Bristlebane Be Praised - Mischief is coming!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 26, 2021.

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  1. Xanathol Augur

    Points for originality.

    Now allow Beastlords and Berserkers of unlocked races from the start and you're golden.
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  2. kenmei Elder

    Or leave the server as is but with an additional Sullon Zek ruleset. Best case is to limit the expansions, i.e. like Agnar. But Team pvp can cure krono farmers. the krono farmers will never team up, they too greedy (they cant sell to each other). best case is regardless if you're using 3rd party software or not, the community will pvp you down (or you them) to challenge the fact, instead of forum flames, or spamming GMs with petitions.
    what I mean is, as an old Sullon Zek player, you are a team, so when an enemy is seem you just call it out, so ppl feel like someone is exploiting truebox, or regardless red is dead, you just announce em and we come runnin. but ppl exploitin truebox are goin to be big fish as they will be so easy to kill, they will be announced all the time if they get seen. anyways, only fantasy, eq2 tle is doin it, but i hate eq2, lol.
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  3. kenmei Elder

    True, prices are ridunkulous on FV and always have been, but it was the RP 1 toon only server before it was its current form, so there was extenuating circumstances to how the rich and economy got even more twisted from the FV Loot rules release.

    Prices will most likely get crazy after time like any other mmo, but they will be more spread out i think on this server. also the cool part about this server is everything is for sale, all quest items, more ingrediants, mats etc than a normal server.. thats why FV economy gets so crazy, everything has a price.
  4. Gnomie Denser than most

    Didn't see any other threads about it (though admittedly didn't look super hard); but how will Sleeper's loot be handled on the server? Will pre-woken loot only be available in the pool prior to the awakening? Or will both loot tables always remain available?

    Also curious how things like the Charasis key will work, with both key pieces being from rare mobs randomly. I suspect it will just require that you get lucky or buy the pieces for a premium since they're all tradeable?
  5. Protagonist Tank

    They have given zero details on how any of the mechanics will be handled, and the fan boys are slurping that fact up and calling it "fun"
  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    The concept sounds pretty cool and we don't need all the fine details to understand that it has potential to be enjoyable.
  7. Drazore New Member

    Yes! This! Do something to unlock all races and classes from the start please! I'll deal with class specific quests only being available when the required expansion unlocks, and I don't even care to main either of those classes. I just want to see more variety to begin with. At this point in time most of us are here to play the game. I love the lore of the game but those rules should be broken on a TLP, especially one like this!
  8. Protagonist Tank

    We don't need all the fine details. We need the gross details. So far what we have is "random lewtz lol gg" and a bunch of simps saying "TRUST DPG THEY HAS NEVER MADE TERRIBLE DECISIONS THAT FALL OUT HORRIBLY ON PLAYERS! FUN!"

    A basic clarification on what mechanic is being used for reassignment, whether quest items will be reassigned, and whether key items will be reassigned. That's all that's being asked for. This weird thing where people are roleplaying their unshakable belief that this won't have server-breaking problems is deeply creapy - especially as most of those problems won't manifest until you've invested months into a char there.
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  9. code-zero Augur

    What I'm reading here is that you want to know exactly what mobs to camp to get the particular drops you want. I understand that some people are going to be deeply disturbed that they won't be able to run the same formula that they've used on every other TLP and their favorite 's in the past and thus want to crap on the entire concept. Well, maybe this isn't the server for you then
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  10. Protagonist Tank

    You've been around a little while, and you're not part of the extra-chromosome club. Don't do this internet thing where you purposefully misread what's being said, pretend you didn't understand the real statement, then insult the thing you just made up. You're better than this kind of nonsense and doing it is shameful.
  11. Protagonist Tank

    Any of these statements would answer the important questions while spoiling none of the "spirit" of the server.

    mobs that are flagged "rare creature" will have their loot manually reassigned once.
    mobs that are flagged "rare creature" will have all of their loot pointed at the same table with equal priority.
    mobs that are flagged "rare creature" will have all of their loot pointed at the same table with customized priority
    Items that are flagged "magic" will be moved into an expansion wide random loot table for the same level ranges that we use for defiant

