Bristlebane raid night lag

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Robnie, Apr 12, 2022.

  1. Anjie New Member

    This is true!
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  2. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Maybe, but only on test.
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  3. Cicelee Augur

    It has been said in the past, unsure if proven, that procs and swarm pets tend to contribute to raid lag. Maybe reducing how many procs a player has could be one step?

    I know it does not reduce zoning lag, which I experience as well. But a start at least
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  4. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    The people who work at the new company that owns EQ may not be aware, but the lag on Bristlebane issue goes all the way back to 2019, my god in heaven the lag on Mearatas, Prince, Palace of Embers and Gnome Memorial Mountain. This needed to be addressed years ago.
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  5. Fintank Augur

    This lag has existed on every medium/high pop server ever since Empire of Kunark was released and gotten worse each year. This isn't a BB specific issue. Frequency would be the only defining factor in regards to a specific server. Nothing the devs don't already know exists.
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  6. NyteShayd New Member

    It's all over, every day. Intermittently affects every zoneline I've crossed since the March patch, and doesn't seem to be associated with any specific time, event, zone...

    Even tell and chat channels lag for minutes at a time.
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  7. Proximoe Elder

    It’s not the same server wide as you have heard from plenty of people of this thread, unsure why your actively fighting against us trying to get our server fixed so people don’t stop logging in and can enjoy their gaming experience no matter that day or time.

    When it was reported on xegony years back a dev came to raid gmm with em on the dragon fight to see if there was something to be done to fix it. Why not present daybreak options to help the community like this? Don’t just accept it
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  8. MyShadower New Member Adjacent

    Should be an enchanter spell.
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  9. Bartleby Journeyman

    Seriously, Thursdays just have the normal everyday lag we deal with.... Which we can work with once they fix this nonsense.
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  10. Bigstomp Augur

    I'm sure any raid guild on Bristle that raids sunday would probably be happy to have a dev along just to experience how bad it actually is.
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  11. Verily Tjark Augur

    Make the Dev raidleader and have them try to use the raid tool at the same time... that would be quality entertainment!
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  12. Bartleby Journeyman

    Agreed, The Dev's have to play on Medium to High settings, and they have to use the raid tool, and they have to hit every emote. Without using Gina... And they have to try and get achieves done like this.
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  13. Anjie New Member

    So, which Dev is going to raid with RA on a Sunday? Has it been decided yet? Meet up at Dreadlands for the Anniversary raid at 8pm EST. (starting a little later since its Easter)
  14. Neale Povar Lorekeeper

    I heard the devs are working in shifts to fix the lag. They have pie charts and everything!
  15. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    I mean, this is objectively false. It's not always shared across servers week to week, and the performance of the guild in question, as I mentioned previously, plays a large factor in the degree to which it is felt. I've personally experienced game breaking lag on Valhallah (FV) raids (where I struggled to exceed 3 casts per minute), on Iratus Lepus (Xegony) raids, on Scarlet Vengeance (Rathe) raids, on ORI (Xegony) raids, on Faceless (Selos) raids (it was especially interesting watching the slow progression of raid lag as they got into current content with more or less the exact same roster throughout the last several expansions), on Shadows of Doom (AB) raids, and on more than a few hundred events in Silent Redemption and CJR (Cazic) over the last several years, Many times with zone times just as bad as you're describing and spell lockouts far worse, some events we didn't even have any mechanics fire, at all. There's been plenty of on stream evidence of the above and many more guilds ala RoI getting absolutely bricked by server response time. There isn't a server on this game where 54 high end players couldn't bring the hardware to a screeching halt if they wanted to. There are consequences to being a high end guild raiding in prime time, whether we like it or not.

    It's almost like there's some kind of causal link here.

    I'm not sure what you all hope to accomplish here by gaslighting your fellow players trying to claim you're the exception to the rule when it'd be far more effective to appeal to the entire community who have suffered the same frustrations. It certainly isn't going to garner my support in your crusade, especially if the MO here is to admonish the poor developers who have been trying to address this issue for many years now with limited to no financial investment from the company itself. And no, lag was not "Reported" on Xegony and thereupon action was taken, one of the Developers went out of their way to go out and collect Telemetry data from extremely lagged out instances with multiple top guilds, and not just on Xeg. They certainly wouldn't have taken the time out of their day to make the effort then and many times later if we had acted like this in direct aggression towards them.

    Weird vibes here. Real weird. Do you actually think this kind of rhetoric will result in a positive response from the other side of the aisle here?
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  16. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Actually, lag may be lighter this Sunday because some guilds may not raid on Easter. Anyway there is a post that says zoning lag may be fixed this next patch, and Im fairly sure the 2 types of lag are from the same root cause. Too much to hope for? maybe idk
  17. Emilari Scholar

    The lag experienced on all servers is problematic. Yes, there are various kinds of lag which makes finding the solution to it all rather difficult. The spell lag and mechanics lag are unfortunate, but I too have seen that on multiple servers in multiple guilds.

    That being said, I raided on FV for years with Prosperitas. I saw plenty of mechanics, spell and chat lag there. I never saw it take 30m to get a raid from point A to B there.

    I raid on Povar with Echoes in Eternity, and never experience it taking 30m to get a raid from point A to B. I've experienced spell and tell lag there, but not mechanics lag to the extent of 2-4 sets of golems being active on Aten Ha Ra at once.

    I raid on Bristlebane with Reckless Ascension, and almost every evening, inside or outside raids, there are hundreds of crashes - for some people it's every single time they zone. It takes 20-40m of zoning and crashing just to get the raid from point A to point B to do another event, and the chat, spells, and mechanics lag is insane... even worse than FV which had previously been my worst experience in EQ.

    While lag is a constant, the experience on each server is vastly different.

    There are some upcoming things in the next patch that will hopefully address some of it, not all of it, but some of it. Inviting the devs to join us is so that they can get whatever telemetry they need - which as has been pointed out has been done before for similar issues. The forum activity the past few days has caused Accendo to reach out and ask us for more information. All of this is good... hopefully for everyone, and not just Bristlebane.
  18. Whulfgar Augur

    No that seems like a decent rig.

    Ive recently updated computers myself.
    i9 12900k, 32gb ddr5 4800mhz Z690ddr, rtx 3090ti, 2tb M.2 NVMe ssd.

    Ive yet to see lag after grabbing up two of these. But I'm also not on y'all's server.
  19. Whulfgar Augur

    I'm curious if this server is the only one who is having lag this bad still?
  20. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Its easy to tell the difference between personal lag and server lag. Can we please stop bringing computer specs into this? Its not anyone's computer. Its theirs.
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