Bring back the *REAL* GM events

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  1. Lejaun Augur

    Everquest used to have some great events. These events often stood as part of the storyline and a way to introduce the next expansion. It's time to bring them back, please.

    Example: When Scars of Velious was introduced, there was a bard named Sainy (she has a claw in game) and her drake friend. She traveled through the lands and would tell a story about this "new" land that we would soon discover.

    There were also Lanys T'Vyl vs Fironia events, a Lesser Fay Halloween event, an Al'Kabor event in Great Divide, Giant vs Giant fight in Oasis (well South Ro now), undead invasions (more of a script than GM run), the Librarian event, the Forum events that Zatozia (sp?) and other community directors would run, the Karana plague event, unique artifact events, Mayong events, Santa Klugg, etc. You could even just create some brand new events.

    While it is *very* cool for artifacts to appear, players appreciate special unique titles too. Some of us even appreciate the lore of the game being used in events. The point is, GM events add something special to the game and are some of the fondest early memories of EQ for some players. Let's bring them back, please.
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  2. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Sorry, all the GM event storyboards were kept in the North Freeport vault which they paved over.
  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Persuade Jeff Bezos to invest a few million each year out of the goodness of his heart & we might be able to do this for you.
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  4. Lejaun Augur

    Why? What does Jeff Bezos have to do with this request?

    It also doesn't take millions to do this. They've already ran a number of events with the interim GMs. In the past they've used volunteer guides as well. I've been a guide, and it wasn't that complicated. Revamp the guide program, maybe grab a DM to head the program.
  5. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    They don't have enough volunteer guides to cover all the servers. Xegony has gone awhile without an official guide and I'm sure other servers have as well. I suspect a number of the bigger events don't have working scripts atm with all the back end changes lately.

    I cannot remember the last time I saw a GM lead event on Xegony.

    While the FV vs Lanys would be fun to see again, it would be a train wreck on live as players could easily steam roll the content that you needed help with when it happened initially. That's the problem with most of the events ... the rewards are meaningless for the most part due to defiant armor. And most players want rewards that matter to do content.

    I always try to do the guide events when I see the notification. I get nothing from them meaningful, but either get to meet others in a chill setting or help some newer folks do something or bring back fond old EQ memories.
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  6. Febb Augur

    Complex GM events requires scripting. I doubt their current GM's have the time to sit there and script out anything due to all the tickets that are submitted from all the Karens on the TLP's.
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  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    They probably don't run those big GM events any more because the GMs that used to do that were paid employees who were experienced & knowledgebale, most if not all of them got made redundant & were not replaced over the intervening years, until the game has grown in subs significantly & is able to emply a much larger team we will not see them again any time soon.

    The small-scale guide run stories & quests are as much as we can expect because teh company running this game no longer has the resources, it;s difficult to know the exact numbers but from teh game's peak to now the team working on the game is much less than half the size it used to be & that's after growing a bit in numers of employees since 2015.

    The sad fact is that Darkpaw EQ is small compared to what SoE EQ was when those events were more common.
  8. CatsPaws Augur

    What guide events there are that do happen are usually listed in the "Guide Event" sub forum here so if you want to catch one that would be the best place to find the next one.

    They can't always announce them in game to all channels and frequently the Newplayers chat does not get any notice.
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