Bristlebane Day - The Gift of Laughter

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  1. Uuvin Augur

    Logged on another toon. Ran from POK to GD to EW - as I approached Kael I got the GIft of Laughter buff. When I zoned into Kael I got the ach. The buff lasts 11 minutes and it says Spell Effect: Your laughter is so intense it's become infectious. ( and yes it is spelled it's ). I tried to laugh with and at a friend. group with them and stuff. but I could not figure out how to transfer it. This is my 2nd toon that got the ach just by zoning somewhere.

    [Fri Apr 01 09:36:05 2016] You laugh.
    [Fri Apr 01 09:36:20 2016] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
    [Fri Apr 01 09:36:33 2016] You have entered Kael Drakkel.
    [Fri Apr 01 09:36:34 2016] Yanwolf tells you, 'think its not'
    [Fri Apr 01 09:36:34 2016] You let out a hearty chuckle.
    [Fri Apr 01 09:36:38 2016] You have completed achievement: Bristlebane Day - The Gift of Laughter
  2. Atlans Journeyman

    Yes, went to PoMischief and tried.......nothing
  3. Uuvin Augur

    just got it on a 3rd toon. just log on and keep moving / zoning?. you will eventually get the buff. then you have to zone to get the achievement. the buff lasts about 11 minutes. It is rejuvenated each time you zone. I lost it soon as I entered my guild hall though. It does not tick down in pok. I camped in a different zone. then logged back on. the buff was still there, though I don't know any benefit from having the buff except the small nimbus of jester crowns around your head.
  4. Atlans Journeyman

    I'm very happy that your 3 toons got the achievement, grats! I have been logged on and zoned to 15 different zones so far today with no luck. Maybe it is random per account? Who knows in the crazy world of Norrath. Happy Bristlebane Day
  5. Drewie Augur

    According to Lucy, Gift of Laughter is a viral spell with a very short range (30). Try getting close to someone else when you get it and see if he/she starts laughing.
  6. CatsPaws Augur

    OK got it! Is very random. I started zoning thru magus cause more zones that way then used other zone stuff I had like staff for cresent reach etc. Then I got to surefell glade which is my ranger's home and when I zoned into qyenos hills there was a very small line right after the zone in message and a new buff on me. Then I ran to Qyenos cause is only like 3 min left on that buff, got zoned in and got the accomplishment note, the painting reward and the suffix "the lunatic" and buff is now 10 min. woot!
  7. roguerunner Augur

    it appears to be viral around other people, just have to run by someone with it
  8. CatsPaws Augur

    Update. Got it on second toon. But have zoned over 50 times on another toon and not getting it. Could be level related since he is only level 22. The other two that have gotten is so far are 75 and 87. I am standing right by one of them with the buff and it does nothing to anyone standing around it but there are black, white and gold jester heads floating around my head.
  9. Prathun Developer

    In the spell description, "it's" is the contraction of "it has" so there should be an apostrophe.
    There is no situation where something would possess "become" and so the possessive form "its" would not be used here.
  10. Heile Lorekeeper

    Yea so just seems very random and just have to keep zoning to get the buff...then zone to another zone with the buff on you to get the achievement. Even though it says it's viral, I never got it to work on my other toon, so just kept zoning and got the buff...then zoned back and got achievement.
  11. Fooba Elder

    And I waited a whole year for the old PoM to come back...
  12. Benito Augur

    Possible Solution/Spoiler.

    I think I may have found a way to get the Achievement!

    I spammed my Gyrospire Relocation Device (instant port between Gyrospires Beza and Zeka). The first 10 port clicks / zone-ins - nothing. On my 11th port, I received the buff "Gift of Laughter." On my 12th, 13th, and every successive click I also received the buff "Gift of Laughter." The buff was guaranteed after a certain point.

    1st Click- Nothing
    2nd Click - Nothing
    3rd " - Nothing
    4th " - Nothing
    5th " - Nothing
    6th " - Nothing
    7th " - Nothing
    8th" - Nothing
    9th " - Nothing
    10th " -Nothing
    11th Click - Buff
    12th Click - Buff
    13th " - Buff
    14th " - Buff
    15th " - Buff
    16th - Buff
    *It seems conceivable that I could have gone on forever with a new buff.

    It seems easy if you have a Gyrospire Relocation Device (sends you to the same /loc). Perhaps you can reproduce this by zoning in and out of the same zone or logging in and out of a character. Druids/Wizards might have an easy time with Succor/Evac spell.'

    Edit: Logged into my second character with Gyrospire Relocation Device on the same account. He logged into PoK but received no buff. He received the buff instantly upon first zoning into Gyrospire Beza! Maybe the system remembers multiple zone-ins into the same zone on the same account?

    *Trying to reproduce this on a second account with Gyrospire.
  13. Benito Augur

    After 40 clicks of the Gyrospire Relocation Device on my second account, I can confirm that this method is reproducible. I am now testing to see if running a character without Gyrospire Device to the same zone and still receive buff. In other words is the buff contagious for the same account?
  14. CatsPaws Augur

    Yes Benito that is what I tried on my level 22 wizzy. 50 times. He did not get it but like I said my other two did get it by zoning here and there. Another person said they just zoned around Nexus and got it after about 15 times. So it is purely random, random, random RNG? So what I think we are trying to figure out now is what is the lowest level a char can get this.
  15. Benito Augur

    Just trying to narrow it down to a surfeit method and to see if it's really a pure zoning mechanism (or have to visit different x zones). It is strange that my alternate received the buff instantly after my main character. Testing to see if that will save time for alts. In other words, get the buff on your high level character then try to zone into the same zone with your low level character?
  16. segap Augur

    I got it on one char the first time I zoned after midnight. Then a second about 3 zones later. The other two I had logged in and in the same group, never got it. They all zoned the exact same number of times to the same places. Looks random to me.
  17. bitefiends Elder

    Hi from pok to Nederia's landing
    Then zoned 6 times between Nederia's landing to Abysmal sea on two characters got the achievement Both are level 105
  18. Iila Augur

    Took 33 zonings for me to get the achievement.

    Was clicking back and forth between gyrospires.
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  19. Tobin Augur

    /bug after I got the buff - Gift of Laughter I zoned and the achievement in my window did NOT update to show I got the task finished. - called up the achievement reward in the preview reward button and hit select and got the award but NOT the achievement checked off or its points. - I zoned 3 more times and then thought to log out and back in - that did it for me - I now have the achievement. A lot of work - NOT FUN DBG
  20. Gialana Augur

    Achievements don't always show up right away in the achievements window, even though the server will recognize you have credit for the achievement. If I remember correctly, if you have the button open that lists the achievement (with the blank box) before completing the achievement, it will not show up, even if you close and reopen the achievements window. Instead, You have to click a different button that shows a different list of achievements and then go back. This should refresh the list and show the check in the box.

    It would be better if the achievement window updated itself right away, but the above is the quickest work-a-round.
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