"Boxers keep EQ alive."

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  1. Strawberry Augur

    The argument that Boxers are essential to EQ, and that without them EQ would collapse, reminded me of a story.

    4 people are stranded on an island. 1 is tasked with catching the fish, providing clean drinking water and shelter. The other 3 are eating those fish, drinking the clean water and seeking shelter. Those 3 argue they are essential to the island and island's economy. Without them, they argue, the island's economy would collapse. But the truth is that the 1 person doing all the work would be much better off without those 3 taking all the island's resources.
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  2. Lionari Elder

    Fail. Try again.
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  3. Sikkun Augur

    What server gives you evidence that there is not in fact a large boxing community?
  4. Gethvelion Journeyman

    Humm - lets see, who am I going to pay more attention too. The one person who pays me $120 a year or the 12 people who pay me $216 a year each?
  5. Rotlust Augur

    Boxers are the reason I quit EQ back in the day. I know several people I've met on these TLPs say the same thing. If anything, boxers ruined EQ by deteriorating the social aspect of the game. Eventually, boxing became a necessity to progress in later EQ, and modern EQ is designed with this in mind. This, in part, is why people keep coming to classic EQ. The fact of the matter is, if I want to play a single player game I can do so much cheaper and easier with other games.

    I love this unintentional experiment that has taken place with these two servers. Even I am taken back by the incredible heavy population lead that Aradune has had. I knew it would be this way, but I didn't know it would be this huge.

    Fact: most people play social games to play with other people. Crazy, I know.
  6. Nolrog Augur

    Epic fail. Because the 3 people aren't doing no work. They are doing the exact same work as the 1 (paying the same subscription fee.) They don't play for free.
  7. Laronk Augur

    I'm just wondering what you're trying to argue here, is it you just want a no box server instead of aradune? in my limited play it hasn't seemed that bad boxer wise.
  8. Rotlust Augur

    probably the multi thousands who pay 120 a year instead of the hundredish who pay 216 like literally every other game
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  9. Cydonia Elder

    I’ve gotta be honest. This is the worst analogy for anything I’ve ever seen. There is literally no scenario where this analogy works.
  10. Machen New Member

    Of the servers with medium or high population right now, 10 of the 12 allow unlimited boxing.

    Might want to rethink your arrogance.
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  11. Gethvelion Journeyman

    Lol - you think bot armies are limited to just one server, they are on every server. Catering to the needs of the people who buy the Krono to exchange it for Plat and Items. And each time one of those botters uses one of those Krono to extend their game time it makes them just that little bit more important than you and I who only payed the normal subscription fee.

    It's the age old conundrum of the haves and the have nots, the haves put their nose to the grindstone and work to get what they want, the have nots spend all their time complaining about the haves and not enough time putting in the effort to become a haves.
  12. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Aradune has literally been hitting 4000+ concurrent toons online.
    Rizlona doesn't hit a Queue in prime time during launch weekend.

    I don't think anyone who is remotely honest can debate that boxing has anything but a net negative effect anymore.
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  13. Pawtato Augur

    I blame the Dev team of the past for designing the game around a strict group structure and massive flagging requirements. It really destroyed the log-in and play aspect, you have to wait around for a tank, healer and crowd control. Then, everyone has to be flagged for the zone.

    As much as people like PoP, it genuinely destroyed the social side of the game. Mobs hit hard and you had to complete a spreadsheet worth of tasks to enter a zone.

    Boxing is just an end result of never having that class you need (cleric) to do what you want (some obscure task), when you want.
  14. Kronotowin Elder

    This is false. A lot of boxers RMT kronos to support their gameplay. Twitch streamers have shown this.
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  15. Sythrak20 Elder

    And itll be dead in three expacs.
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  16. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Why do people insist on making this a them versus us argument?

    It's totally stupid.

    Every person playing supports the game, we should be happy this game has as many players as it does of either stripe.
  17. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    This. ^^

    Look, I don't like m q too. I don't even like I S boxer for that matter. I think they give someone an advantage you're not meant to have.

    But unless you're doing something to affect MY gameplay (like monopolizing content, holding some "camp" for 3 days straight, etc), I also don't really care what you do.

    People need to stop complain about boxers, and complain about GRIEFERS. They are not the same thing. Whether that is boxers, RMTers, botters, whatever.
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  18. Metanis Bad Company

    It would seem that a distinct sub-set of the non-boxing crowd are Everquest's "Karen's". They are pi$$ed off that nobody will group with them because they suck and they resent the h8ll out of those of us that can get things done on our own because we make our own groups work.

    Now I'm not talking about the RMT boxer's monopolizing entire zones for weeks on end. There is no excuse for DP not policing those jokers. I would ban those characters and then add a restriction on how many FTP characters can be created per day from a single IP subnet. That would at least slow down their ability to quickly reconstitute their groups.

    My group is all Gold and all accounts and characters that my kids created before they got busy with family and work. I don't monopolize camps, I don't intentionally grief anyone. I purposely try to stay out of other players way. There are so many things to do in EQ's end-game that it's really easy to move on to some other task, quest, or camp when it appears there is contention. I have no interest in soloing my cleric after 21 years of playing him. It is vastly more fun to challenge myself by playing 4 or 6 characters well. My wife routinely plays 2 and I play 4 unless she's not playing and then I play all 6.

    My wife and I as Enchanter and Cleric were the ideal support classes for many years. I can't count how often we would help out other people meet their goals and get their gear. We routinely deferred on gear drops to other characters since neither cleric nor enchanter are impacted by the gear we wear. And guess what, all those people we helped eventually moved on to other servers or quit the game. So we play now to suit ourselves. And that's the way it should be. Nobody else is paying for my 6 subscriptions. Until you do you should chill out about the way we play the game.
  19. KimchiGoddess Augur

    shut up
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  20. Smallhands Elder

    I'd rather play on a server with boxers than one with a bunch of angry Karens running around complaining all the time.

    Play your game on your server, and they'll play theirs.