Bristlebane raid night lag

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  1. Anjie New Member

    I do not see anything antagonist or pretentious in any of the comments here. All I see are frustrated people who want the game to work better, and are asking the developers to join in so they can see for themselves what the issues are. I see you, who I am going to also reference as an adult, not having ANYTHING of value to add to this thread. If you are happy with the way your server is, then great. What does it matter to you? Why are you so hell bent on keeping up with a thread that has literally nothing to do with you? Maybe you should do, what i hope your mother taught you, is to stick by the "if I don't have anything nice to say, i am not going to say anything" rule. Unless you want to add something that has some value, maybe you should just stop.
  2. Verily Tjark Augur

    I think merely showing up as a spectator vs participating vs leading a raid will offer 3 vastly different experiences. If people are suggesting a dev raid with them to experience lag, I was suggesting have them try to work the raid tool too, because you can lump that in with the lag issue.
  3. Emilari UI Designer

    RA has already tried shifting our raid times and schedule around to help. It hasn't made any difference.

    I'll happily take video and post it to youtube. We already do post streams to Twitch; as do many guilds from many servers. Between RA, RoV and Fu, they've got the option of joining us on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Thursday - there's at least three weekdays they could come join us on Bristlebane. I'm sure other days could be organized with some notice.

    The idea of a docuseries is interesting, but it'd need interest and cooperation between people of all servers to pull it off the way you are suggesting.
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  4. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Suggesting a developer is beholden to attend your raids on their day off (or whatsoever) is definitely not pretentious :rolleyes:

    My input has been and continues to be to stop gaslighting your peers on other servers and embrace the community aspect of this issue if you want the support that would be required to enact any kind of positive and permanent solution to the problem, and to treat the front facing developers who do actually care with a hell of a lot more respect given the efforts they've made and continue to make despite their budgetary constraints, lest they stop giving a entirely. But I'm not here to be your mom, you're free to make whatever discourteous demands of the staff that you please, I just hope they don't respond in kind.
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  5. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Someone like Fading (EQ show) would probably do a fine job of putting together a polished and consumable media package with a reasonable runtime if he is still active. I wouldn't mind doing it as a side project but my editing is pretty awful by comparison.

    Some sped up splitscreen sections of multiple players experiencing exacerbated zonetimes with their respective system clocks superimposed on the screen to show how long it takes, some video of people spam clicking a button waiting for an action to register, a little bit of positioning-pong/rubberbanding, multiple Golem sets on AHR, full balcony silence auras on Obliette, tea part at close the gate, maybe a sontalak burn just for the luls etc.
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  6. Bartleby Journeyman

    #1 I don't think you know what Gaslighting means. We were extremely specific that this is about our server because well for starters we only play on our server. There are A TON of posts here that you conveniently left out that clearly state. "We've been other places this isn't the same" That said? If you have experienced all the things we are describing as clearly you have? Why the heck would you accept that as Ok? If you ask me? that's the only real "Weird energy" here.

    It's actually just sad that you are basically saying If you want to be a high end raiding guild, you kinda just have to suck it up. Dude, that's the silliest thing I've ever heard, you are basically just letting Daybreak wipe their butts with you at that point. We are consumers, and for the last 5+ years we have simply sat around waiting for these issues to stop. We have finally had enough. As consumers? It's totally fine to complain about a piss poor product when it is. If you order a steak rare and it comes out medium? You can send it back. If you get a hair in your soup? You don't just eat it.

    You sound like you have Stockholm syndrome with this nonsense "These are the consequences to being in a high end raiding guild."

    No, We don't accept that 3 casts per minute, 10 minute long zone times and mechanics that don't fire are acceptable losses and frankly you shouldn't either. You pay every year for this content, Why on earth would you not be irate when you can't use it? As a member of another server that's ALSO experiencing this? You should be JUST as pissed off as we are.

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  7. Leex Augur

    The flaw in creating a video is that lag has been documented this way previously. Since we're still experiencing lag, it doesn't seem to have helped.

    We're trying to create an alternative.

    Your response to Anji comes off very snide. Extreme cases of lag has been an issue that's been ongoing for a long time.

    It sounds like your employment might be based off an hourly rate with scheduled days however, not all employee's work that way. Devs for example, are almost never hourly employee's. Being salaried is a little different than hourly with a schedule. For example, I'm salaried, I work at a banking institution and am in mortgage financing. I generally work weekends and past the "normal" bank hours, as do most in my industry.

    Asking the devs to raid on a day where the issue is exacerbated, shouldn't be thought of as pretentious.

    We're trying to find ways to get a resolution to an issue, let's not attack each other over who has it worse?
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  8. Bartleby Journeyman

    Other Guilds have made this request and had it accepted. So not really pretentious its asking for the same courtesy that has been given to others. We just don't have anyone internally to ask.

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  9. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Whom exactly? If you're about to reference the lone lag tests I presume you're privy to knowledge of via Proximoe being guilded in RoI at the time, then you're being demonstrably false, that endeavor was, once again, at the behest of the developer themselves, who approached multiple raiding guilds to pull data, not the other way around.

    Don't tell me how to feel

    What her quoted post was in my original reply was in no manner or form a request, it was a presumption, a demand, and a pretentious one.

    I don't even know what to say to your salary discussion, congrats? I'm salaried too, we still have well defined working hours, as do many other companies.
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  10. Bartleby Journeyman

    Don't tell me how to feel

    Wow, and you call this post pretentious..... dude we get it anything we do you have to be against because you tried and failed to get #2 this year. If you aren't into this post or the way it has been presented, go lead the charge on another one.

