Original idea, I like it. This horse had a bit left on it.
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  3. Honkietonk Lorekeeper

    I mean, it's more likely to get attention or a change than NOT posting it repeatedly. Over the years they've adjusted quite a few epic bottlenecks due to feedback, so there's always that faint ray of hope that this time, just this once, the wizard or enchanter ones will be the ones who get chosen.
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  4. NotMyCharacterName New Member

    There are so many things in the kunark era that need to be adjusted for a three month expansion. The ring of balthezid being another seven day spawn timer, with a previous three day spawn timer within the quest. I don't know if those have been changed already but if not, there might be twelve people that can get the ring on the entire server. Bottlenecks for quests are no longer a good thing.
  5. McJumps Augur

    I agree. Many things need to be adjusted, I only point to these epics because there is historical data showing where they have adjusted things about other epics to better complement a 12 week launch schedule. Even the fact that Avatars of Change are in the game is evidence of a mindset that EVERYONE deserves to experience the game in era. Epics are no different.
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  6. Ghost Of Fippy Elder

    This has always been the problem with TLPs. DBG has compressed Expansion releases to 3 months or less, but has not (compressed) increased the chance for Rare Spawns, Rare Drops, or reduced the spawn times of NPCs, etc.. needed to progress our characters equivalent to that 3 month period.

    It should be very easy to calculate. From original through the first three expansions, the time period was about 12 months in between each. Which means for TLP Servers, the increased chance of rare spawns and drops need increased by a factor of 4, and the re-spawn timer of turn-in mobs needs reduced by a factor of 4. This factor of 4 needs applied to everything needed to progress.
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  7. c313 Elder

    I don't understand this whole "We have only 3 months" concept with Epics.

    The epics are not only available during Kunark. Once Velious launches they're not deleted from the game. Albeit some are crap and get upgraded early on. However some are great for many expansions onward. Or at least still quite commonly used for their clicky.
  8. Tweakfour17 Augur

    The spawn times are less than 7 days, but still very long, however guilds will head to the zones before/after VS or Talendor and pop picks of the zones. Both goblins are up on server up / new pick.
  9. Hadesborne Augur

    Let the Broken Golem AND the Wraith of a Shissar spawn in DZs. This is nonsense.
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  10. Protagonist Augur

    Agree. It should have a chance to spawn in DZs and picks
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  11. Velerin Journeyman

    Goblin spawns could be fixed just by having the pick threshold at ~30 for those zones. As is now need a Zerg guild to pop a pick for people.
  12. Shrood New Member

    Agree with BG and Wrath - Need to make Verina accessible as well!
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  13. McJumps Augur

    Yes, the epic weapons are still available in Velious and beyond. Some epics will hold their value much longer than others. In this particular case, the Wizard epic will be completely replaced by Luclin, with Beastlords having a better mana regen buff that makes the Wizard epic click nearly useless. The enchanter epic click is replaced by the time Planes of Power rolls around. At least the SK epic click is still used past level 100.

    The point here is not how long an epic will be available, or even the longevity of its usefulness. The point here is that with the introduction of instanced raiding, pickzones, increased raid currency, and accelerated keying processes, DPG has already shown that they would like to allow everyone to experience as much content IN ERA as possible. completing epic quests should be no different. Asking a select few classes to "just complete your epic in Velious or Luclin" is the same mindset of telling the more casual guilds to just raid an expansion or two behind current era because there was limited open world content prior to the introduction of the Avatars of Change.

    DPG has shown time and time again they are willing to make changes to the game to make content more accessible to players. This should not be any different. There is no reason why some classes should have an easy path to their epic weapon due to DZs and pickzones, while other classes have a much more difficult time because parts of the quests are not available in DZs or pickzones. Even a change as simple as not allowing certain mobs to despawn, or making some mobs have an accelerated respawn time would fix most of these issues.
  14. McJumps Augur

    Here we are, just one week before Kunark launch. I would at least like someone from community relations to respond to one of the multiple threads concerning these useless epic bottlenecks and tell us all to get over it.

    At this point there is no reason why everyone who is willing to go through the motions should not be able to obtain an epic weapon. Its the same as Holly Longdale commenting that "casuals should not be able to kill Nagafen, since it cheapens the achievement for others." Well that went right out the window with the introduction of AoCs. Its time for the epic bottlenecks to end. That includes Enchanter, Wizard, Shadow Knight - ALL of them. If the idea of the current ruleset on modern TLP servers is to allow any player to see content if so desired, this is one point that needs to be fixed.

    If you are a person who disagrees with this premise, and thinks only a select few should be able to obtain the epic weapons in era, I invite you to stop using pickzones and only play in the main pick. I also invite you to stop using AoCs and only strive to kill open world NPCs. The idea that some classes will be able to complete the epic quest easier due to pickzones and AoCs while a select few are hindered by the fact that there are parts of that quest not obtainable from pickzones and AoCs is ridiculous at best, and punitive at worst.

    Let's put an end to the griefing and toxic gameplay that are invariably a part of certain epics and move forward to a place where everyone who ticks the boxes of an epic checklist can reasonably obtain their epic. The need for artificially limiting the flow of certain epic pieces into the game should end. Why not make Aradune the place where we end it?
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  15. Healiez Augur

    Honestly for enchanters wraith isnt nearly as big of a problem as Verina and Vessel TBH.

    Just make those mobs like 2 hour respawns, as it is now IF an enchanter gets Verina AND vessel AND wraith, with average respawns you are looking at around 20 enchanter epics over the life of kunark. Thats IF they get all 3 mobs, all of which have long VARIABLE respawns.
  16. McJumps Augur

    I agree. Something should be done though about these ultra long spawn times on a server that will remain in era nearly 1/4th the amount of time live was in era. Reduce spawn times on Broken Golem, Verina and Vessel by 2/3 I say. Broken Golem is currently 24-72 hour spawn time, which I think might be the same (or close) to the spawn time for Verina and Vessel. Reduce that to 8-24 hours and you have a win.

    There is ZERO reason why there should be the possibility of only seeing these NPCs as little as once every 3 days on a server that will only be in era for 12 weeks. Thats 84 days. Assuming every last one spawns at the earliest point in the window (which will NEVER happen), only 84 Enchanters/Wizards (probably less) will be able to complete the epic quest in era. A more likely scenario is seeing them on average once every 48 hours, meaning only 42 Wizard/Enchanter epics completed in era. This is simply unacceptable when you take into account that there will likely be literally HUNDREDS of Cleric and Rogue epics floating around. At least people can get a head start on Verina, since she is available in classic.
  17. Healiez Augur

    Verina and vessel are 2-7 days unless something changed
  18. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Nothing has a max spawn window longer than 84 hours (3.5 days) anymore.
  19. Healiez Augur

    Good to know, wonder what the new spawn time is, or if its just 3.5 days. Or if its just 2-3.5 days now.
  20. Aneuren Augur

    This is a fantastic post, I regret I have only one like to award it.

    Nobody is looking to take away competition from the players that crave the toxicity that comes with it, but the rest of us enjoy playing the game - not the inauthentic fcfs/DPS harassment that these TLP servers have become.
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