Bristlebane Be Praised - Mischief is coming!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 26, 2021.

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  1. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Any chance of getting mercs enabled? Main problem I have always had is finding a healer or a tank and I hate playing both. :p
  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Item comparison only works with equipped items?

    Can it do multi items at the same time?
  3. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    It seems like the choice to not do Truebox has less to do with player satisfaction and more to do with ensuring high Krono sales by making sure players have to fight each other for loot.

    I'm guessing that players are quite happy on Rizlona (probably happier than on Truebox), but that your bottom line wasn't as high as it is on a server like Aradune. I think the bots, the empty-promise Truebox lip-service, and the highly contested loot ensure more krono sales, even though average player happiness is probably lower.

    It sucks when it feels like the biggest opponent is the game company itself, not the game.
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  4. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    How does Truebox ensure high Krono sales by making sure players have to fight each other for loot, on a server with Pick Zones and AoC's? Krono prices will be higher on a more populated server, and also higher on a server where people can't get the good stuff by themselves. But that has nothing to do with fighting each other for loot, just the capabilities of a single player on that server.

    I get it, you want to run a million accounts by yourself and do what it takes a lot of real people to do otherwise. It's a powerful feeling, and I won't discount that it could be fun. But do they need a new TLP for that all the time? Why isn't Rizlona sufficient for now? Truebox makes the initial rush more exciting and engaging for actual individual players on a new TLP. Non-Truebox is the same person playing with themselves, whether it's new or old. Why do all that work to setup all those boxes just to jump to the next TLP in a year and do it again?

    I guess that's more of a question of why people do Classic-PoP and then start over, but that loop seems more engaging and fun for the single or dual boxer. Unless you are farming Krono, I would think it would make sense to stick with one server and keep moving those box armies along. Having your own solo raid force is pointless if you do a couple raids and then start over and do those couple raids again.
  5. TheDohn Augur

    You can't have interpersonal drama when there's no interpersonal interaction. Riz is more dead than server 4x it's age already.
  6. sennel New Member

    "Rare NPCs will drop loot from other NPCs of a similar level within the same expansion."
    What I am reading is only rare NPC's dropping loot from other NPC's. Maybe should have read "Rare NPC'S loot will drop from other NPCs of a similar level within the same expansion."???
  7. Herf Augur

    No Mercs!!
  8. Lazarus New Member

    Does this mean there will be 2 servers on Launch?
  9. HighElfPlayer Journeyman

    Ah the good old double negatives. As a non-truebox supporter, I definitely misread that the first time through.
  10. Riou EQResource

    No, 2nd one is for overflow if 1st is too busy
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  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I lol'd so hard, no way mercs show up in classic they are stupidly OP before 60

    Earliest would be something like Omens and even that would be a bit sketchy unless those were down-tuned a bit.
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Not seeing this officially posted anywhere and I've been through the Staff Post Tracker.

    How is this going to work? Only allow X amount of chars created on the servers then the other fires up, a bit like picks?

    Seems daft if they do it the same was as Anduane, no one wants to recreate on a 2nd server once they have established friendship groups and guilds.

    If they allow char creations before the server unlocks, it could be seen before hand another server is needed and open the 2nd server before friendships and guilds are created.
  13. Moria New Member

    I have one of those 20th anniversary Royal Antonican Sokokar Mount code cards. Can I claim that on the new Mischief server?
  14. BigDog Elder

    <Big Dogs> Will be showing up for this
  15. Riou EQResource

    The rule sets should be the same so a decent amount would recreate on the 2nd server if the queue time remains like 1-2+ hours, since being able to play is better than not being able to play :p
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  16. PathToEternity The Janitor

    Server is really healthy as far as I know. My guild fields 50+ RL people 3 nights a week. There are plenty of other guilds clearing content in-era as well (not sure their boxing %).

    It's hard to make unilateral declarations about server health without Daybreak pulling back the curtain, but for me this has probably been my best TLP experience yet and I previously played on Fippy, Ragefire, and Phinny.
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  17. Pelrond Elder

    Maybe that is why it is called "Mischief". ;-)
  18. HappyHippo New Member

    Well, here are my 2 cents....

    1. Free Trade is great, everyone is loving it, so do I.

    2. Random loot will probably completely ***** big time. Why do you want me to progress through an expansion when the early bosses drop the same loot as bosses in the end zone? Progression through an expansion will feel meaningless because the ultimate raid zone in an expansion (VT, PoTime, etc.) just drops the SAME RANDOM STUFF as all the other bosses in that expansion. What´s the point? seriously? This is EQ diablo style.
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  19. Beardsy Lorekeeper

    I think a randomized loot system may be hilariously fun and some of the most rage inducing we've ever seen on raids... If this had faster expac unlocks, say 2 month on lvl cap+ and 1month no lvl cap+ instead of the current 3-2 it'd make it perfect.
  20. Roman New Member

    Will this apply at all levels, even trash enemies from level 10-50 and change up some spawns camped for early money such as sisters?
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