Bristlebane server down

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Makudonarudo, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Makudonarudo Journeyman

    Bristlebane server down
  2. Nacho Chottal New Member

    Any updates? What is going on?
  3. Tacoking New Member

    Anyone even looking into this?
  4. Oscig New Member

    guess it's just going to be down all night? :(
  5. mewkus Elder

    Hopefully when they get in on Monday they'll be able to address this.
  6. Moreau New Member

    Bristlebane server is up right now.
  7. Zolav Elder

    SO last night before the crash,,, group invites took 6-8 seconds... 5-10 min load times for instances...

    I am Off work today so I log on to find (after the crash) servers are smooth as silk.

    These servers obviously need weekly restarts.
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  8. bard007 Elder

    Been a euro player this been down in the US early morning (12am -4am) sucks, my (6pm time to play mode) its clear no-one was monitoring the servers after hours last night....
    I agree a weekly scheduled restart would be best and i think 99% of your customer base would accept that.

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