Brand New to EQ about to Unsubcribe.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by NewtoEQ, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. NewtoEQ New Member

    Brand New to EQ About to Unsubscribe.

    Always wanted to give EQ a fair chance so I figured let's wait until Aradune tlp launches because it would be great to experience what I've read so much about over the years. I picked this specific server because I liked the rules.

    I'm not new to gaming and I expected downtime & possible delays as the hype around these servers was pretty big from what I was reading in the forum and its been around since 1999. A pandemic...

    The game is amazing. I've met nothing but very helpful people in all my groups and once they found out I was new they offered tips & even some plat to help me purchase spells. The community from what I've noticed was amazing and the gameplay & mechanics have grown on me.

    It seems though that this company is lacking in the communication and just frankly the common sense department. Common sense should be put down on your resume as a qualification because it's becoming rarer & rarer as time goes on. My wife & I have owned & operated a small business over these past 8+ years and if its one thing we have learned during our journey it's that a client appreciates transparency & honesty. If you apologize for something that was unforeseen that's caused an issue 9 out of 10 times your clients will be compassionate and forgive you & work with you through a difficult situation. You earn a clients respect and they see you as a human and not a business name.

    I'm unfortunately cancelling my subscription as of 4:04PM Est. One person like myself cancelling a membership wont break a company but it seems like I'm not the only upset person posting a comment. Wish you all a big thank you to that's helped my in game character "Dethmagnetik" (Enchanter)

    If they resolve this before my sub runs out I hope to see you all in game.

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  2. Sterling-Silverfox Elder

    My son already dropped his two accounts. About to drop mine, have not been able to log in after work in over a week.

    I tried riz until i saw a guy power leveling 12 mages in befallen.

    servers are starting to look juicy again.
  3. Seris New Member

    Sucks that Daybreak is losing so many players due to their stupidity. My wife and I unsubbed as well.
  4. Velven New Member

    I unsubbed as well There is no good reason we should still have a queue this many weeks since the launch, there seems to have been nothing done to fix it or even really attempted to fix it. i would have thought with the renewed interest in the game they might have at least given an update every couple of days letting us know what they are doing to fix the issues. Worst gaming experience i have ever had.
  5. ayoforYayoh Augur

    If even 1% of the fake "i quit" threads were true then we would have seen a drastic change in the que.

    1) you didn't wait 20 years to "give EQ a chance" and then magically decide a TLP in the distant future was the time and place.

    2) you're frustrated with the que because you love playing EQ. otherwise you wouldn't even begin to care about an emotion filled thread on the most niche forums of a niche game.

    3) i love you. you just lie a lot. still love you tho
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  6. Shadix New Member

    The only way the queue will get better is if people stop playing. I have never seen a game plan on losing subscriptions to solve its technical issues. Never seen it with EQ even before.
  7. oldkracow Augur

    History shows otherwise. If anything EQ and blunders go hand in hand.
  8. Sikkun Augur

    You don’t wait 20 years to play a game, then make a forum post about how your leaving with screen name to really back up your account is new?

    All while claiming you somehow had a magical time that you love the game (that you never played before), yet are leaving because you are actually not having a great time.

    Cause I do that all the time, have a whole backlog of 20 year old games to randomly decide to play then write I’m leaving posts for.
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  9. Redgnome1 Lorekeeper

    Another kleenex thread for the LOL Folder
  10. Velven New Member

    lol look at all the fanboys freaking out that there 20 year old game that is on (life support) has been miss managed and driven into the ground to the point that the returning player base has to quit 3 weeks into the New TLP servers launch.
    Really kinda Pathetic.
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  11. NewtoEQ New Member

    Hi all I'm kind of surprised by the views but not the comments.

    My nostalgia is linked to Everquest Online Adventures for ps2 that was was shut down many years ago. It sucked when it shut down. Never had interest in another mmorpg for years after.

    I'm satisfied that other gamers responded with the same feeling I've got. I'm done checking forums and will check updates to see if anything changes over the next few weeks.

    Take care fellow gamers.

    "A note to the cancer/trolls of the gaming community and reading this post just growing a chub while they think of all the awesome things there going to say in their response....nobody likes you. Bye.
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  12. Lionari Elder

    The Que just got a few minutes shorter!
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  13. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Absolutely I mean the forum accounts don't work unless you actually log into the game with the account. You can't spin up a fresh forum account and start posting. So OP created a second(third? fourth?) DB account, logged it into the game at least once to be able to post here as "NewtoEQ" pretending to be someone that likely already has a post history here, lol.
  14. Kronotowin Elder

    What are you talking about? He could easily be a new player that just created his forum account. I don't blame him for quitting. Daybreak servers are designed to support hardcore raiders and real money transactions. If you are casual they don't care about you.
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  15. Machen Augur

    Bull . Only someone who has played EQ for many years and wants something very specific would ever write the above.
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  16. Kronotowin Elder

    If you follow these forums you know that boxers dominated the past TLP's and take over every single money camp while selling Krono for real money with no punishment. The Krono market is completely ruined thanks to these repeat offenders. Given that easily attainable information it's easy to see why someone would pick Aradune for their first TLP experience.
  17. KimchiGoddess Augur

    If you look at my profile it says I joined in 2018 but I just started using the forums Feb of 2020. The 2018 lines up with when I created the EQ account that this forum is connected to.

    His account was just created to make this post within the last 24 hours, I highly doubt it's the same account he plays with.

    I'm a casual player, haven't been able to raid in the last TLP due to my work schedule and don't see it happening on the new ones either. I just decided to play where I can actually log in, but I completely support the rage people are feeling about Aradune. I just don't want to spend my energy being angry that I can't play during my available playtime =/
  18. Dyzalot Augur

    Not sure this is actually true. Look at my profile. Says I joined in 2016. Yet the EQ account that this forum account is attached to was started by me in 2001. So not really sure how that relationship works but I can verify that I didn't just start playing EQ in 2016.

    EDIT - Not accusing you of lying or anything Kimchi. Just disputing the assumptions you made based upon the info listed on your account profile.
  19. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Okay you're actually 100% right, my bad. I must have briefly logged into the forum when I created my account in 2018. I just logged into the forums with another EQ account and it shows me as a new member as of today.
  20. Bailen Augur

    Yeah. I was thinking of giving ole' EQ another go with this server, but the fact that they are still having new server type issues at this point is not encouraging.

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