Bristlebane vs Xegony.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by SleezerGeezer, May 19, 2020.

  1. SleezerGeezer Journeyman

    I'm on Bristlebane, and it's as quiet as a mouse. There's almost no grouping and public chat is rarely used by anyone. Also, after several weeks of play, I've not received one guild invite. It's not that I want a guild invite, but that's simply never happened to me before in EQ. By the looks of it, the server is mostly raiding, boxing, and soloing with mercs. Is Xegony any better? I only have a 40th on Bristlebane and will happily jump to a more social server if it feels more alive.
  2. Cragzop Augur

    If you are under heroic level (85), any live server is going to be miss with maybe a hit every now and then, including Xegony. I will say there were calls for 40s grouping over the weekend (might have been the same person several times honestly) and some grounds grouping (kinda free PLing I think) on Xegony. There is a very large casual guild on Xegony - Lions of the Heart - that takes pretty much anyone, but still an overwhelming majority of those players will be at the top end.

    If you don't want the TLP experience, I'd recommend keep plugging away in General chat for folks around your level. All it really takes is one other person to get a real group going.

    But I don't think you'll find Xegony much different than Bristlebane.
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  3. Nennius Augur

    The Dark Reign is a large casual guild on Bristlebane. I am not a member, but they seem to take most anyone. Also, are you really expecting a guild invite out of the blue?
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  4. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Being on Bristlebane myself: you're fortunate that general chat has been quiet on Bristlebane. It's caustic, political in nature and full of trolls. Maybe General channels aren't the place to get groups or guilds. Take it upon yourself to make the effort to find people. Did you send tells to any guilds' leadership? Did you seek out guild websites to find like minded, goal orientated guilds? There's even a recruitment forum on this website and in the EverQuest Discord. I'm guessing no to all of that from your lazy post - asking people to again do the work for you.

    This is a social game. Go be social.
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  5. SleezerGeezer Journeyman

    No, but that's been a common occurrence every time I've ever played EQ going back pretty much forever, so it's something I noticed right away.
  6. SleezerGeezer Journeyman

    It's not that I want a guild invite, but that's simply never happened to me before in EQ.

    What part of that quote did you not understand?

    And I LFG every time I play. Usually no results.
  7. bucktoof Journeyman

    lemme get this straight you're level 40 on one of the most raid heavy servers and you were like expecting one of these guilds to recruit you? ? was this post just a troll job or ? genuinely confused

    like hey SleezerGeezer, this is guild X leader, we have been watching you killing snakes in blightfire moors for days and we think YOU have what it takes to take us to the next level. Is that what you envisioned?
  8. Verily Tjark Augur

    I would be willing to bet a lvl 40 would have a hard time getting groups on almost all live servers.
  9. SleezerGeezer Journeyman

    I figured out that the server was raid heavy when I didn't get any casual guild invites. That's why I'm asking what Xegony is like. That's what my original post explained. Nothing in my post implied anything you're talking about.
  10. LostSoul Journeyman

    I'm also on bristlebane i'm an awful warrior and I go LFG all the time with no results. Poor me, what I do in turn is /slit my wrists. okay not really I send tells to my good friend Muscles and he takes care of me. I just wish he had nicer friends.
  11. Celephane Augur

    Hmmmm. I wonder
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  12. Lejax New Member

    I had my 11th level character receive a guild invite within 15 seconds of its first zone-in to Plane of Knowledge on Bristlebane. Maybe it was the time of day, I don't know. But it happens.
  13. PhinigelKronoFarmer New Member

    Thanks for the ad-lib reply, made it easy for me to just plug in my server name.
  14. Cadira Augur

    Inb4 corwyn's post.
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  15. Amtwo New Member

    My wife and two of our kids play on Firiona Vie. It has a very healthy population and economy. There are very few no trade items. General channel is always full with new channels created besides. We started a few months back and our characters are around level 103. It's still fun.
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  16. Ibudin Augur

    I actually have active characters that I raid with on both those servers - i'd say they are equal. 3 solid top tier raiding guilds on each server ROI, MS, IL, then you have RA, ROV, and Fu. Bristlebane by far has the better alt night raid system over Xeg, but its packed and many on the bench. As far as grouping, Xeg may be a little better than Bristle from my experience, its strange but in any case you need to work on building relationships with players to consistently get or build groups - I don't blame that issue on the server populations.
  17. Amtwo New Member

    You make yourself look like a terrible person without an ounce of character. Shame on you.

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  18. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Just to make clear.

    Yes Lions of the Heart will give anyone a chance to join us but we still expect folks to keep guild chat clean and not be an idiot or a drama person (can't really say queen nowadays I guess). But yeah our joining requirements are that you just be a decent person. We have some very good players but play skill is never an issue in joining us. If you have messed up before and have a bad rep and you can convince me you are willing to change and show it I may give you a chance to join us depending on what it was you did (I think that was a run on sentence at least it feels like it) So yeah we are basically a large smurfy guild :) Nowadays in EQ almost everyone that asks to join us is a decent person.
  19. Andarriel Augur

    BINGO! low level game is pretty much dead except on tlp servers and he crying because he cant get group or guild invites lol. What a sad post next......

  20. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Not getting groups I can understand but not that he isn't getting any guild invites.

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