    From what I understand Lag had a HUGE hand in why you guys came up short, as I said, you should be just as annoyed with it as we are guy. Just go start a post of your own about how bad lag is. In fact Feel free to bash how Horribly presented this post was in your opinion. What matters is that it eventually get's fixed so I would ASSUME the more posts about it the better off we all are.
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  11. Proximoe Elder

    Back to the post topic... Bristlebane has crippling lag! Please help! If that was a bad way to put it Dev/GM, i apologize in advance (installed so Scornfire doesnt continue derailing this thread to ensure he feels heard).
  12. dwish Augur

    The raid lag is hard to pin down indeed. I raid on FV and it seems to come in waves. It will be fine for a couple weeks, then we will get laggy events for a few weeks straight. This is with the same raid times as well.

    As many have echoed previously, in my opinion this is easily the number one issue plaguing the game currently and there isn't even a close second. Besides the laggy raid mechanics, massive nerf to DPS for some classes, and many many other effects of raid lag, it's beyond game breaking at this point.
  13. Lisard Augur

    ive always had this suspicion that the lag is from script lines (all actions both PC and NPC) and with the additional chat filters added to the chat windows (ontop of chat tabs themselves) is part of the problem. if you ever split raid or low man things, lag is greatly reduced (although still present). I would suggest just directly PMing a dev rather then making a long toxic cesspool of a post (posts dont matter unless they reach above 10 likes on the Original post of the topic). so we would collectively have to agree to make a post and every raider liking the post without it spiraling into what ever this is.
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  14. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Looking forward to see what this patch fixes or doesnt, come next Wednesday.
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  15. Gearrwin Lorekeeper

    I'd like to point out that I wasn't in any raid on Sunday night and was also getting 5+ minute zoning times. Bristlebane of course.
  16. FawnTemplar Augur

    You really have a problem with people disagreeing you eh? Any time someone disagrees with you, you level the same insult at them. Apparently, we all just want to hear ourselves speak.
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  17. Proximoe Elder

    Talk aboot an obsession!

    Thank you for post Fawntemplar. I am not shocked what so ever that you had to come get in your two cents that has literally nada to do with the topic. Please continue your valuable insight into most things.

    Also, bristlebane is still laggy and not playable as the title says. Any help is greatly appreciated daybreak! Thank you in advance for all your support
  18. Duder Augur

    I imagine that what FV was experiencing during those numerous occasions is what BB has dealt with for 3 years now. However, that is anecdotal, as I have no personal experience with FV. But we certainly weren't as vocal, we kept the faith. FV players gotta pay them krono bills, their patience for hope to come to fruition is non-existent considering their motives for playing the game differ from our server's player's motivations and interest.

    Regardless of who is first, who is worst, who is second, who is the best, or who is third or who wears the polka-dot dress. Every mid-high population server has been crippled by lag at times or has had it as a constant for numerous years now, unaddressed. I have no interest in claiming BB lag to be more or less severe than other servers. What I know from my experience is that BB is unplayable in it's current state. Much like what FV DID go through over the past year? Year and a half? Aradune saw it for it's first month and a half or so, then bam, overnight, fixed. (Allocated more bandwidth and or processing from the company that now hosts their servers I would guess.)

    We as a community player base and even the non-playing-but-still-interested-if-it-maybe-somehow-got-better should make a Mega thread that references posts such as these, crash posts, etc. And then discuss and further voice our concerns there. The way it is right now is a dysfunctional system. A server's performance wanes until it is grossly unacceptable and the players from said server cry out and in numbers large enough to garner attention from the company.

    Then the company looks into it and spends time alleviating that server's lag and get it back to a stable playable server. Thats a problem, because the lag is on every server. They need to be looking at the back end, increasing their bandwidth/server contract to one that offers higher stability. (I understand that will cost more money but the instability of the game could cost them more than anything.) And they have been steadily losing customers for at least 2 years with "the lag" being those players' first and main reason for leaving the game. (I draw this from experience within the numerous guilds I am in and communicate with across 2 servers.) Im close to being their next lost customer if they aren't able to maintain their game in a timely fashion. We wait for years for single, extraordinarily pervasive bugs and issues to be looked into and finally solved. (Fierce Eye, Mouse usability lost after falling unconscious (delay death) and then standing back up after being healed. And I am sure you all have countless other ones you could cite.

    To Darkpaw Games,
    The state of EverQuest is at an all time low. No Quality of Life feature(s) could be introduced to fix this. It is on your side and you know the root cause. Please, be honest with us, discuss with us. If you need higher monthly subscriptions, say so. Please, do something, anything at all. The legacy of this game is dying quick. I feel like a rat on a sinking ship and have already begun to spend time playing other games, where in the past I had not played any game other than EverQuest for years at a time. Including in the recent past few years until recently. Please believe me when I say that if you can fix your game that I would plan to continue playing this game for many years to come.

    A very EQ loyal gamer called Duder
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  19. Duder Augur

    Funny enough, the people who cheat to commit the RMT are well known. Their mains, etc. Yet guilds continue to and are willing host their mains and welcome them even as well know cheaters and botters.

    Cheating on BB is so pervasive it becomes a darned if you do and darned if you dont scenerio in every regard. Guilds are filled with botters, bazaar botters, and cheaters. If some were to kick all their cheaters, they would no longer be able to raid. If you don't want to solo or box and just want a chill pickup group, well, you have to be willing to tolerate that numerous members of any group you may get put together will likely be using illegal 3rd party software.
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  20. Duder Augur

    Look at the pot calling the kettle black.

    The title of the thread is clear, no? Are we Bristlebane players gaslighting the community in making a post to discuss the lag on Bristlebane? Your group of folks treading on posts isn't any sort of valuable contribution. If you want to make a new thread concerning server-wide crippling lag that references threads such as this, please do, I'd love to support the thread and like the post.
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