Bring Back Deflection Discipline

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  1. Chanaluss Can spell Doljonijiarnimorinar, Iqthinxa Karnkvi

    after a few weeks off from raiding, went into Solro Tower today. noticed that my deflection disc hotkey wasnt working because it killed me. Surprise surprise, it was deleted from my discipline list.

    Deflection Discipline is a level 59 discipline, that was added to merchants in East Commonlands and Plane of Knowledge during the Seeds of Destruction expansion. If it was deemed to have been powerful enough to lock it to SoD expansion specifically, It could have easily been tied to one of the levels from that expansion, or locked to expansion only zones. But it wasnt. Much like the new AoE rez that clerics enjoy, Deflection was a quality of life change that allowed knights to survive in emergency situations or tank swaps.

    I was present for pre-deflection EQ, and with Gates coming up, Id prefer to not have to get carried through Tipt this time around too.
  2. Eratani New Member

    I have not used AE res one time since aquiring it.

    This as a lvl 65 raiding cleric on Phinny. In fact, I had forgot I even had the spell til I read your complaint.

    Do not compare the two, they are worlds apart in usefulness.
  3. Chanaluss Can spell Doljonijiarnimorinar, Iqthinxa Karnkvi

    thats fair. The reason i am comparing it at all is because of this post
    that indicated that AE rez was intentionally added to PoP era, whereas their intent is to make knights wait until SoD for the ability to emergency tank a raid boss on the level of a ranger.
  4. nicemace Journeyman

    hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it was being used far more frequently on raids than the occasional 'emergency tank' situations.
  5. Blue Tank New Member

    It's still worse than all the other melee avoidance discs and sk/pal are tanks. Why do they get their 18 second, must have shield equipped to block, disc, but weaponshield is fine, all the other 18 second with no requirement of using a shield.

    How about the amount of out of era discs other melee use...

    Let's take a look at all the other melee tomes/discs please.
  6. Gnog Elder

    As a paladin, I think the removal of deflection is okay. We're already a ridiculously overpowered class, and this ability put us way over the top.
  7. Pikallo Augur

    I don't think you really understand the meaning of a "quality of life" change.

    Quality of life changes refer to things that don't directly impact player power in terms of making their character stronger vs the game environment. Examples include things like buff blocking or the bandolier.

    Deflection directly increases the power of the knight classes, fairly significantly. This would not be considered quality of life.
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  8. Jaime Lannister Augur

    Wait, I'm overpowered?
  9. Gnog Elder

    Yes! Why else would everyone constantly complain about how overpowered Paladins are. Or do you not have Holyforge and Sanctification discs on Ragefire?
  10. Taladir Augur

    I heard it was Heroic Agility that made you so powerful.
  11. taliefer Augur

    why give tank classes tools to tank? logic has no place here.

    i mean, its not like they went back and added lower level versions of these tools to address balance issues or anything, is it?!