Boxing Is The Plague Of EQ

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  1. Efr3 Lorekeeper

    I check on the game from time to time to see if they ever are going to listen and make a server that doesn't allow boxing on TLP. I'm talking about an actual server with no boxing allowed. A server that actually doesn't begin as "true box" and then relax into boxing krono farmers. Not the ones they have now that start true box and then remove the restriction so the plague can ruin the server. They never have. The servers start as true box and then change to no box or whatever. That's unacceptable. I just want to say that I'll never play this game on a server that allows boxing. I'm hoping devs read this just so they know they're alienating people like me from playing the game. If we had at least one true box server then people like me would play. I'll be back in a year or whatever to say this again if they didn't listen. Boxing has always been the thing that killed EQ since back in the day. It's the worst thing that ever happened to the game. The game was fun and immersive and we had good times playing normally and grouping together until boxing ruined the game. Imagine actually grouping with other players in EQ. Imagine not playing multiple characters at once. How strange that would be. Obviously for boxers the appeal of EQ is that it was made in a way where we all play 10 characters at the same time on 10 pcs and krono farm and secretly sell the krono and can't be supportive enough of the game to actually pay a sub because we're leeches and only play free games. Maybe we're just strange and so we actually enjoy boxing on EQ and farming krono and wow that's strange. Oh wait no, actually that's the reverse of the games' appeal and that's why I don't play. It's not EQ anymore. It's KQ. Krono questing is where it's at these days. When we have nothing better to do with our life then we krono farm on EQ with 10 PCS. I don't mean we. I mean they. Apparently these people actually exist and continue to plague the game. It was a great game before this was allowed. If they don't wanna change all of the servers to true box only which is what needs to happen then at least they could make one server for people who want to play the game in the normal way. People that actually want to group and play the way the game was designed to be played. I'm also gonna guess that most of the people playing the game these days and boxing are people trying to farm krono. It's just a shell of a game these days. Why would anyone box or play? I have no desire to play a ruined game. The whole appeal of the game and the way it was designed is that you group with other people and that there is challenging gameplay and immersion. These days apparently some people would prefer to box and repeat content solo and continue to plague the game. To me that's just insane unless you're making krono to sell on 3rd party sites or something. That's against the ToS but still why else would anyone play the game? When boxing is all that's left then there's no game here. I'll never play on a server that allows boxing and I'm sure there are plenty of other people who feel the same way and just don't bother posting here.
  2. Herf Augur

    Wow. You took time out of your incredibly busy and important life to wrie all that and you are utterly, completely, unarguably wrong.

    Agnarr is a True Box server and always has been. Probably always will be since they won't give us anything out of era.

    Boxing isn't the worst thing to hit EQ. Mercs were.

    See you next year :)
  3. FranktheBank Augur

    First of all, learn
    to use
    line breaks.

    Also, it's absolutely insane that in this literal text wall that you chose to be wrong and double down so much. Servers were made truebox and left as such for years. The only reason it was changed is due to absolute overwhelming support from the community that actually plays these servers past 5 minutes into classic.
    You said you will never play on a server that allows boxing, which makes me think you believe true box = no boxing, which is hilariously wrong. Or it shows you've never actually played and your input/feedback could not mean any less.
    You are absolutely incorrect about the history of the game. Boxing did not ruin it. Your ability to be wrong at every turn is astounding. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, current EQ or historically.
    I have personally done a server that had truebox from start finish and it's awful. You choose to ignore all the valid reasons people box and make your own stupid echo chamber.

    Go away.
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  4. Reiker99 Lorekeeper

    Enforcing single box requires a lot of CSR resources which Daybreak will never pay for.

    There are unofficial servers with enforced single box so you already have a place to play the game if that's what you're looking for.

    TLPs are an easier, more casual-friendly version of the game and that meshes well with boxing. If anything the truebox restrictions should be eased. The biggest issue is (as you mentioned) krono, but that's also never going to change since Daybreak is extremely profit-driven.

    Honestly you're lucky as an EQ fan. There's a lot of different ways to play the game. I can't say the same for a lot of other older games / MMORPGs that I'd like to go back and experience but just don't have the same sort of modern day support.
  5. Zalphos Elder

    Boxers definitely drive normal players away. It would be nice to have at least one boxing-restricted server.
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  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    How does someone boxing 2 - 6 chars drive players away?

    Those who box are usually first to volunteer to help a guildie when someone asks for help with something. Those who box are far more helpful than players who joing a group with their own agenda, and want to go somewhere completely different to where the group currently is.

    Now if your talking about someone botting who is playing more than 6 thanks to illegal 3rd party programs then thats a different kettle of fish and Daybreak need to start banning those cheaters.
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  7. pipo Lorekeeper

    Weee! We love to be plagues
  8. Zalphos Elder

    Boxing is unfair, harms immersion, and reduces grouping.
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  9. code-zero Augur

    This again? In fairness to the OP I'm primarily going off the title because tl;dr
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  10. Doezit Lorekeeper

    Mercs were an answer to a lack of players, especially at lower levels, to form groups in later expansions. I am not advocating for mercs in earlier expansions, just saying they are a useful feature.
  11. FranktheBank Augur

    If I didn't 6 box, I still wouldn't group with you, because the people that believe this are usually extremely bad at the game or bad at being an active group mate.
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  12. Silver-Crow Augur

    Boxing and mercs are the same thing... a players response to not being able to fill out the groups that they need to achieve what they want to do in game. Add in the requirement for a certain number of players to be in a group to trigger things like quests/missions and you kind of force people to box/merc.

    If mercs were a bit better, I'm sure less people will have as many boxes as there's no need to gear/control a merc. I'm not saying have god level mercs, but at least have them take a hit/heal/do damage as well as a group geared player.

