Bristlebane go Down

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Redrum_Redrum, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Redrum_Redrum Augur

    The server tripped, fell, and went down at around 1:15pm pst...
  2. Lilliee New Member

  3. svann Augur

    That was odd. I couldnt set puller, then i clicked books (on behest of the emperor) and got success emote but no credit in quest log. I could get agro and lose it. I could sing the melody. I could not log out.
  4. Shredd Augur

    Yeah Bristlebane crashed . . I blame Redrum
  5. Redrum_Redrum Augur

  6. svann Augur

    locked now
  7. klanderso Developer

    We're working on bringing it up ASAP!
  8. Kalela New Member

    I also blame Redrum!
  9. Nennius Augur

    Darn it Redrum!

    Let us play! :)
  10. klanderso Developer

    It's back up :)

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