Bristlebane Be Praised - Mischief is coming!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 26, 2021.

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  1. dreamweaver Community Manager

    EDIT - We will now be launching Thornblade simultaneously with Mischief!

    Hail, Norrathians! Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane has gotten all tangled up in our servers and after all the time it took to get him out he left a gift for everyone. Mischief is our new Time-Locked Progression server and we're launching on May 26! So sharpen your blades and prepare your minds, it's time to enter Norrath anew!

    Mischief will be a new way to experience EverQuest as it grew over time, starting during the earlier eras of the game and adding our own twist (inspired by that deviously, fun-loving God of Tricks). The Mischief Random Loot Progression Server will begin with access to the original zones that were available at launch and will gradually add expansions first Classic will run a month, and then subsequent expansions will be opened in a specified cadence later (check out more info on the cadence below!)

    Need to know what to expect on Mischief?

    Mischief Ruleset -
    Mangler XP Progression
    Agents of Change Enabled
    Pick Zones Enabled
    Truebox Enabled
    Free Trade Enabled
    Random Loot Enabled
    • The Mischief server is a new experimental server that randomizes loot.
    • Rare NPCs will drop loot from other NPCs of a similar level within the same expansion.
    • Raids will drop loot from other raid NPCs of a similar level within the same expansion.
    • We may add other special case randomization.
    • Rare NPCs have a greater chance of spawning
    Unlock Cadence:
    • Expansions:
      • 1 month Classic
      • 2 month Kunark
    • 2/3 month regular release cadence
      • 2 months for no level increase
      • 3 months for level increase
    • Exception: LDoN will only be one month
    By playing on Mischiefyou agree to:

    Absolutely No Automated/Unattended Game-play, any incident of automated gameplay is immediate suspension, second offence is ban including Mischief associated accounts.

    To play on the Mischief server when it launches, all you'll need is an All Access Membership. You can discover all of the perks of being an All Access Member and sign up here!

    We're also excited to announce in the May update before we launch Mischief we'll be adding a new feature to EverQuest, Item Comparison!


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  2. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Want to know why Mischief? Niente has an answer!

    "One of the challenges with progression servers is that everyone already knows where the best spots to hunt for loot are and where the best items come from. The discovery of new things in the oldest expansions is pretty nonexistent.

    Now, if you are lucky enough to get one of the best spots for loot, it can be a lot of fun, but
    competition is fierce and you will be on your toes defending your turf. Randomized Loot in EQ is an attempt to solve this problem.

    Our goal with Randomized Loot brings a new experience to the oldest parts of the game; knowing everything about classic EQ will still give you advantages, but there will be things that nobody knows on this server. We also hope that it will encourage players to learn more about some of the items and rare NPCs that are less popular. It also makes more of the game useful; if the most popular spots are taken, there are still other places you can go to get valuable items.

    In the end we believe it will encourage players to step out of the same zones they've always played in and try somewhere new and that’s incredibly exciting to all of us!" - Niente
  3. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    Will the Halfling Heritage Crates be released too? :)
  4. ForumBoss Augur

    This sounds fun. Normalizing the zone experience modifiers across zones would help keep people spread across zones rather than falling into the old spots.
  5. dreamweaver Community Manager

    They will be.
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  6. Thewiz Always waiting to play a Berserker

    This server is not a truebox?
  7. Gheed Augur

    So Velketor can drop Vulak loot?
  8. Auesheet Lorekeeper

    Truebox Enabled
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  9. sumnayin Augur

    No promise of enforcing truebox....pass, will just be another server where the 4, 6, 12, 48, 72 boxers do whatever they want...and now they can sell all of their loot they acquire from cheating as it is all droppable.
  10. Vinlail New Member

    Truebox Enabled
  11. Finchy Augur

    Free trade - is this FV trading?
  12. dreamweaver Community Manager

    I'm trying to remember if they are a "similar level" but if they are yeah.
    Raids will drop loot from other raid NPCs of a similar level within the same expansion.
  13. dreamweaver Community Manager

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  14. Vule_Xyrashue Journeyman

    Sounds cool especially for classic when raid gear sucks. How are PoSky drops changed? Can hate trash drop fear gear?
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  15. Boze TLP complaint factory

    This is a hilarious and fresh twist on TLPs, bravo dev team!
  16. Ketzerei84 Elder

    Ignoring the rampant idiocy of the above poster BoatsAndDruids who was too much of a coward to even post on their main account...
    This is an AWESOME server idea. No more SLR hacker bots monopolizing everything. My only question is: how are QUEST drops from named going to be handled?
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  17. Vule_Xyrashue Journeyman

    Oh, and, focus effects?
  18. Finchy Augur

    I actually really like this ruleset tbh...

    An additional say random loot of similar mob levels. Is it restricted by zone, or could say Lord in Lguk drop a quillmane cloak? How far does that "random" piece go? this could be really
  19. Herf Augur

    Good question. The whole point of plane of sky was that you had to go to the different islands.
  20. Azurefrost Elder

    Man, I don't envy the people who need Jboots, Quillmane cloak, etc when you randomly get a Green silken drape from camping Ancient Cyclopse. Also, how will Plane of Sky function? Is it considered Classic or Kunark era loot since it originally didn't come out in classic era. For that matter, how does PoS loot work? Random in era raid loot instead of the quest pieces that drop and now Phinny will drop random PoS class quest items? Gonna make some epics hell when you kill the specific mob target but it keeps dorpping random stuff even though it on a long timer. Say a monk camping Pawbuster and getting random stuff instead of a pipe xD.
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