    And then:

    Quest items will not be reassigned
    Quest items will be treated as any other rare loot via the rules above.
    Quest items will be added to the above loot table but will not consume a loot "slot"

    And then:

    Key items will be reassigned but made tradeabule.
    Key items will not be reassigned but kept no drop
    Key items will be reassigned and kept no drop

    Each of those option sets can be combined to result in a great server that would be a huge amount of fun or a horrible server that is a trainwreck and will die on the vine before it even gets to PoP. The answers matter, and do absolutely nothing to spoil the "surprise" factors.
  12. Ketzerei84 Elder

    I love how reading comprehension is such a lost art to people who post on a forum which requires them to read and write.
    Please note that quest items have not been mentioned, vendor trash has not been mentioned, tradeskill drops have not been mentioned. If only we had some idea of which items might be affected or there was some other server with some kind of rule relating to the new Mischief server we could look at for a basic idea of what might be covered... oh wait:

    Maybe there is, what other Everquest server has free trade? What kind of itemization pass is already happening that would give us an idea of which items are affected. Hmm, if only we could figure that out....
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  13. Protagonist Tank

    You were in such a huge hurry to snark, you didn't notice that the bits you posted were vague statements that fit any of the listed descriptions I gave. "Rare NPCs will drop loot from other NPCs of a similar level within the same expansion."

    mobs that are flagged "rare creature" will have their loot manually reassigned once.
    mobs that are flagged "rare creature" will have all of their loot pointed at the same table with equal priority.
    mobs that are flagged "rare creature" will have all of their loot pointed at the same table with customized priority
    Items that are flagged "magic" will be moved into an expansion wide random loot table for the same level ranges that we use for defiant

    All of those proposed scenarios fit their very vague statement, and some result in an unplayable mess. As to quest items and keys - most of those also drop off rare NPCs, so they fall under the category of "Rare NPC loot"

    This stupid internet thing where you rush to sound like a preteen girl smack talking her mom for attention is asinine, and you should give it up before this is all that's left to your personality.
  14. Apple New Member

    This looks great !
  15. Blame New Member

    I remember this guy named gnosis, who was horrible at the game, so he quit. He then commented on the forums, because he actually has no life and is still bitter that he sucked at the game.
    Hi gnosis a.k.a. Protagonist
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  16. Protagonist Tank

    I don't even know who the procreation that is, and it's weird that you're trying to invent some kind of personalized conspiracy about them

    Edit: Holy crap that's a giant wall of weapon's grade stupid.
  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    For someone who allegedly quit and will never be back for you to even respond to the call out at all let alone as fast as you did is..........:rolleyes:

    Cool Story Bro!
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  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Instead of complaining that we don't know everything the instant the server is announced why don't we wait and see what information is going to come as the server gets closer to launching? Personally I find it a good thing that there is some unknown about this new server as that helps make a game exciting. It does get a bit boring when you can plan everything out about how are are going to progress through the entire game before the server even launches.
  19. Imukai Augur

    I expect this to be lost in the sea of comments, but at least it will be here.

    Mischief would be more tempting if all class unlocks were available to start, or if it at least started at Luclin or PoP to get BLs into the mix without waiting until the end of the year. Tho true "Mischief" would allow all races to be all classes. Or purposely mixed up (high elf SKs, gnome shaman, vah shir necromancers, etc)

    And, most importantly, if it had a 4-6 month release cadence instead of 2-3. Having ridden Agnarr, Coirnav, and Mangler's cadence, I can say 2-3 months isn't enough to enjoy some of these expansions.

    By the time a guild sorta gears up from an xpac, the next one comes out and makes a lot of that gear obsolete. On Mangler we are going into TSS next week and we still have several raiders in predominantly Gates/Omens gear.

    The ruleset itself sounds fun with the FV trade and chaotic loot dropping (and +rare spawns) but the idea of starting over, again, and taking 2 years to get back to where I am currently on Mangler is a showstopper.
  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I remember seeing a lot of complaints in the past that expansions are taking too long to open and people are bored on the TLP's with longer unlocks.
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