Boxed bard setup

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Morgwen, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. Morgwen New Member

    Anyone have a good 115 spell line up and melody for a boxed bard in a melee group? Trying to get most benefits with least effort so I can focus on the rest of group.
  2. Cicelee Augur

    I would guess Aria, War March, the four dots with insults sprinkled throughout.
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  3. Tucoh Augur

    Most important is keeping aria and war march running, with fierce eye and quicktime being hit at the right time. Reckless renewal is underrated. This is easy except when things get hectic, then your bard is staring at a corner doing nothing when you really need it.

    From there, you've got a lot to add. Epic clicks, insults, dots, bellow/vainglorious shout, swarm pets, melee etc. And you can also pull extremely well and cc OK. It's all a matter of how much spare time you want to spend and how much you want to risk burdening your action goals until you can't keep your basic somgs running.
  4. Chorus Augur

    tucoh's covered it...but for the most part, the bard epic isn't really handy except for the difficult named where you need that extra boost. Using it for general grinding, or for weaker named, is more more of a hassle than a must have these days. Yep, it makes a difference, but only on the more difficult fights will it be an effective difference. For the most part, using it will cause you to deal with extra downtime while holding any given camp.

    saying this from the point of view of a BOXED bard, where interrupting your group activity in order to activate the epic, then re-activate melody and then go back to whatever you were a whole lot of excessive focus you don't need to be expending on average fights.
  5. Silu Elder

    What? I don't get what is hard about adding the bard epic click in... yes, it has a cast time, but you can keep the benefit up for 2 of every 3 mins, in line with Fierce Eye. Is there a good reason not to click it with Fierce Eye and on refresh (outside of spacing them out by 1 mins so one is always running)?

    +12% nuke and DoT crit rate plus 140% accuracy 66% of the time is nothing to sneeze at
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  6. Chorus Augur

    I get that response a lot when I say this. However, if you have downtime when you're holding down a camp, then you're experienceing over kill. At that point, the epic isn't gaining you anything, and it's been that way for YEARS now. I understand my point of view isn't a popular one, but it is an honest one. I'd prefer to have 0 downtime to having hours of it every day when holding a camp.
  7. Szilent Augur

    But with more dps, "a camp" just includes more mobs. What downtime?
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  8. Chaosflux Augur

    Big agree with Szi

    Checking back in my logs last time I hit a 4hr pot (this morning), Kiz parser says we had exactly 2 minutes out 240 where we weren't in combat. Downtime? Never heard of her.

    Thats with a boxed bard and that epic was hit everytime it was up, because I like killing all the things faster and my mage box appreciates it.

    Its not hard to have a macro that stopsong as first line, hits epic/fe, and restarts melody. Literally 1 button click every 3 minutes that's how hard it is to manage. Make a Gina trigger that bonks you if you can't remember.
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  9. Cuuthbert Augur

    As far as a song line up.... depends on how well the bard is on AA, what is the group make up. There are so many options and different classes determine much of the song line up. The easy thing of course is Sathirs, war march, Sathirs, Aria, etc... but if you dont have synergy maxed then it is a waste. Do you have casters or mainly melee, could affect your aura or your ADPS songs. Not really enough information to go on if you want to optimize what the bard is doing for your group. Also is the bard gonna do and Crowd control or just kind of sit in the corner and melody bot with some melee sprinkled in
  10. aozs Augur

    Most things have been covered, just want to add that if you need a more defensive melody:

    Aria + War March + Pulse + Reckless Renewal + Accelerando + 4x dots can give your healers a big bonus while maintaining some dps. Could be useful if you're having trouble powering through some of the CoV mission AoEs, for example.
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