Boxing Is The Plague Of EQ

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  1. TeekQuest New Member

    If you can't get the loot you really want on a random loot server then you can't get it on any server and there is ZERO hope for you.
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  2. Tachyon Augur

    i stopped boxing after many years (since 2000), duo to as much as full group because i found i ended up grouping more
  3. sadre Augur

    Boxing has transformed everquest from an immersive game to a kind of speedrun enthusiasts game. Not just speed, but constant tweaking of mechanics, efficiency hacks, all the things speedrunners love to do, boxers do.

    Boxing is an example of speedrunning.

    What this means in gaming terms, Everquest is no longer a primarily immersive game. It is no longer Evercrack. It is Evertweak. Evercrack died in the 2000's really.

    No one knows how to create an immersive game at this time. Boxers, by definition, are not immersion players. They are speedrunners, game hackers. Perfectly legit!

    So we shall rehearse until the end of time a source of discontent. Everquest is now a game primarily for those who like to push themselves much as a speedrunner pushes themselves. But it began as an immersive game.

    What's the difference? In the latter kind of world, who knows what rabbit hole people will fall into. There were max tradeskill peeps before the ring war.

    Just ponder that. That's immersion. You just get lost being this character in a gameworld. The hardcore raiders originally were not speedrunners. They were way too immersed. But those days are over for Norrath. (edit: and persistent world online mmo's in general?)
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  4. Cronar Elder

    Boxing is how the studio stays in business. If everyone only paid for and played one account, we would probably see eq shut down.

    With that said, i do wish that the game would evolve to allow everyone the ability to play on a single character. The days of hardcore anything should be gone by now in gaming.

    If the studio was able to, i would rather see them change things so that you can link your multiple accounts and then turn your other characters to mercs and allow you to control a full party.
    That way they keep their income, and people can play the game to the full extent of things.
    That and private zone copies would make it an even playing field for everyone.
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  5. ExecutionDbl9 Shadow Knight / Necromancer / Druid

    Self awareness is hard.
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  6. ExecutionDbl9 Shadow Knight / Necromancer / Druid

    I agree with your point that boxing helps EverQuest stay in business. I'd rather have boxed EQ than no EQ, and we're about 23 years past the ideal EQ, which is minimal box and max immersion EQ.

    But I do disagree that "the days of hardcore anything should be gone by now in gaming"

    There is nothing wrong with hardcore. There are different audiences of gamers, and they should get different games. I do agree that the days of max immersion MMO's are probably long past us, as MMO's now are a dime a dozen, and no matter what sorts of game worlds may be created, we've seen them before and the large, sprawling, living, open and persistent worlds are no longer impressive like they were in the days of EQ and we were seeing the first ones. After 25 years, that sense of awe and the whole wow factor that Norrath gave us is gone. Even those of us nostalgia chasing on TLP's or P99 aren't going to get the same experience. We've had the first experience, and it's gone now.

    But there is still a place for hardcore in games. There is a whole style of games catering to that audience in the Soulslike games. They certainly have a place, even if they aren't my favorite style of games. I think there is a place still for "hardcore" RPG mechanics, like consequences for choices made and factions joined. I think there is still a place for limited fast travel mechanics, and stakes in your adventure in the form of consequences upon death. There is absolutely a place for those mechanics. Certainly not in every game, and in 2024, maybe not even as much in EQ anymore, but I don't agree with saying that hardcore anything should be gone in all of gaming.
  7. Zalphos Elder

    Fewer boxes means more humans and a healthier community. It's more people to talk to, trade with, and play with, and it's greater immersion. I think players in general would end up happier, even most boxers. And, if done right, the company can make more money.

    I'm curious too... about what's happening with your posts.
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  8. Tachyon Augur

    challenge, give not boxing a try for a few weeks, new server is a good experiment... if you don't like it fine
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  9. Amadagu New Member

    If only that were true, I don't think we would be in this situation. While even though I would prefer to play one, the boxers didn't create the situation they reacted to it.
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  10. code-zero Augur

    The reason for boxing is because the community is not healthy. No one back in the day got up and thought "What I want to do is pay for multiple accounts and computers and the KVM switches to run them" out of the clear blue. It happened after dealing with incredibly bad, toxic players who leached experience, ninja looted and left group when they had what they wanted and generally were insufferable jerks. If you're complaining about boxing I have a strong feeling that you managed to make your way on to a large number of /ignore lists and your reputation was mud.