    In a nutshell... early game TLP there's enough players concentrated in the expansion to generally find a group of people working on the same thing as you are. Yes you still get boxers, but these are usually the antisocial krono lords, which as long as there's money in it, nothing will stop them.

    Aradune/Rizlona were the boxing experiment TLP's. Riz - no boxing restrictions, Ara - 1 box only.
    Did it work, Sort of, the heavy boxers went to Riz, the anti Boxers went to Ara. It worked pretty well till they stopped enforcing it (sirens grotto was a prime example)

    The upside of boxers of course is they keep the game alive. Every box is another sub be it paid or krono, so it does keep the lights on.
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  13. Demetri Augur

    As a boxer who ALWAYS drops their boxes down to himself and his wife as humans are available to fill out his group instead, I say the last is complete nonsense. I get groups up and running with others EASILY because I can fulfill whatever secondary roles are missing immediately rather than having to sit there waiting because the healers I've met have doctors appointments that morning or whatever. And then as those roles they fill have human replacements I toss them to the wayside until if-when there's another lapse.

    And on "unfair" how is a $100 (or less, many of my older box laptops were $25 craigslist specials) or so investment into a laptop "unfair" exactly? Because we have the space for a larger desk to manipulate everything well? Because while I do, I guarantee many do not - the number of other boxes I've heard expressing a "Oh , drink on the laptop" or "Oh , dropped the second machine" because of space concerns would be a non-trivial number. Even then, simple small extra expenses like risers can likely accomplish similar, a cheap friend that boxes actually uses his step stool as a riser for such, lol.

    As for immersion - depends on what you consider "immersive" less talky guys that want to tag along for a mission from a central hub to find compatriots is a common theme in many fantasy items. Silent/near silent secondary or rarely primary characters are a common theme in much of fantasy. The idea of sitting there screaming "LFG" to the entire world waiting for people to respond from miles away is hardly immersive either, after all. I'd argue that my version of running with some reluctant tag-alongs that I allow to retire as people come upon me and ask to join my party is moreso.
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  14. Demetri Augur

    When it comes to legitimate, non-automated play, there are FAR more krono lords that run only 1-2 accounts... thinking that krono lords and boxing goes hand in hand when mass boxing cuts your bottom line drastically ignores the sunk cost in boxing.

    And as addressed in the previous one, it can EASILY be the opposite as well and to benefit being social because you can get a party started sooner and go longer when vital roles are temporarily filled thanks to boxing. Much like most things in life social or anti-social variants exist within the same structure depending on how the individual uses the tool.

    If anything I'd wager a huge portion of people think I'm TOO social, and I almost always box to some degree, usually with a 6 man setup available between my wife and I at any time - but I handle the tool well and responsibly.
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  15. CdeezNotes Augur

    I'll take "Paragraphs and why they are useful" for 500, Alex.
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  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Unfair because you cannot find a group?

    How does it harm immersion? What difference does it make if a group boxed or there is a group of 6 players?

    Rather than reduce grouping I would say boxing improves grouping. Many will drop a box if the group will stay viable. If we couldn't box I would more than likely pick a class I can solo, as would many others which would reduce grouping oppertunities further.
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  17. CdeezNotes Augur

    How does me boxing out of necessity when nobody is around reducing groups? If I wasnt boxing during those times, I wouldnt be on at all. Last I checked, I like to play the game, not be forced to log off when I can't do anything solo.

    Immersion? Lol, yes because people riding bunnies and ducks is so immersive.
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  18. Zalphos Elder

    A multiboxer can accomplish a great deal more than a 1-boxer. It's not fair. It's not a level playing field. It feels like the boxer is cheating, even if it is allowed according to the rules.

    As for immersion, it's weird and disappointing when you see several people but it turns out to actually only be 1 person. It's not intuitive. It doesn't compute well. The experience is similar to being catfished. And then there's /follow. When 2 or more characters /follow another, they intersect and form this ghost mutant glitch that also breaks immersion.

    We'll have to agree to disagree about grouping.
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  19. Exmortis_MT Augur

    How is boxing unfair? I pay for 6 accounts, if I pay for all 6 accounts it is not my right to play them? What right do you have to tell me I cannot play them? That's unfair. I have the means to own 6 systems that can play EQ, so I can play with in the "Truebox" rules, that's unfair? When you give up your computer because another does not have one and claims it is "unfair" we will have such a discussion once again. No offence but this is a terrible and circular argument, if being able to do something another cannot is unfair, the world would be back in the stone age, or at least we would all be still running from the mighty "@". Or is it you are incapable of running 2-6 toons? that's not "unfair", in game macros; learn them, know them, use them.

    So the light from the window, wall and desk, the noise from cars outside, your mom/wife/GF calling you, your phone buzzing that does not harm immersion? I am not sure how you see my 6 toons camping in OT is affecting your immersion....So groups affect immersion? or raids? Seriously did you even say this out loud to yourself? Oh wait that would have harmed your immersion to the reply.

    In this case you are correct when it comes to "Truebox". My friends will unlikely play if new TLP is "Truebox ruleset", thus I will create a box team to play. They like to play two toons, but will not if they cannot. I play odd times and hours travel every second week, thus it is impossible for me to group a few months into the game, everyone I meet far out levels me. I would rather dedicate 2-3 toons to a friends group and play when we can, but thanks to "Truebox" I will box a team of 6. So "Truebox" makes me box....Thank you for your support!

    Really should have thought your response through.
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  20. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Oh, come on. Its nothing at all like catfishing. Your misuse of this term leads me to believe that you actually mean botting not boxing and got the term wrong.

    If you have a mutant glitch then quit staring at passing groups, you can go blind doing that. ;)
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