    People didn't start boxing because they're bad people they started boxing because of bad people.

    I can still recall the last time I was ever in a PUG. I was pulling with my Bard as usual and was starting to get fed up with several people. I told my friend playing a Druid to be ready because I was going to deal with the selfish jerk. He bound them all there. I booted the offending players from the group which they didn't even notice, then I trained the camp and the Druid ported us out. Left them in a bind death loop and it was almost half an hour before the complaint /tell started so I blocked them.

    So this is an opinion going back over 20 years. If you actually believe that "Boxing is the Plague" then you are a bad player and I don't want you around.
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  11. ExecutionDbl9 Shadow Knight / Necromancer / Druid

    So you boot someone, train them, and then port out.

    You're right, there definitely was a jerk player in this story. I don't think it's who you think it is though.

    Boxers are the ultimate "I am the main character"
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  12. mark Augur

    got my 7 pcs set up one is for the trader,will get the 6 to lvl 4 so enchanter can get invis persona my ogre and enchanter to sebilis zi invis the ogre meet up with the other 5 real humans wich i will lvl to 60,since i am retired now i will lvl the other 5 and trade on the 7account in commons,all of my friends 2 or 3 box we will get the boxes up and have fun like we do on most tlps over the years.
  13. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    There is no logical connection there.
  14. code-zero Augur

    They were all /afk or chatting and not even watching. They weren't playing they were useless leaches who wanted to discuss whatever game was on television. In short they were all stupid jerks who would have all died if I'd died on a pull and never known why. In fact I doubt that they even knew what happened they just came back from having another slice of pecan pie to see that they'd lost a level or so
  15. ExecutionDbl9 Shadow Knight / Necromancer / Druid

    They used a chat feature to... chat.

    You made assumptions about them, trained them, and then ported away like a coward.

    Again, there is a jerk in your story, but it's not who you think it is.

    People weren't playing exactly how you wanted them to, so instead of being mature about it and leaving the group because you clearly had different objectives and goals, you decided to be spiteful and vindictive. Yet somehow you think you were the victim here.

    "I am the main character" syndrome on absolute full display.

    Everytime I see a boxer try to justify their behavior, it just makes them look worse and worse everytime, validating my opinion of boxers the more I actually interact with them.
  16. Tachyon Augur

    playes boxed back in 1999, i was there!
  17. Until We Felt Red Augur

    Responses like these are just... so overdramatic and unintentionally hilarious that it's hard to respond, but I'll give it a shot.

    I've boxed a 2nd character on most TLPs (generally a druid, for obvious reasons) that I gladly stuff away immediately when someone wants the group spot. This has also been my experience with almost every other boxing player I've encountered. They happily drop a box or boxes for human players. These people aren't speedrunning and I'm certainly not. The pace is the same, regardless.

    Speedrunners are the folks that are level 50 a day or two after game launch. Not coincidentally, these people are almost exclusively not boxers.

    Everquest evokes the same feeling of wonder I had in 2000 when I began playing, every time I log in. I'm stoked for Teek. See ya there!
  18. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    You mean my posts appearing hours (or days) after I actually posted them and so get missed by many unless I quote them? They are "mod reviewed" :D

  19. Vecsus New Member

    Umm...that's not accurate. the number of humans does not change if you have fewer boxes. you'd just see fewer toons online. whether someone is running 1 box or 10 it's still just one human. And as for trading - i would venture to say you'd see less tradeskill stuff hitting the market because zones would not be cleared as fast/often.
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  20. code-zero Augur

    I made no assumptions. I run a parser and I could see that they were not engaging on most pulls, I could see when they were ninja looting. I could tell from the conversations and misstells to /group that they had really interesting conversations with /general and other private chats. In short they were leaches and slackers and earned their bind death loops
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